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Author Meg Cabot

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I have, over the years, expressed my deeply seated love for author Meg Cabot.  In fact, having lunch with Meg Cabot is #91 on my Life List.  I kind of adore her. I picked up her first book a handful of years ago in a Costco.  I was passing the books when my eye rested on a book titled ‘Size 12 is Not Fat‘ and I was like ‘say it sister!‘. I’m a size 12, and I most certainly am….
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The Beauty of Different Book Review

the beauty of different

My friend Karen Walrond just published a book, and it’s a gorgeous piece of work.  I put it at the top of my wish list for Christmas but I couldn’t wait that long to read it, so I ordered it early and have been enjoying the fruits of her labor every night before I go to sleep. Karen is a master storyteller and phenomenal photographer who put into words and pictures the stories of beautiful people who at one time…
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The Little Engine That Could

I think I can

As you can see The Little Engine That Could is a beloved book at our house.  So adored and appreciated it’s covered in marker and sketches of crayon. Did you read this book as a child?  It was written in the early 50’s and is as much a staple of my childhood as anything else I can remember. I wrongly assumed this book wouldn’t appeal to my kids, but it’s one of our favorites. Some lessons never get old. Save…
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Fun Birth Day Book For Kids

birthday book

My baby boy, Charming, turned 6 last week.  I have a hard time on my kids’ birthdays.  A lot of it stems from the fact that I’d love five kids and I can’t have anymore.  Stupid Lupus.  Anyway, birthdays make me cry.  A lot.  This book, On the Day You Were Born, didn’t help matters. My sister gave it to me at the hospital the day Charming was born.  I cried then too. It’s all about the earth welcoming new…
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list of great beach read books

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One of the best parts of summer is reading a handful of really great *beach read* books, whether or not said books are actually read with toes in the sand.  By beach read I mean totally delicious, no heavy philosophical burden required. Here’s my list of Top 4 Beach Reads this summer: 1. Envy, by Anna Godberson Anna Godberson is a promising young author who’s written The Luxe Series, Envy being the 3rd in the series.  It’s scandal and intrigue…
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book pick for kids: click, clack, moo cows that type.

One of my favorite children’s books of all time {all time} is called Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type, the  Caldecott Honor winner of 2001.  It was written by Doreen Cronin who is apparently an ex-attorney, which explains the dry humor and hilarious negotiations in the story. The story is about a barn full of cows who discover a typewriter and start typing out letters to the farmer, requesting things to make their lives a little more comfortable. I love…
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10-year-old book reviewer.

Hello the wild, wacky, & weird world! Precocious here. I’ve been BEGGING & BEGGING mom to let me post, and it’s always gone out like………………………. Me: Mom, can I guest post this week? Mom aka Petit Elefant: Sure baby doll! One week later… Me: Mom, can I guest post this week? Mom: Sure baby doll! One week later…. Well, you get the idea. Here’s a few of my VERY favorite books,(Mom had to delete some): 1. Fablehaven, Secrets of the…
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kids book recommendation.

It’s time to start talking about gift guides. I’ve got about a million and one ideas and suggestions for you, so let’s get this party started. My first gift suggestion is the book The Encyclopedia of Immaturity Volume 2 {yes, there was a Volume 1, and enough demand for a second book} for any grade school age kids you might have roaming around your house. If you have a kid in the grade school range I don’t need to tell…
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christmas traditions.

We are slowly building a collection of children’s Christmas books to enjoy during the holiday season. Read more about that here. We read a lot of books with our little ones and it’s nice to emphasize special occasions and holidays with an appropriate book. We have come across a few to consider this year. These two seem particularly lovely. Letters from Father Christmas by J. R. R. Tolkien Tolkien is a brilliant mind, whether fantasy is your genre of choice…
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