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Dear United States Of America, Love A Refugee

letter from a refugee

Refugee stories help all of us understand the current refugee crisis better.  They make the statistics personal and help us understand the real stories behind the headlines, so today I’m sharing one of my own. Many of you know my husband is a refugee from Poland.  I’ve written about his experience as a refugee many times over the years on Petit Elefant, but my husband seldom shares his story personally, both because he’s private and because most refugee stories, including…
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10 Ways To Feel Truly Happy When You’re Struggling

10 Ways To Feel Truly Happy When You're Struggling

Truly Happy: how to feel happy even when you’re struggling I don’t know about the rest of you, but once in awhile I wrestle with massive sadness.  I’ve dealt with depression for as long as I can remember, (diagnosed, clinical depression) but over the last few months I’ve been fighting the darkness like never before.  And even though I’m using all the tricks in my well-packed arsenal of coping tools, I’m still struggling to find a new center of gravity….
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Hello 2017 + Welcome Back Friends!


Hello 2017 + welcome back, friends! How are you?  How were your holidays?  I’m jumping right back in after two weeks of a self-mandated break, and I’ll be real honest: things are bleak over here. I don’t want to be back at work.  Does anyone ever want to be back at work? I feel especially so today.  Like a kid on the first day of school after a long summer vacation who’d rather be at the pool, or wasting time…
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List Of Organizations Accepting Donations For Syria


Donations for Syria If you’ve been reading Petit Elefant for any length of time you’ve heard me talk about how my husband was a refugee who fled Poland as a child. He and his family received aid from global organizations both before and after they came to America.  You can imagine how personal the current refugee crisis and civil war in Syria are for me and my family.  There are children in Aleppo, Syria right now who are like my…
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A New Way To Give Gifts For My Little Family


Holiday Gifts: let’s talk about another way to do this. This holiday season is a little different for us.  My kids are 12 and 17, definitely old enough to understand the conversation we had at dinner last night, wherein I outlined how our gift plans will be different this year. How as a family we’re going to focus on giving gifts instead of receiving them. Because our basic needs are met, we can help other families enjoy the same peace…
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Post Election Thoughts From A Foreign National

Post Election

Post-election thoughts. I know there’s been SO much out there about the recent U.S. elections. I don’t mean to add to the blah blah blah, but it’s like my brain won’t rest until it’s written. This is not a post expressing my like or dislike for either candidate. This is merely thoughts from a foreign national as I’ve observed this election from afar. I live in South Africa. Throughout this year, I’ve traveled to other countries. These musings come from…
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A Personal Story From Me to You About The Reality Of Communism


Communism is real, and it’s very, very dangerous. Today I’m going to share something personal.  I share personal stuff all the time, but this is different.  And it’s only partly my story.  Mostly it’s the story of my husband and his family and they don’t talk about it. Not ever, not with anyone. If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know my husband is Polish. I talk about his nationality for a number of reasons,…
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Our Favorite Family Car: Saying Goodbye

our family car

Our Favorite Family Car: Saying Goodbye I’m getting ready to sell my beloved family car because my children have outgrown it, and the process has been a little more difficult than I expected.  I’m really curious how all of you buy and sell cars, because I’ve never bought a new car before.  Can you believe it? My husband and I have always bought used cars and repaired them ourselves as they break.  Which actually means my husband and the kids…
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There Is Kindness Everywhere You Look

there is kindness everywhere

I don’t know about you, but it’s so easy to get bogged down emotionally by all the sadness around me. I’m inundated daily by grief on all sides. The homeless people down the street looking for warmth now that the weather is turning cold. Hungry kids. Major war and disaster, the scale of which is so devastating, countries around the world are absorbing refugees on a scale we haven’t seen since World War II. It doesn’t take much to see…
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