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Halloween Movies to Watch on Netflix

movies to watch on netflix on halloween

Movies to watch for Halloween. It’s Halloween!  Which is one of the best times of year, if you ask me.  Any excuse to dress up as your favorite _________ (fill in the blank), party with friends + family, and eat candy is a-okay with me. As an adult the very best kind of Halloween for me is one where I get to stay home, wear a wig or comfortable  stretchy-pants costume of some kind, and watch a good Halloween movie. …
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Everything You Hoped For (And More!) In Bridget Jones’s Baby

bridget jones's baby movie

Bridget Jones is one of the most lovable, relatable female characters in books and film from the last 20 years, so you can imagine Bridget Jones fans everywhere (or maybe just me) were wary about the new 3rd installment in the series.  How can you really improve the ending from the second book and movie?  I mean, #MRDARCY4LYFE.  But take my word for it: this might be the best Bridget Jones movie yet. The movie opens with Bridget, predictably alone…
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Sing Street Movie DVD Release + Giveaway

sing street DVD

Sing Street is the best coming of age movie out of the last, I don’t know how many years, with a 1980’s soundtrack to knock your socks off. From writer/director John Carney’s (ONCE, BEGIN AGAIN) the movie is filled Duran Duran, a-Ha, The Cure, plus a huge helping of the fictional newbie Irish teen band, Sing Street.  Let’s discuss. // This post is in partnership with Anchor Bay Entertainment.  Thank you for always being so gracious to Petit Elefant sponsors….
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5 Reasons You Need To Watch Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls, 5 reasons you need to be watching right now. Have you ever watched the TV show Gilmore Girls?  I’ll admit, I was late to the game, but there was no turning back once I started. I got into the series in about 2004 when the series was already 4 seasons deep.  The reason I initially started watching, (aside from the raving recommendations from friends) is that one of the main characters, Rory, attends a highly snooty private prep…
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The Odysseo Cavalia Horse Show


Have you seen the show, Odysseo Cavalia? If you have, you’ll know the show is far more than just well trained horses parading around on stage.  It’s a spectacular mix of magical horsemanship, beautiful animals, circus acts, goose-bump-inducing dancing, and live music. Have you heard of Cavalia?  We went as a family to see it last weekend and were mesmerized, top to bottom, by the whole production.  Even my jaded teenager held her mouth agape throughout the entire show. I…
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My Kindle eReader Has Changed My Reading Life


My Kindle eReader and I have become inseparable over the last couple of years.  Besties.  We go everywhere together.  I was using my Kindle before then, and used a Nook eReader before that, but somehow in the last couple of years I’ve incorporated my Kindle into my life completely, and now I just can’t live without it.  It goes with me everywhere, all day long, and because I’m listening to audio books instead of taking time to sit down to…
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Love And Friendship Movie + A Giveaway

Jane Austen

It’s giveaway time! Get excited because not only is there a Jane Austen book + bookmark involved (hooray!), there’s also a $100 Amazon gift card and movie t-shirt up for grabs. Let’s talk about the new movie and what this means for you. // This post is in partnership with Roadside Attractions.  Thank you for always being so gracious to Petit Elefant sponsors. //  The new movie, Love & Friendship (in theaters now) is based on the unfinished Jane Austen…
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10 Popcorn Summer Movies To Watch On Netflix

movies to watch this summer

10 popcorn summer movies to watch on Netflix this summer! Every year when I was a kid, a small movie theater in my town did a series of kids summer movies for the masses of wiggly children home for the summer.  For a really nominal price, something like $1/movie and $1.50 for a movie AND treats, bored kids swarmed the theater all summer long.  The theater sold packages to elementary schools, and on every Tuesday and Wednesday there were two…
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5 Netflix Shows You Should Be Binge-Watching ASAP

Friday Night Lights

Netflix shows are where it’s aaaaaaaaaaaaat.  Actually, I hate ending sentences in a preposition so let’s restate that:  you need Netflix in your life, and I have 5 binge-worthy TV shows I recommend you binge-watch immediately. If you’re just getting started with my favorite Netflix shows / recommendations, you can start here: M*A*S*H, Pride & Prejudice, The West Wing, A Room With A View, The Civil War Hell On Wheels Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Luther To Kill A Mockingbird Rosewater Narcos…
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