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bare naked ladies album for kids.

I’ve been a fan of the Bare Naked Ladies for a long time. The band, of course. Not actual naked ladies. Upbeat tunes, clean and witty lyrics, music with great personality in general. The talented band members are now parents and, inspired by their own offspring, have created a CD for kids. Titled Snacktime, some of the songs are about food, like raisins,  but there are others about wonderful things like pollywogs and wishes.  Classic BNL cleverness, without that saccharine…
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brain candy.

Over the next few months we’ll be adding some great interviews to Petit Elefant. I recently had the opportunity to interview Sam Reich-Dagnen, co-founder of Braincandy. She’s an amazing mother as well as a successful entrepreneur, and it has been a delight getting to know her a little better. Enjoy. petit elefant:: How did your braincandy adventure begin? braincandy:: Once upon a time, when our twins—Blaise and Logan–were almost two, my husband and I had a vision. That vision was…
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garden party idea.

Soji Lanterns $17.99 each. {via Rittenhouse}. Since it’s been warmer than 45 degrees for a few days straight I’m having all sorts of crazy thoughts; warm, garden themed thoughts. I’ve been eyeing these for a while now, and I might have to splurge and get a few. They’re solar powered, so I wouldn’t have to worry about burning the garden down with tea lights. Wouldn’t these look so cute along a fence in the backyard, all aglow on a warm…
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intelligent kids dvds.

$59.99 Braincandy Bundle of Joy Set {$14.99 individually} Braincandy is an engaging, fun, and award winning series of DVDs created by husband and wife team Sam-Reich Dangen & John Dagnen as an alternative way to teach their twins about the world. The catchy theme song will drag you in, and the fun segments about the senses will keep your kids completely entertained while they learn. I highly recommend them. Bruce Brain Hand Puppet. $12.99 {via Braincandy}. “By introducing engaging, stimulating…
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old school sesame street

sesame street dvd

Look what I found today over at {via the NY Times}: Old School 1969-1974 $39.98 {via theSesame Street Store.} Watching these old episodes of Sesame Street makes me nostalgic for the golden days of my youth. When my daughter was younger I used to buy up old VHS copies from of the early Sesame Street episodes, {and o.k. they were really mostly for me} but she went crazy for them as well. They just don’t make them like…
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