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fitness challenge: group fitness made fun.

So you remember when I talked about how we’re starting a 30-day fitness challenge? Well, I’m extending it. I didn’t truly start working out until last week, and I’m going to need a little more time to get in shape. We‘re going to do it all year long, and you’re going to love it right along with me. And even if you don’t love it, we’ll at least have a mutual respect for the fact that we need to get…
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weekly fitness tip: set a fitness goal.

Set a fitness goal. Setting a weight goal for me is self-sabotage. It just doesn’t work. But if I set a goal to say, run a 5K, I’ll stick with it because I have a deadline. A tangible goal that I have to work towards every day. If I don’t train daily for the 5K that I’ve signed up and paid for, I’ll either look like a fool come race day, or I’ll forfeit my money because I wasn’t ready…
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weekly fitness tip: drink plenty of water.

Water. This is my Monday fitness tip to you today: water. Become best friends with it. Drink it all day long. Just drink it. It cleanses your system, hydrates you, {I tend to get as dehydrated in the Winter as the Summer} fills you up, keeps you focused. I’m less hungry if I drink properly. I feel better, have more energy, and consume less garbage during the day. If you don’t like it plain {I struggle with it} do a…
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weekly fitness tip: make exercise a part of your day.

I have a friend who is a workout devotee. She is the most faithful exerciser I’ve ever known, ever. I asked her once to give me some tips, some motivational inspiration, something, anything to help me get a move on. She told me this: “It’s just a part of my day, like feeding my kids, brushing my teeth, taking a shower. It’s just not optional.” I asked her if she loved it, if it is her favorite thing to do…
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fitness magazine 30-day fitness challenge.

Victor got me a subscription to Fitness Magazine last year, and I was a bit chagrined until I opened the cover and started reading. It’s fantastic! I’ve never met an issue I didn’t like, and I’m inspired to be a healthier person every time I read. It’s not one of those fitness magazines, it meets every woman at her level and strives to help her improve. Their most recent issue has a 30-day fitness challenge for women everywhere. 30-days to…
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what to look for in outdoor gear for kids.

We are a very outdoor family, it’s just in our blood. Part of it is that Victor and I both grew up loving the outdoors, and the other part is that our kids just can’t be contained, they love to be outside as much as we do. P had her own climbing harness before she could walk and we took her camping when she was only a few months old. We are outside all year long doing whatever is in…
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beijing summer olympics 2008.

Only one more day until the official start of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. I don’t know about the rest of you but the Olympics are my favorite. Athleticism. Inspiration. Heroism. Achievement. Perseverance. I love all of it. And how cool is it that one of the top contenders is a mom? I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on Dara Torres. She rocks. Photos found here and here.

ladies schwinn beach cruiser.

Look what’s on sale right now at Target: Ladies’ Schwinn 26″ Roxie Cruiser. $119. {via Target}. I think this bike would officially be the greatest Mother’s Day present. Ever. {I mean, besides a cruise to The Bahamas with my husband.} It’s so adorable and it’s such a great deal to boot! I could cruise around the neighborhood with the kids, ride with the kids to the park, or cruise to P’s soccer games. I’m feeling summertime happiness just looking at…
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