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indoor catch

up in my neck of the woods, winter means a lot of time spent indoors. like 6 months of time spent indoors. I find myself searching for clever ways to beat the winter blues and cabin fever with my babes, so I am happy to be adding this to my list of rainy day activities. Easy enough my three-year old can help me make it. Tuck away anything remotely fragile and we’ll be ready to go. I saw similar gloves…
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BOOYAH! by Olivia

Hello, everyone! This is Alma here. I feel like I’ve been away so long! I’m so excited to announce a great product I’ve helped to develop that is being sent to press! Around the beginning of September, I was contacted by a businessman who came across my portfolio about doing the illustrations for a children’s card game that his daughter Olivia invented. We talked through the game, through potential categories, and a couple months later, the game is ready for…
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informal etiquette survey

I recently offered eagerly to host a baby shower for my sweet neighbor; the young and very excited mommy-to-be provided a guest list of nearly 50 people. Sure, that’s more than I expected but it’s do-able, though rather limiting budget-wise. I’m thrilled to be the hostess, but I’ve been faced with some tricky etiquette as a result. I turn to you fair readers for your gracious input, as we all come from different realms and perspectives. 1. To e-vite or…
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easy tips for making homemade baby food.

I find great fulfillment in preparing homemade baby food for my kiddos. A neighbor once replied with astonishment when I mentioned I was making my own: “Oh I could never do that.” Huh? Sure, the store-bought jars are convenient, but they never looked appetizing to me, and well, have you seen some of the ingredients? I wanted to keep things as pure for my babies’ palates as I could. Turns out it’s a cinch. There are lots of cool modern…
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puddle jumping on a rainy day.

It rained like crazy yesterday. Which means one thing: puddles. Look at the kids flocking to the water! You’d think they’d never seen rain before. But to be fair, we live in Utah & we don’t see a whole lot of rain. And where most people see rain, C sees opportunity. rain + puddles + spider man bike + C = heaven Things were going swimmingly {ha ha, get it?} and then… Stuck. Which is actually perfect because when you’re…
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home at last.

I love traveling more than I love a lot of things-chocolate included-which is really saying something. But what I love more than travel, more than several days in a row partying it up in New York City, is coming home to this: Being a wife and mother are my two favorite things, I’m not even lying.

Sleep Training

So several weeks ago, or maybe even a month ago, we put Little O on a sleep schedule for the first time. There of course are different schools of thought on how and what to do about your baby’s sleep. Ultimately, we decided that a schedule was in order because O was up with us until midnight (and often later) every night. Then he’d wake up between 8:30 and 10:30. During the day, he was unpredictable. Maybe he’d take a…
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mommy school

My first baby recently turned 3. I just shed a little tear. Many of the other toddlers in our neighborhood are attending pre-school this year but I just couldn’t pull the trigger. Three seems so little and tender still, but he needed something. I came up with a solution, totally off the cuff, and called it “Mommy School.” I know it’s a lame name, but I was under pressure and now it’s stuck. Here’s how it works: once baby goes…
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final posts on design mom.

I finished off my last couple posts for Design Mom on Friday. I didn’t know there were people in the world who don’t play with makeup for hours every day and pore over fashion magazines to see how eyeliner is being worn this season. Apparently though, there are women out there inventing things instead of primping their eyelashes. It’s been a lot of fun to hear the feedback. Go see my post on how to create a smoky eye here,…
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