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love and prayers to a blogging friend

I had known in a very peripheral way about Nie Nie Dialogues before last Fall, though I didn’t know Stephanie personally. I still don’t, but I love her. If you don’t know her story, Stephanie and her husband Christian were in a terrible airplane crash last Fall, barely made it out alive, and were severely burned in the process. At Christmastime the blog-o-sphere was abuzz with auctions to benefit Stephanie and Christian and their ever growing medical expenses. The New…
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the cost of having children.

Pregnancy for me is not a beautiful, ripe, created by God for the wonder of the earth situation. For me it looks something like this: four of these a day {pumped into my body like this} + central line dressing kit {to be changed by an in-home nurse, or my husband. weekly} + and lots and lots and lots of this It’s literally survival-of-the-fittest, and if mother nature had her way, I would be long gone by now. I try…
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Why We Fight

UPDATE:  I got Tom Hanks and Saving Private Ryan all knotted up with Damian Lewis (Dick Winters).  Sorry about that; Mea Culpa.  Tom Hanks produced this series along with Steven Spielberg.   Next up, I’ll tell you all about my man-crush on 2008 Golden Globe winner Jon Hamm and his role as Don Draper in Mad Men.  I will then proceed to tie it in somehow to parenting and/or traveling.  -Viktor If you have ever watched the HBO mini series Band of Brothers, episode number…
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co-editor kimberly welcomes baby boy #2.

It’s raining babies around here. First Alma, and then just last Thursday, Kimberly gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He’s healthy, she’s happy, life is good. Won’t you help me shower Kimberly with a very hearty congratulations? There are few things in life better than a newborn babe.

not your mom’s photo calendars.

Czarnecki Christmas Calendar $20 {via Publish Me Mine}. I know it’s a little tricky to see the photos but this is my Christmas calendar, made by the clever gals at Publish Me Mine. Isn’t it cute? Both sets of our grandparents love nothing more than photos of their grand-babies for Christmas; my mother especially goes cr-azy for year round calendars with photos of my family. Typically I go to Office Max and throw something together, but this is like a…
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cute notebooks as journals.

Scooters, by Rabbit and the Duck, $40 When I was expecting my first baby, M, I couldn’t seem to find a ready-made baby book that suited my taste and needs. Pastel cartoon characters just didn’t appeal to me; ultimately I would be using the book, right? Then I had a teensy little light bulb moment: Who needs a baby book to tell them what memories and milestones are most important and where to put what photo, memento or memory? Besides, who…
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in remembrance.

Seven years ago today my little Miss P was not quite 2 years old. The news coverage surrounding the horrid events of the morning in New York on September 11th, 2001 were too much for me to bear while contemplating what the future might hold for my little child. I was terrified, horrified, and shattered. For myself, for the victims, for their families, for the future of my children, for the future of my country. And here we are seven…
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