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book pick: it’s all too much.

So I mentioned earlier this week that my husband and I have a great de-cluttering problem to tackle in our home. We’re not the worst collectors in the world, but I think that we can both agree that we have too much stuff. At my last job, I could get nice, quality purses for free or almost free. I already had a purse collecting problem. So suddenly I had the power to binge collect purses that I’d never be able…
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what to read when you’re pregnant.

When my cousin who lives in France found out that I was pregnant, she sent me two very long emails full of advice. Everyone knows that with pregnancy comes a deluge of both unsolicited advice and horror stories. But I was grateful to receive her emails because all of the advice was written down. Usually advice comes during a conversation, and it’s pretty much forgotten as soon as it’s given. How can I be expected to remember the lists and…
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book pick: queen of babble gets hitched.

Thanks to Viktor for posting again today. I’m finding it hard to do anything in the throes of the lazy days of Summer. All I want to do is lie around {at the beach *sigh* I wish} reading Meg Cabot books. She’s written over 60 books, and I haven’t read every last one of them {yet} so lying around doing nothing but reading is proving to be a very possible feat. Queen of Babble Gets Hitched. $15.74. {via}. Her…
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book pick: the host.

It shouldn’t be any big surprise that I love Stephenie Meyer’s new book The Host since I adore her Twilight series {which I wrote about here}. Her writing is getting better and better with each book, and I think the premise of The Host is brilliant. It’s not just something to bide our time with until Breaking Dawn comes out either {although it doesn’t hurt to have a Stephenie Meyer fix while we wait}. It’s something different altogether and has…
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book pick: kabul beauty school.

Kabul Beauty School. {via Barnes & Noble}. $12.10 I just finished reading this amazing book about Deborah Rodriguez, a hairdresser/mom from Michigan who opened a beauty school in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. It’s an amazing story. Rodriguez is gutsy, brave, & selfless, putting the needs of the Afghan women above all else. Definitely worth picking up.

book pick: max cleans up.

I was first introduced to Rosemary Wells when P was an infant. She loved Goodnight Max so much we read it almost every night of her infant and toddler life. I absolutely adore every one of her books. Her writing has a simple cadence with relatable and funny story lines that lend themselves to being read time and time again. Max Cleans Up. $5.99. {via Barnes & Noble}.

magic tree house

Stage Fright on a Summer Night. {via Amazon}. $3.99 P loves Mary Pope Osborne, the author of the fabulous series Magic Tree House. Osborne has written 38 {and counting} historical fiction books for early readers covering topics like the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 {Earthquake in the Early Morning} and William Shakespeare {Stage Fright on a Summer Night}. As a mom I love them because they are full of strong female role models, the stories are engrossing {for both of…
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book pick: the girlfriend’s guide to pregnancy.

$10.20 {via amazon}. When one of my girlfriends recently told me that she was pregnant, the first words out of my mouth {after my congratulations, of course} were “You have to read The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy!”. I. Love. That. Book. Honestly, it saved me while I was pregnant with P. I appreciate honesty, especially when I’m in unfamiliar territory. Vicky Iovine an accomplished writer, attorney, and mother of 4 straight talks her way through all 9 {10} months of…
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book pick: yay you!

One of the greatest things about parenting {for me anyway} is reading the plethora of fantastic children’s books out there. I was so happy to find Sandra Boynton when P was little. There’s something so heartening about reading books by a writer that doesn’t take herself too seriously, especially when you’re in the midst of sleepless nights and adult-free conversation days. I’m not sure how I hadn’t heard about her before {I was in college, I suppose that’s it} but…
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