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tom and lucy’s art shoppe.

Where are you going this weekend? Besides the New Moon Premiere at the Gateway with me? I’ll tell you where: Tom & Lucy’s Art Shoppe. What is Tom & Lucy’s? Well, the hippest place on the map this weekend, your one-stop-shop boutique for holiday gifts. I’m telling you the vendors are phenomenal, the goods are to die for and frankly, you’ll be one sad camper if you don’t show up.

painting a pantry door.

I’ve been begging Viktor for a red wall in our house since the day we moved in, to no avail. He thinks it’s *garish*. Then I moved on to wanting a chalkboard wall, you know, for the kids. {wink} He decided it was too messy. So I came up with a winning compromise. I painted the inside of the pantry door with chalkboard paint {for recipes, menus, and notes from the kiddos} and the outside, bright red. Everybody wins. Well,…
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is it too soon?

…to be thinking about holiday decorating? I know of those who put their Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving, even their Christmas tree. Me, well, I aim to have the shopping done by T-day, and the cards ready by December 1st. Key word being “try.” If you craft your way through the holiday season, you know it’s not too soon to get started. I discovered these ornaments while searching for instructions to replicate a homemade ornament from my childhood. Aren’t they…
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beautiful family tree.

aren’t these family trees lovely? I think so. the company, my tree and me, offers custom family history art and do-it-yourself options (think fill-in-the-blank) for $45 to $100. What wonderful heirlooms and artwork to display in your home, or gift to parents, newlyweds, or even for a nursery. I’m eyeing that colorful tree for myself. {found via ohdeedo}

how to: create a laundry room nook.

Our laundry room is much like a galley kitchen in a Manhattan apartment: long and narrow without much space to work with. I’ve been brainstorming over the last few years about how to make it a little more user friendly, a little more family friendly. The solution went thussly: Step A}: Buy a coat rack from IKEA in the As-Is section for $3.99. Bring it home and screw it into the laundry room wall. Stand back and admire your work….
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baby shower: details part 2

Do you love party favors? I do. I love to send guests home with a sweet little memento of the evening, to thank them for joining the celebration. The trick this time was coming up with something that was a) semi-useful, b) semi-thematic), and c) very very budget friendly for our large guest list. Also, I wanted to avoid candy and anything labor intensive like fancy sugar cookies. The final product: little bundles of mulling spices with cinnamon, cloves, allspice, orange…
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baby shower: details part 1

It’s the little touches that make a special occasion feel, well, special. Don’t you think? I really wanted to play up our theme without investing a lot of money on one-time-use decor. So we made use of a pumpkin surplus at the pumpkin patch for polka dot lanterns on the doorstep, a few candles in the serving area, a few flourishes of leaves and berries, and of course the paper buntings I’ve been enjoying since the onset of autumn. Observe:…
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decorating a room from scratch.

I’m trying to stay upbeat about this new renovation in our lives, and today I’m failing. Mostly I’d just like my life put back together. My house = my life. The upside of it all {and there is an upside} is that my family room is a blank slate. I can do whatever I want with it. The only things that are permanent are the fireplace and the color of the walls. I painted them blue last October and I…
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how to: inspiration board {from the archives}.

I decided 2009 was the year for me to have an inspiration board. I’ve seen them all over the place, I love them and I’ve wanted one of my own for a long time now. I’m a fairly crafty person, so I thought I’d just throw some materials together and see what I came up with. I’m really pleased with the result. Materials: Piece of fiberboardHeavy-duty home decorating fabric RibbonQuilt Batting Staple Gun + staplesFirst I bought a piece of…
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