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home made valentine’s day ideas

homemade valentine's day ideas

I’ve only been home from traveling for about 36 hours, so the homemade craft department is a little bit kaputz for the time being.  I have super crafty friends however, who’ve been crafting up a Valentine’s storm for the last few weeks, and I have a few of their home made Valentine’s Day ideas to share. The Strawberry Heart Valentine’s Box is from Kami at No Biggie.  Stop being so adorably cute and peppy Kami, you’re killing me here. These…
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Homemade Neighbor Gift

peppermint marshmallows

  If you’re looking for a last minute homemade neighbor gift, I’ve got you covered.  I didn’t have time or energy to make my annual homemade toffee much to the chagrin of my children, but I made homemade peppermint marshmallows instead. Before you go calling the Martha police on me, I swear this gift is easier than it looks.  Way easier. These are just skewers with marshmallows coated in peppermint. Give them to your friends alongside packets of hot chocolate…
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Fun Ways To Wrap A Present

fun way to wrap a present

    Last week I showed you a present wrapping idea, the way that almost all the gifts at my house are wrapped this year.  I literally have a house full of brown paper packages tied up with string, and it’s such a beautiful look.  The monochromatic look of it all is soothing and calming in this season of crazy. But I wanted to show you a couple of other fun ways to wrap a present should you want to…
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cheap idea for a family holiday card

family holiday cards

I’m feeling extra tight with cash this year, but I really didn’t want to cut holiday cards out of the budget entirely. If there’s one time of the year I enjoy picking up the mail, it’s the holidays.  Almost all human contact has been lost in the world, but personalized holiday cards remain. I really want to keep this tradition alive, so I decided to go the cheap route.  I turned my favorite family photo from the year into a…
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Decorate with Flowers on Your Christmas Tree


I decorated our tree with a little extra something-something this year.  A little something-something I found at the Dollar Store. Have you ever decorated your Christmas tree with flowers before?  This was a first for me, and I love it.  In fact, next year maybe I’ll get my very own tree and decorate the entire thing with only fake flowers and white lights.  It’s really, really pretty. Supplies for decorating your Christmas tree with flowers: A few stems of your…
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Fun Thanksgiving Ideas.

fun thanksgiving ideas

I write for a few places around the web, one of which is a holiday blog on AOL called Holidash.  Holidash is filled to its adorable brim with holiday ideas of every sort, and I recently added a couple of my own ideas for Thanksgiving.  Do you need some fun Thanksgiving ideas? I do. First up is a gratitude tree.  An easy craft to help you remember why it is we’re all gathering for this holiday in the first place….
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Super Cool Christmas Ornament

cool christmas ornaments

This Christmas ornament will have the ’80’s nerds out there going bananas.  I guess that makes me an ’80’s nerd because I almost died when I opened up this ridiculously awesome Christmas ornament a couple weeks ago. I die. Are you ready?  Are you a Muppets fan?  Are you an old-school, die-hard, 1970’s-1980-something kid who watched the Muppet Show once a week on shaggy brown carpet? It’s Animal!  Just for you.  Just for the kid in you, the one who…
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Trick or Treating.


How was your Halloween weekend?  Trick or treating happened on Saturday night for us because we live in Utah and that’s the way things are here.  I had less than 20 kids stop by, which means I broke my sugar-free clause to eat the remainder of the trick-or-treating candy. Not good. I woke up with hands the size of bear claws.  Lupus + sugar don’t mix.  Sugar makes me swell.  To the size of a water buffalo. Oh well.  Those…
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Halloween Weekend Wrap-Up


If you need a few last minute Halloween ideas, I’ve been chock-a-block full of them this week: Treat Bags for Halloween Pumpkin Craft for Halloween How to: Make Easy Ghost Suckers And some from years past: Mummy Costume on the Cheap How to: Make Caramel Apples And from other places: Candy Corn Frozen Yogurt & Witches Fingers from V and Co. Halloween Party Playlist from Seventeen Magazine DIY Halloween Costume Ideas from Family Fun Have a fabulous Halloween weekend!  See…
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