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Ode to Ikea

Who says money can’t buy you happiness? I say it can. And not only that, but if you shop at Ikea, you can buy happiness for cheap! Hooray! Mike, Little O, and I took a trip to Ikea last week. It was supposed to be an in-and-out sort of deal that lasts only 20 minutes, but how is that even possible? Ikea is my Disneyland. We went in for a frame and for fabric. I have been craving a change…
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Boredom busters ala Martha

pom pom flip flops Kiddos out of school? Boredome setting in? Leave it to Martha Stewart (or rather, her brilliant staff) to inspire some simple, fun, summery activities for many ages. A roundup of my favorites:  paper pinwheels for waving in the parade, party decor or just enjoying on your front porch I can see these hung garland-style in my baby’s room…hmm..I’ll get back to you on this.  star topped s’mores sticks these are keepers for sure, or a fun…
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Summer Switcheroo

So this is a little late in happening, but let me tell you what I did this weekend. I gave my living room an instant face lift for summer. How, you ask? Pillows! When Mike and I got our beautiful yellow couch, it was the summer. It seemed so bright and cheery in our home. (Before we got married, Mike had done an excellent job of decorating the home we live in, but there was a lack of vibrant color,…
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Happy May Day

I hope it’s sunny and spring-like wherever you may be today. I hope someone left a basket of flowers at your door step. I hope you left flowers for someone, too. What’s May Day all about, anyway? Martha Stewart knows. 

Spring centerpiece

spotted at Martha…I love this idea of recycling tin cans into such pretty centerpieces or gifts. Just right for May Day, Mother’s Day, a baby or bridal shower, or even a birthday party, for no reason at all! These hydrangeas are gorgeous, but I can see this with gerbera daisis, sunflowers, or any flower with a large blossom. 

eco-friendly cleaning cloths giveaway.

It’s Earth Day today. Happy Birthday Earth, we love you! How about some more cleaning gear? Of the supremely eco-friendly kind. The kind that saves the planet and makes moms happy all at the same time. Is it possible? Absolutely. E-cloth is just the coolest little cleaning system. Cloths that clean with nothing but water. Honestly, that’s it. Here’s the science behind it, {which is pretty amazing} but all I want to know is how many times I get to…
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The Grandkids’ Room

Right now Mike, Little O, and I are on vacation in Maryland, visiting my parents. We have also had the privilege of spending time with my very special Mary Moo. Mary Moo is my aunt and when I was growing up, she was the only aunt that I saw on a regular basis because my mom’s siblings all lived in the United States (I grew up in Canada). We never called her Aunt Mary—always Mary Moo and I even remember…
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recycling 101.

I think there’s an assumption out there that if you aren’t a hippie, or a total green-living fanatic, that you can’t recycle *some* of your household waste. Maybe it’s a misconception on my part, but I’ve felt a little bit separated from the whole green movement because I’m not able to live 100% green. My city is kind of in the dark ages when it comes to recycling. If I want to recycle it has to be completely on my…
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cheap kid storage solution

From the word go as a parent I’ve wondered how to go about decorating the way I like while integrating all the gear that comes with kids. While I know that IKEA gets a bad rap for being really cheap, it has saved my hide time and again when it comes to decorating. Especially in small spaces, and with children. Not many companies are conscious of children in their design, but IKEA is, and I love them for it. Take…
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