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This Week Quote Of The Week

this weeks quote of the week

This week’s quote of the week is a small soft spot in a sea of fear and anger and sadness.   There’s been so much hateful dialogue across the internet this week in the wake of the terrible tragedy and heartbreak in Paris and other, less reported parts of the world.  When I wrote about my husband’s story as a refugee and why I think it’s our responsibility as fellow humans to help others in times of crisis, I was genuinely…
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Why We Need To Be Open For Refugees

why america has to stay open

My husband is a refugee.  A refugee whose family sought political asylum in the United States in the 1980’s in the face of the stuff of nightmares.  The details are personal, but the bottom line is this: my husband’s life, and the lives of his family were in imminent danger; fleeing the country was the only option.  They had two choices: America or Libya.  They chose America, and the difference in that choice turned out to be everything. It’s interesting,…
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Quote Of The Week This Week: Space – Petit Elefant

petit elefant quote of the week

It’s Quote of the Week time!  This one has been on our DIY chalkboard for a few months, because we all need a little reminder everyday.  A reminder that the universe is bigger than us, and that at the very same time, we’re all a part of it.  That within every one of us is something huge and important, and special.  Carl Sagan was a wise one, and I love looking at these words every day and feeling both critical…
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Thanksgiving Round Up Of Links

peanut butter pie

It’s Thanksgiving time!  Almost.  It’s almost Thanksgiving.  But it’s time to round up my best, most favorite, most delicious, prettiest posts so you can start prepping for your Thanksgiving holiday.  I’ve got pie recipes, gluten free stuffing, crafts and more!  I hope this helps you have a wonderful, stress-free, glorious Thanksgiving dinner with the ones you love the most.  Cheers! tasty peanut butter chocolate pie (my favorite pie recipe.  EVER.) layered white chocolate pumpkin cream pie best tasting gluten free…
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Chocolate Loving + The Month Of Thanksgiving

Chocolate Loving and The Month Of Thanksgiving

Are you chocolate bingeing right now?  I’m not judging, I just want to know who else is sitting in their fat pants today.  Because I’m definitely wearing elastic waistbands all week while I sweat off all the delicious Halloween candy / chocolate I can’t stop double fisting eating.   Was Halloween as fun for you as it was for us?  I love having a teenager on Halloween so much, I can’t even tell you.   My girl is a riot.  Part…
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Our Halloween Costumes This Year

Our Halloween Costumes

This year our Halloween costumes were straight up D.I.Y. and both kids decided they wanted to make their own costumes without any help from me thankyouverymuch, (hallelujah for this stage of life!).  This year was double fun because our friend and photographer Justin Hackworth shot Halloween photos of the kids last week ahead of the holiday so you get a sneak peek into how they’re headed out tonight.  I absolutely love how the pictures turned out! He’s a magician, that…
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Last Minute Halloween Ideas

last minute halloween title

Alright, so maybe you’ve got your costumes all worked out. But what about those pumpkin contests and class parties happening this week? Do not despair. Here are 3 easy last minute solutions for Halloween festivities. Solutions you can probably create with whatever is lying around the house right this minute. For reals. This is called winning at Halloween. Let’s start with throwing together some halloween decorations for those class parties. I vote for anything printable, anything reusable, and anything idiot…
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Non-Candy Halloween Treats

Halloween Candy Alternatives

Halloween time is practically overflowing with fun occasions. Class parties, halloween parades, parties with friends, trunk or treat activities and of course trick-or-treat night on October 31st. All that fun seems also to come with candy. Lots of candy. So much candy. Not to mention popcorn balls and cupcakes and caramel apples. Whoa. That is a lot of sweets. With families  trying to make more health conscious and wholesome choices, it’s nice to have some inexpensive alternatives to candy when…
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Favorite Halloween Books

Halloween Books

  I’m happy to say that Halloween is in full swing at our house. We’ve placed a few decorations here and there, arranged our pumpkins on the front porch, planned out the costumes, and baked our favorite pumpkin recipes. Come evening, you’ll find us curled up with our favorite scary and not-so-scary Halloween books. It’s the best, really. Picture books, search-and-find books, chapter books and poems all feature in our family story time. Here are a few recommendations to add…
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