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Cheap Thanksgiving Decor.

Halloween happened in the blink of an eye and it’s onto Thanksgiving now.  It’s one of those sort of ambiguous holidays, decorating wise.  How much more can you really do with pumpkins? A little more, I’m telling you, just a little bit more. We’re going to make cute spray painted silver pumpkins for Cheap Thanksgiving Decor. If you have a few extra pumpkins from Halloween lying around, this craft is for you.  Pumpkins are practically a dime a dozen around…
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cheap plates and bowls

dinnerware sets

I’m notoriously cheap.  Stingy.  Tight with my money.  Whatever you want to call it, it’s what I am.  I grew up pretty poor {sorry mom, we were poor, it’s true} and I just can’t seem to spend too much on inconsequential things. Let me amend that.  I have been known to buy dollar store makeup, but I don’t beat myself up for spending $16 on eyeshadow at M.A.C. so I suppose it’s selective thriftiness. Anyway, expensive dinnerware just doesn’t appeal…
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art for your home.

What kind of art do you have in your home? Are you a big proponent of art or do you kind of wing it like we do? We have a few paintings in our home we’ve acquired over the years, one by Mike Loveland husband of my dear friend Alma, another that was shipped over from Poland painted by Viktor’s dead uncle, and then there’s this one. I can’t capture it with a camera. It’s my favorite piece of art….
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budget friendly tips for decorating a child’s bedroom.

A few weeks ago the boys were out of town, which translates to the fact that for a solid week, the house was clean and quiet. Very very quiet. I took advantage of the week in many ways, namely: sleep. I also took photos of Charming’s bedroom, which has not been this clean since he was too little to crawl and won’t be this clean again I’m sure, until he moves out. Which I don’t want to talk about. So,…
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how to stage your home: by guest blogger ronique gibson

Ronique Gibson of the blog Home Stagetecture, a home staging company, is guest blogging today. And I’m excited. I love going into staged homes to get ideas for decor in my own lived-in house. So whether you’re in the market for selling your home or you just need ideas for keeping your home beautiful {me, me!}, this one’s for you. Enjoy. Make your space inviting and fun! You know that feeling when you stay in a posh hotel? The great…
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my office.

home office

With the flooding, rearranging, and new flooring in our house came a shifting of furniture. The study, formerly only home to my desk {$30 at a yard sale} and some bookshelves, turned into a major family hub when the sofa from the family room moved in. I had to move my desk over to a blank wall and away from the front window, {a perfect eagle’s eye view to Charming’s daily activities outdoors} a move I wasn’t thrilled about, but…
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thrifting finds.

I have to scale back my thrifting a little as I’ve found some seriously amazing things in the last couple of months. I scored something awesome for Viktor’s Christmas present that I can’t show you until after the holidays, and I had a ridiculously awesome trip to D.I. {one of my favorite thrift stores} a couple months ago that has to go on record, so here it is. This antique milk can is the creme de la creme. It was,…
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christmas quilt

discovered at the Purl Bee, click on through to link to the designer and instructions. i think it’s delightful

really easy thanksgiving decorating

I’m here to tell you if decorating isn’t simple in every way, shape, and form I’m usually out. It’s just the way it is, I don’t have energy in my life for fuss. So this year I came up with what has to be the simplest Thanksgiving centerpiece known to man. A jar full of pumpkins. No lie. I bought the jar at D.I. for $1, bought a bag full of leftover Halloween pumpkins from the produce section of my…
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