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european toys for kids.

Mookla offers such an amazing variety of European toys for kids of a wide range of ages, it’s impossible not to find something your child{ren} will love. My current favorite from Mookla is the {haba} Smart Bag; it’s so handy. It can be carried as a shoulder bag or a turned into a backpack for your child to carry to and fro. My budding 8-year-old artist ‘P’ filled hers with a sketchbook & art supplies and takes it with her…
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A9 Compact. $34.99{via Automoblox} Do you all know about Automoblox? Their toy cars have got to be the coolest my 3-year-old has ever tried to destroy. But he can’t destroy this car because it’s meant to come apart into a million interchangeable pieces! How cool is that? The little passengers not only come out, but they each have a shape on the bottom so your little one can learn shapes while he’s {or she’s} pulling the car apart. You can…
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frog pod.

The frog pod {from the innovative parenting company Boon} is the absolute favorite toy in my house right now. It can be purchased alone, or with the Bath Goods collection of toys, {I highly recommend the toys, they’re adorable & they are only $14}.The pod itself can be attached to your shower in 3 different ways: By screwing it directly into the wall {for the die hard parent}, Attached using strips of adhesive mounting {included, of course}, Or my preferred…
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