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Decorate with Flowers on Your Christmas Tree


I decorated our tree with a little extra something-something this year.  A little something-something I found at the Dollar Store. Have you ever decorated your Christmas tree with flowers before?  This was a first for me, and I love it.  In fact, next year maybe I’ll get my very own tree and decorate the entire thing with only fake flowers and white lights.  It’s really, really pretty. Supplies for decorating your Christmas tree with flowers: A few stems of your…
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Fun Thanksgiving Ideas.

fun thanksgiving ideas

I write for a few places around the web, one of which is a holiday blog on AOL called Holidash.  Holidash is filled to its adorable brim with holiday ideas of every sort, and I recently added a couple of my own ideas for Thanksgiving.  Do you need some fun Thanksgiving ideas? I do. First up is a gratitude tree.  An easy craft to help you remember why it is we’re all gathering for this holiday in the first place….
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Super Cool Christmas Ornament

cool christmas ornaments

This Christmas ornament will have the ’80’s nerds out there going bananas.  I guess that makes me an ’80’s nerd because I almost died when I opened up this ridiculously awesome Christmas ornament a couple weeks ago. I die. Are you ready?  Are you a Muppets fan?  Are you an old-school, die-hard, 1970’s-1980-something kid who watched the Muppet Show once a week on shaggy brown carpet? It’s Animal!  Just for you.  Just for the kid in you, the one who…
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Trick or Treating.


How was your Halloween weekend?  Trick or treating happened on Saturday night for us because we live in Utah and that’s the way things are here.  I had less than 20 kids stop by, which means I broke my sugar-free clause to eat the remainder of the trick-or-treating candy. Not good. I woke up with hands the size of bear claws.  Lupus + sugar don’t mix.  Sugar makes me swell.  To the size of a water buffalo. Oh well.  Those…
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Halloween Weekend Wrap-Up


If you need a few last minute Halloween ideas, I’ve been chock-a-block full of them this week: Treat Bags for Halloween Pumpkin Craft for Halloween How to: Make Easy Ghost Suckers And some from years past: Mummy Costume on the Cheap How to: Make Caramel Apples And from other places: Candy Corn Frozen Yogurt & Witches Fingers from V and Co. Halloween Party Playlist from Seventeen Magazine DIY Halloween Costume Ideas from Family Fun Have a fabulous Halloween weekend!  See…
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how to: make easy ghost suckers

ghost suckers

I know there’s nothing fancy or amazing about these ghost suckers.  They’re as run-of-the mill as Halloween crafts come, but sometimes, oldies are goodies. Here’s how to make easy ghost suckers for Halloween.  Make ’em for your kids, make ’em for your neighbors, make ’em for your friends. The supply list for this craft is almost ridiculous. Easy Ghost Suckers: yarn tissues suckers black marker STEP 1: Take two tissues {more makes it too bunchy, less and you can see…
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This little terrorist has been in my life for just over 6 years now. I think I’ll keep him.

4th of July holiday.

How was your holiday weekend?  I had so much fun.  No email, no phone calls, just plain fun all weekend long.  The 4th of July holiday was spread out over three solid days in Utah and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more.  Parades, fireworks, barbecues, swimming at the pool, eating cotton candy.  The stuff of summer memories. What did you do?  Play with your friends and family?  Nap in a cool place?  Catch up on your suntan?  I’m curious if…
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Dessert for the 4th of July

flag cake

A dessert for the fourth of July! I love the 4th of July, it’s my favorite holiday.  Warm summer air, fireworks, BBQ, cold drinks, happy kids swimming in the pool.  What’s not to love?  Maybe the best part though is 4th of July food.  I can’t get enough of the delicious BBQ and festive desserts served around my house on Independence Day, can you? 4th of July Flag Dessert Cake Recipe white or yellow cake 2 cups fresh strawberries 1…
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