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Before And After: My IKEA Basement Pantry

pantry remodel project

IKEA basement pantry, before and after. Guys, we need to have a talk about IKEA.  I’ve discussed IKEA many, many times on Petit Elefant, because I’m obsessed. I love the aesthetic of IKEA like bonkers (yay for Scandinavian living!) and because it’s affordable.  Two of my favorite things in one place, plus: they have delicious meatballs. I’ve shown you all the projects I’ve done in my house using IKEA products over the years, including the beautiful home office my husband…
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2017 New Year + New Goals + New Journal


New Goals Guys.  Real talk.  How are you feeling about 2017? I’ll be honest, I’m discouraged.  I’m looking for the light, and looking for it, and squinting my eyes really tiny up at the sky searching for it, and getting out my binoculars, and my magnifying glass, and welp.  I’m having a hard time finding it just now.  But the good news is this:  I’m pretty sure it all works out in the end.  In fact, I feel that to…
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5 Steps To Organize Your Main Closet

organize your closet

Organizing the main closet in your life can make such a difference in the way your day-to-day life flows, and is so easy to do with just a few easy steps.  Check out the simple 5 steps to closet organization below. Step 1: Take everything out of the closet The best way to figure out what you have and what you want to get rid of is to pull everything, and I mean everything, out of the closet.  Lay it…
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How To Make Your Own DIY Hat Cleaner

DIY hat cleaner

Hat cleaner: make your own DIY hat cleaner with this cool hack! If you’ve ever tried to wash a baseball cap at home you know how hard it is to get a flat brim hat clean without ruining the shape of the brim.  You can buy a special baseball hat washing frame, or you can use this easy, free DIY hack to wash your hats. I accidentally discovered this trick one day when I was loading my salad spinner into…
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How To Clean Cast Iron With 2 Ingredients

2 ingredient cast iron cleaner how to

Learning how to clean cast iron seemed like a daunting task for me before I knew all the hoodoo-voodoo tricks, but I have to be honest: it’s one of the easiest things in the world to clean.  Especially if you do it my way, which only uses TWO ingredients, both of them natural! Gotta love that. We have two major pieces of cast iron in my house: a cast iron skillet we use every day, and a cast iron wood…
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Organizing Your House Week Six

organizing your house project week six

Okay, so I took a summer vacation off of everything, including blogging, and blogging about organizing.  But I’m back and there’s so much more organizing to do to get all of our houses in order, so let’s get started! If you’re just getting started on this organizing project, here’s the drill: I’m helping you get your house organized, one week at a time.  Sometimes we take breaks, and sometimes we organize two weeks in a row.  The main thing is…
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Organizing Your House Week Five


How’s organizing going for you?  Have you been following along with my Organizing Your House One Week At A Time series?  If you’re just getting caught up, here’s the skinny: I’m organizing my house one week at a time and documenting it on Petit Elefant.  That way we can all get organized together, in bite sized chunks.  It’s super doable and to play along you don’t need anything more than time.  Really.  We can totally do this. You can catch…
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Organizing Your House Week Four

Organize Your House Week Four

Let’s clean house! Okay.  Maybe we don’t have to do clean so much as we have to organize.  And when I say ‘we‘ I mean ‘me‘.  And also, probably, definitely there will be some cleaning involved. Still with me? Nothing is safe in my house anymore.  If things aren’t nailed down, and frankly even if they are, they go straight to the donate + / or recycling bins.  I just don’t have it in me to keep crap around the…
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Organizing Your House Week Three

Organizing Your House Week 3

Guys, it’s house cleaning central over here these days.  I’m a cleaning / organizing / tidying fool, and I’ll tell you what: my house has never looked better. If you’re new to this challenge, let me catch you up to speed.  This year I’m tackling one organizing project at a time in my house, in an effort to help my life become more tidy and simplified. In the end simplification + tidiness = happier everyone. Read the beginning of the…
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