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The Show To Watch On Netflix Now

The Show You Should Watch On Netflix

Month by month I’m bringing you news of my favorite things to watch on Netflix.  First we talked about the adorable Ellie Kemper in the Netflix Original Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  Tina Fey can do no wrong.  Don’t argue with me, it’s true.  Then, we talked about Jon Stewart’s directorial debut Rosewater, which I really liked, a lot, despite all the critics.  This month we need to talk about Luther. You guys.  LUTHER.  I’ll be honest, I genuinely hesitated for a…
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Watch On Netflix: Rosewater

Rosewater the movie

What to watch this month: Rosewater.   As part of my gig as a member of the Netflix Stream Team, every month I’ll share with you what’s worth watching on Netflix.  Last month I shared my affinity for the Netflix Original, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which is still one of my favorites, (how is Ellie Kemper so darling 24/7?!).  This month I’m sharing a new-to-Netflix movie I’ve been anxiously waiting for: Rosewater. Do you remember hearing about Rosewater last year?  It’s…
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The Show You Have To Watch Right Now

Show You Have To Watch Right Now

Admittedly, I watch less TV right now than I have in the past, but that just means as I’m more selectively watching, the stuff I do watch is straight up awesomesauce.  And one of those awesomesauce shows I’m watching right now is the Netflix Original Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.   Please tell me you’re watching Kimmy Schmidt.  If you’re not, now’s the time to start. If you like Tina Fey, (and let’s get serious here, who doesn’t?) this is the show…
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How Far Would You Travel For Love?

2nd Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

This post about love is sponsored by Fox Searchlight Pictures, presenting The Second Best Marigold Hotel, in theaters this weekend.  #LoveBlooms  Thank you for being generous and kind to Petit Elefant sponsors. In thinking about the release of The Second Best Marigold Hotel, I’ve been pondering both my life love + my love of travel.  Read on to discover how they’re both about to merge at the intersection of fate and awesome. I love travel more than life itself.  Life…
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Our Friday News Roundup + I Like Giving

Friday News

Friday News Roundup Time! This week: a campaign to help the Sundance Ski Team get some funding, and a few tidbits of happiness from around the web. Have you ever been to Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah?  It’s absolutely gorgeous, one of my favorite places to visit with my family in the Fall and Winter months.  Right now, the Sundance Ski Team is thisclose to winning a video competition which will help fund the build a training facility for their…
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Cure For Your Taylor Swift Addiction

Taylor Swift 1989

Guys, I’m not even kidding when I tell you I can’t stop listening to Taylor Swift.  When I feel like the world is just too much, I turn on Taylor’s (relatively) new album 1989, close my eyes, and sink into the happiness. I’m not even trying to fight it anymore.  I’ve given in to the fact that girlfriend can write, for real write, and her music makes me feel happy inside, all the time.     I was browsing my…
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Best Of Me Romantic Movie For Your Weekend

The Best of Me

***Congratulations to our winner, Elizabeth C. who said: What a hard question! I have a bunch of favorite movies… But because it’s nearly Halloween and I’ve been watching a lot of scary movies, my favorite movie currently is Poltergeist.  Please contact Petit Elefant directly, Elizabeth, and a special thanks to everyone who participated. I’m a movie fan.  Which is to say, I love a feel-good movie of any sort, especially the romantic.  So sue me.  Life is hard enough on…
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More Outlander For You + ABS (And A Contest)!

outlander the series

Did you take my advice a couple weeks ago and watch the series premiere of Outlander, your new favorite show of all time? If you haven’t, I’m about to reprimand you in my very stern mom voice, It’s a shame you’re not being obedient. I’m quite disappointed in the choice you just made. I still love you, but I wish you’d listen to me because I’m looking out for your best interests. Was that passive aggressive enough for you? Ha!…
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Promise I Made To My Strong Daughter

promises I made to my daughter

My daughter has made it through the roughest year of her young life, and it’s not over yet.  She’s been through so much, for so long.  Really, WE have been through so much together this year, as both a mother and her beloved daughter.  We’re somewhere in the middle of our journey, but there’s no light at the end of the tunnel quite yet, and it’s hard stuff.  This daughter of mine is handling this heartbreak with a strength and…
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