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A Personal Story From Me to You About The Reality Of Communism


Communism is real, and it’s very, very dangerous. Today I’m going to share something personal.  I share personal stuff all the time, but this is different.  And it’s only partly my story.  Mostly it’s the story of my husband and his family and they don’t talk about it. Not ever, not with anyone. If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know my husband is Polish. I talk about his nationality for a number of reasons,…
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Our Favorite Family Car: Saying Goodbye

our family car

Our Favorite Family Car: Saying Goodbye I’m getting ready to sell my beloved family car because my children have outgrown it, and the process has been a little more difficult than I expected.  I’m really curious how all of you buy and sell cars, because I’ve never bought a new car before.  Can you believe it? My husband and I have always bought used cars and repaired them ourselves as they break.  Which actually means my husband and the kids…
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There Is Kindness Everywhere You Look

there is kindness everywhere

I don’t know about you, but it’s so easy to get bogged down emotionally by all the sadness around me. I’m inundated daily by grief on all sides. The homeless people down the street looking for warmth now that the weather is turning cold. Hungry kids. Major war and disaster, the scale of which is so devastating, countries around the world are absorbing refugees on a scale we haven’t seen since World War II. It doesn’t take much to see…
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How Was Your Summer And How Are You?


Hello, friends! I’ve missed connecting with you this summer while I’ve been hanging out with my kids, living life in the slow lane.  So, let’s catch up. First of all, I can’t believe the summer is over.  It flew by in a flurry of swim meets for my son, first-time jobs for my daughter, (life-guarding and babysitting) and lots of naps for me.  And now it’s almost September and the garden is waning and the sunset is coming faster every…
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Enough is Enough is ENOUGH: Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve spent the better part of the last week weeping, nonstop.  I’ve been following along on Twitter as the events of the last week, and month, and year have developed live, and have been horrified along with the rest of the world.  But the back-to-back killings of two black men, followed by the killing of 5 police officers at a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, completely…
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Every Day Is A Gift

every day is a gift quote

This week’s quote of the week (even though it’s been a couple weeks) is a simple mantra to remember the good things in life.  The image is a photo I took a few weeks ago of some mountains I love in Utah, as I was taking a bike ride after dinner.  I forget sometimes, how beautiful Utah is, because I’m constantly wishing I lived near the ocean.  But the whole point of the quote is to take every day for…
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A New Inspiring Quote For You This Week

new inspiring quote

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about my Quote of the Week series that sort of fell by the wayside a few months ago.  Things get weird in the winter around here.  It’s all cold and hunkering down to get through the long winter nights.  I’m more of a summer girl. But I want to keep the series going, so I’m starting today with a new quote from one of my favorite artists of all time, Mr. Vincent Van…
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An Inspirational Motivational Quote For Your Week

Motivational quote

Motivational quote time! This week’s Quote Of The Week is from one of my personal favorites, Michael Phelps.  It kind of goes without saying that if you have a swimmer in the house, Michael Phelps is a huge inspiration.  Even if you’re not a swimmer or a swim fan, it’s hard not to be impressed with Michael Phelps. Would you like to know something about Mr. Phelps?  In all his years of training, he only missed swim practice TWICE.  Once…
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Quote Of The Week Work On Dreams


Work on your dreams! Dreams are what this week’s quote of the week is all about. The mystical, fantastical, often hard to reach dreams of our lives are what keep us ticking. Read on for the full, beautiful quote about working on your dreams.