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How to discover art you love

red barn

Art is a tricky thing sometimes.  There’s all this pressure to like cool art, to have a very specific taste for the finer things in life, but how does one get there in the first place?  It’s personal, knowing which art is for you, just like picking out a favorite pair of shoes or getting the perfect haircut.  You’re the only one who can make that call because at the end of the day you’re the one with the asymmetrical…
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Yellow + grey bedroom design

After eight years of living in our home, it’s finally (finally!) time  to redecorate our master bedroom.  I’m really antsy to get started on the design and have spent many, many hours on my Pinterest boards pinning yellow + grey bedroom design ideas.   The whole point of the redesign is to make the bedroom a more current reflection of my style, and to make a calm and serene place to retreat at the end of a long day.  Isn’t that…
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We are art what are you?

we are art what are you

Art dot com has just launched a new website, and in celebration, a few weeks ago I traveled to San Francisco to attend the coolest kind of summit possible, the kind with smart people and amazing art and stunning scenery.  I went to San Francisco, home base for, as one of the Art.Com 25 bloggers working with this year to share a little behind the scenes of the redesign of which is based in San Francisco. Here’s…
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Dressing up for Fall

fall decor

Sadly this post isn’t about fashion, but I’ll get to that later, don’t you worry. A few weeks ago I wandered into the garage looking for all my Fall + Halloween decorations, and would you like to know what happened?  I discovered that Viktor had gotten rid of all my decorations.  He donated it all stuff to D.I.!  {that’s a local thrift store}  I wasn’t super happy about that, not one bit, but I took action. I usually do. What…
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Beautiful fall wreath

I was on my way to the grocery store today when I got completely sidetracked and ended up at Joann’s instead.  I hate it when that happens. See, my front door was looking lonely and it needed a little sprucing up for fall. As loath as I am to see the summer end, I really do enjoy fall.  Back to school, crunchy leaves, homemade salsa from my garden, school supplies, time alone. *Ahem* So I thought it only natural to…
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Organizing my books by color


Some time ago I saw photos online of home libraries organized by color. Naturally, I assumed people who organize their books by color have an abundance of free time in which to accomplish such a task. I was wrong. It’s okay to be wrong once in a while, as long as you own up to your mistakes. In the space of a very short afternoon I was able to organize all my bookshelves by color. I mean, I organize my…
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Unique jewelry storage solution


It’s no secret that I have a lot of jewelry.  Perhaps too much {is there such a thing?}.  I grab cheap baubles wherever I go and periodically add a nice piece or two along the way.  Basically, my jewelry cup runneth over. I’ve been storing most of my jewelry on top of my dresser in a cool wooden box I got thrifting a couple years ago, and it’s been great.  But I wanted something a little more organized.  Because I’m…
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easy flower centerpiece

flower centerpiece

I made this centerpiece for a Christmas party I hosted in December and my friend Marie said to me “You have to blog about this!”, to which I replied lamely, “Really?  But it was so easy.” And I missed the entire point, because hello, I’m all about the easy livin’. Materials needed to make Easy Flower Centerpieces: multiple short vases {I used short drinking glasses from my other lover IKEA} a bouquet of cheap flowers such as Carnations {I used…
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Customized Portrait for Christmas

custom portrait

It’s the season of giveaways around here, and I have a great one for you today. My good friend Mike Loveland, husband of my superbly talented graphic designer Alma Loveland {both of Ollibird}, is doing a series of portraits for the holidays and you can get in on the love. Mike did portraits of my children, something I’ve wanted to have done for a long time, and I’m a smitten kitten.  Not only is it awesome to have customized art…
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