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Best Way To Freeze Onions

the best way to freeze onions

Time to freeze onions! Did you know you can freeze onions?  I came upon this kitchen hack accidentally one night while cooking dinner.  After I made dinner I had half an onion left over I didn’t want to throw out, so I hurriedly chopped it up and stashed it in a Ziploc bag in the freezer.  I had no idea if it would keep or not, but it didn’t hurt to give it a shot. The next time I made…
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5 Steps To Organize Your Main Closet

organize your closet

Organizing the main closet in your life can make such a difference in the way your day-to-day life flows, and is so easy to do with just a few easy steps.  Check out the simple 5 steps to closet organization below. Step 1: Take everything out of the closet The best way to figure out what you have and what you want to get rid of is to pull everything, and I mean everything, out of the closet.  Lay it…
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Make Your Own Chia Seed Pudding

chia seed pudding

Chia seed pudding recipe. A couple years ago when chia seed pudding became a thing, I tried a few recipes to see if I could like it enough to add it into the rotation of healthy treats in my life.  Chia seeds are full of antioxidants, fiber, calcium, and loads of protein, and when chia seed pudding is topped with berries or granola, makes for the perfect breakfast.  So I tried chia seed pudding, I liked it, and now make…
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Fresh Homemade Basil Pesto Recipe

homemade basil pesto

Oh, how I love this pesto recipe. It’s so simple, and so delicious, and so versatile, and so pretty to look at. The peppery basil, zesty garlic, nutty undertones and the fresh grated parmesan are a magic combination. Most people associate pesto with pasta, which is delicious, but we also love it on sandwiches and panini, grilled chicken, steak and salmon. This particular recipe is the result of little last minute improvisation, and it turned out to be fantastic. It all…
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Sing Street Movie DVD Release + Giveaway

sing street DVD

Sing Street is the best coming of age movie out of the last, I don’t know how many years, with a 1980’s soundtrack to knock your socks off. From writer/director John Carney’s (ONCE, BEGIN AGAIN) the movie is filled Duran Duran, a-Ha, The Cure, plus a huge helping of the fictional newbie Irish teen band, Sing Street.  Let’s discuss. // This post is in partnership with Anchor Bay Entertainment.  Thank you for always being so gracious to Petit Elefant sponsors….
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Home Made Corn + Goat Cheese Pizza Recipe

homemade goat cheese + corn pizza

Goat cheese pizza with fresh summer corn! One of our favorite family recipes in the summer is this fresh, homemade goat cheese + corn pizza with prosciutto and basil.  It’s seriously the bees knees, and is in my dinner menu rotation at least once a week all summer long. I didn’t even know you could put corn on a pizza until we tried it on our family trip to Europe a few years ago.  We spent a few days in…
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5 Reasons You Need To Watch Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls, 5 reasons you need to be watching right now. Have you ever watched the TV show Gilmore Girls?  I’ll admit, I was late to the game, but there was no turning back once I started. I got into the series in about 2004 when the series was already 4 seasons deep.  The reason I initially started watching, (aside from the raving recommendations from friends) is that one of the main characters, Rory, attends a highly snooty private prep…
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How To Make Your Own DIY Hat Cleaner

DIY hat cleaner

Hat cleaner: make your own DIY hat cleaner with this cool hack! If you’ve ever tried to wash a baseball cap at home you know how hard it is to get a flat brim hat clean without ruining the shape of the brim.  You can buy a special baseball hat washing frame, or you can use this easy, free DIY hack to wash your hats. I accidentally discovered this trick one day when I was loading my salad spinner into…
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Roundup Four Fourth Of July Recipes

Four Fourth Of July Recipes

The Fourth of July!  It’s my favorite holiday of all holidays.  What’s not to love?  It’s summer, the pools are open, parades are everywhere, the freezer is stocked with popcicles, BBQ’s are front, left, and center, everyone is making festive American-as-apple-pie desserts, and the night ends in fireworks.  A girl could live in July forever. To celebrate, I’m sharing four of my favorite, very American, Fourth of July desserts with you.  The American Flag cake has been my go-to 4th…
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