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Some Ideas To Help You Celebrate The 4th Of July

american flag dessert

4th of July, 4th of July!  You know there’s nothing better than a summer holiday, right?  For me, it’s the 4th of July.  It’s my favorite holiday, hands down.  The weather is gorgeous and hot, the pavement is baking, kids sit on the sidewalk eating dripping Popcicles, and fireworks end the day.  It’s the most fun of the whole year, and that’s saying something.   I make my famous American flag cake.  We sometimes run a 4th of July 5k…
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Repurpose Your Easter Baskets After the Candy is Gone

children's storage

When Easter is over, as it is about to be, what do you do with all the leftover Easter baskets?  In my house growing up, my mom would stash all 10 Easter baskets back under the stairs, grass and all, to wait it out until the following Easter holiday.  I’m not quite as organized as my mother, maybe because I’m free to wing it with only 2 kids instead of 8, which means each year is different than the next. …
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How to Make Your Own DIY Valentines

home made stamps

Today it’s how to make your own (inexpensive) DIY Valentines for the big V-day.  Let’s say it’s the day before Valentine’s Day *cough* and you need some really quick DIY Valentines that won’t break the bank.  Who’s your girl? Me, that would be me. Martha did this how to originally, but my version is a little less formal.  It’s just how I roll, there’s no helping it.  The awesome thing about this great Valentine DIY is that you probably have…
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Teenage Gift Lists and Ideas for You

You need some gift lists + ideas for teenagers? I can help. Thanks to eBay for sponsoring this curation of gift ideas for tricky, lovable teens.  Check out my ever-growing collections for more ideas on gift giving, I have many, gift ideas and collections, I mean. If you’ve ever been in charge of shopping for a teenager you understand the plight that is finding the right gift.  See, it’s different for teenagers, because they’re more like toddlers than not during…
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Cutest customizable holiday cards ever

cutest customizable cards

  Guys, the holidays are officially almost upon us.  And for whatever reason (just a guess – mom guilt?) at Christmas time, I get super Type-A obsessive about making sure my holiday cards are finished early and mailed out before the serious crazy sets in.  Life is insane during the holidays, and I really prefer to do tiny little things all year long in anticipation of December being the worst month of my life, in the history of ever. ALL…
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DIY crafts for dad this Fathers Day

Gifts for dad: DIY crafts for dad this Father’s Day. DIY Father’s Day Mugs It’s Father’s Day this weekend, in case you hadn’t noticed all the BBQ’s and lawnmowers for sale all over town.  I already bought a vacuum at Costco for my husband because I’m fancy and super thoughtful, and I love him, especially when he vacuums.  Although if the dad in my life were to get a vacuum for me, or laundry basket, or I don’t know, a…
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Make some cool Fathers Day cards

fathers day

Father’s Day, an entire day devoted to loving, remembering, hanging with, and showering the fathers in our lives with happiness and sparkling unicorns and ponies. For the dads who like those kinds of things, anyway. Father’s Day at our house is a pretty chill affair, much like Mother’s Day; we sometimes have a BBQ and maybe some fancy Jell-O with whipped cream, but not much.  Because really, at our house, every day is Father’s Day. My husband works random hours…
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Easter how to cute washi tape decoration

how to cute washi tape decoration

Washi tape!  Have you hopped on board the washi tape bandwagon? I’ll admit I’m a late comer to this fantastic trend, but now I can’t get enough! Who would have thought there would be so many uses and adorable things you can make with these little sticky strips of colored printed paper?

Because I’m so enamored with this cute little tape craft supply, and since Spring is right around the corner, this week’s project is a quick and easy to way to make some cute decorated “eggs” to add to your Easter and springtime decor! Keep reading to see how to make these Washi Tape Egg Decorations: >> Read More

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How to make a Valentines centerpiece

valentine themed vase

Make a Valentine’s Day centerpiece.  Making one is surely at the top of your to-do list right this very second.  I know it’s late, you’ve procrastinated a little, you’re not really feeling it this year (I’m projecting, I do that on Valentine’s Day) but I still want you to make a Valentine craft, spruce up the old homestead for the holiday.  No?  Play with me here, it will end better for all of us. Learning how to make a Valentines…
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