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Healthy pumpkin chocolate chunk energy bites

pumpkin chocolate chunk

  Energy bites with chocolate + pumpkin?  Welcome to Tuesday.  I know! Stop it.  They’re healthy too!   I need confess something: I really like candy.  I try to eat healthy 90% of the time, and the other 10% is my sweet tooth getting the better of me. This time of year puts me into full split personality mode. I love healthy, hearty soups and stews and leafy greens. But the flip-side? Gimme the candy. I know I’m not the…
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Amazing potato salad recipe for BBQ season

potato salad recipe

High five! Potato salad recipe season is here (aka SUMMER!) and I’m betting you’re as excited as I am to get the grill fired up and spend your evenings outdoors. One of the most popular summer BBQ side dishes is potato salad. This potato salad recipe isn’t one that’s been handed down from my grandma or Great-Aunt Martha or anything.  It’s just a little something I’ve come up with that is full of goodies that just about everyone will love. …
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Slow cooked chicken teriyaki recipe

It’s recipe time.  Food editor Lindsey is here to share with us her amazing recipe for pulled teriyaki chicken sandwiches.  Your mouth will water, I promise. – Allison Slow cookers.  Do you have one?  Do you use it?  I use mine several times a week with almost any recipe, and it saves my bacon when it comes to getting dinner on the table.  We can also talk about how using a slow cooker means that there are almost always leftovers. …
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How to make the best fruit smoothie recipe

fruit smoothie recipe

How to make best fruit smoothie of your life recipe. //  While I’m away in Europe (hopefully not getting knifed on commuter trains) I’m running a series of Top 10 Favorite Posts on Petit Elefant for your reading pleasure.  These 10 posts are some of the most popular posts on Petit Elefant, so enjoy!  See you soon.  // This smoothie will make your taste-buds explode with happy.  It will make your mom happy (that you’re eating veggies), give you energy,…
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Recipe for super secret simple frog eye salad

easy frog eye salad recipe

How to make a super yummy and super simple frog-eye salad recipe. //  While I’m away in Europe (hopefully not getting knifed on commuter trains) I’m running a series of Top 10 Favorite Posts on Petit Elefant for your reading pleasure.  These 10 posts are some of the most popular posts on Petit Elefant, so enjoy!  See you soon.  // Is frog eye salad a Utah thing?  Did your grandmothers and aunties across the globe make this for every Summer…
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Sweet potato mashed potato recipe

mashed sweet potatoIt’s recipe time.  I haven’t been cooking much lately, which is lame, but this master bathroom remodel is pretty much ruining my life.  I know! First, FIRST world problems.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have a new master bathroom, I really can’t.  I’m just saying, my house is a mess.  Like crazy, hoarders episode, staple guns and concrete buckets hanging out in the kitchen, messy.  No room for a girl trying new recipes.  Whatever.  Sometimes you don’t cook either, right?


Anyway.  *ahem*

I did find it in myself to whip up some mashed sweet potatoes, because my kids need to be fed once in awhile.  Not very often, but sometimes.  So I was in the kitchen a few weeks ago, making sweet potato rolls (it was a whim, don’t ask) and the recipe called for mashed sweet potatoes from a can.  Nasty.  If you have sweet potatoes (yams) within reach, even if that means a trip to the store so you can try a new recipe, do it.  Fresh sweet potatoes (yams) are heaven.  Mashed sweet potatoes?  Holy-have-mercy, come-to-mama.

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How To Home Made Marshmallows

make your own marshmallows

Homemade marshmallows are my a dream come true.  They can be as thick and pillowy as you want them to be, melt like buttah in your hot steamy drinks, and one more time just a little bit louder now: they’re HOMEMADE.  Can’t beat that business back with a stick. YUM. So how does one make these tasty home made marshmallows? Easily, so so very easily, you might just swoon from the simplicity of it.  This recipe is from Martha Stewart…
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Football Food

Okay, here’s a confession. I love the Super Bowl. Not just for the commercials. The food, the friends, and, actually the football. But maybe mostly the food. We’re having a small game-day gathering here, with plenty of noshing for all. We relax, put out some coloring pages and race cars for the little ones, and munch munch much through the entire game. Our game day  menu has to meet some special requirements, like being gluten-free and totally delicious. Also? Easy…
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During a recent on-line chat, I mentioned one of my quick breakfast solutions, gluten-free, for busy mornings: Make ahead smoothies. The greatness here isn’t so much in the ingredients, but rather in freezing individual portions en masse, and using as needed. Busy morning ahead? Place the frozen smoothies in the fridge the night before and come morning, it’s ready to enjoy. Wholesome breakfast, minimal cleanup! We enjoy them year-round, whenever we’ve got to rush out the door for school, work,…
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