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the golden hour by guest mom mandi.

First of all, let me thank Petit Elefant for allowing me to be a guest blogger this week. I have had a ball! I appreciate all your ideas, feedback, questions, and dialogue about my favorite two topics: fitness and family. Keep it comin’! I have always been a morning person. I remember as a kid, waking up while it was still dark outside and sneaking out to our black and white television with no knobs (I had to turn the…
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how to: lower your cholesterol.

Last month was National Cholesterol Education & Whole Grains month! Get Your Cholesterol Checked High blood cholesterol affects over 65 million Americans. You can have high cholesterol and not even know it. Celebrate National Cholesterol Education Month by getting your blood cholesterol checked and taking steps to lower it with healthier food and lifestyle choices. Did You Know.? That bowl of oatmeal you had for breakfast this morning counts as a whole grain and has been scientifically proven to reduce…
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cute workout gear for women.

So, I just kicked some serious booty in my favorite kickboxing class. Somebody got figuratively beat up by yours truly and it felt awesome! Afterward, I was chatting it up with the gals on my way out of class, laughing¸ basking in the natural high that comes from all those squats, jabs, and uppercuts. I was a sweaty mess (who knew there are sweat glands in kneecaps?). I passed by a full length mirror in the locker room and stopped…
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backup workout plans for a mom.

We have a guest mom this week on Petit Elefant and I couldn’t be more excited for the free advice; fitness advice at that. Mandi is a NASM certified personal trainer and the mom behind the blog Trainer Momma; she’ll be here all week sharing fitness tips with us. The timing couldn’t be better, heaven knows I can use the help. Help me welcome Mandi. Alright, time to workout… Here’s the plan: Workout Plan A: Take off for a few…
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great tips for drinking enough water.

Monthly Nutrition Tip…….. Summer is here and how is your water intake doing??? Many times when it gets warm out and we get busy with summer fun….we forget to drink the water our body needs. Almost 70% of the human body is made up of water. If we study the physiology and anatomy of the human body, we’ll find that water is responsible for almost all the vital processes occurring in the human body, whether it’s the digestive system, circulatory…
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fitness tip of the week.

Try something new. That’s my tip for today. Are you a yogi? Try Tae Bo. Love running? Go for a swim. Your body needs to be confused every once in a while if you’re going to get and stay in killer shape. You’ve gotta confuse those muscles! Go get ’em tigers.

great compact personal training device

So there’s this crazy cool gadget called the ActiTrainer to help you get, and stay, fit. It helps people like me, who like to sneak sweets in when no one is looking, stay accountable. You can’t cheat with this thing because it monitors: • Calories burned • Heart rate • Pace/distance traveled • Step count And, if that weren’t enough to keep me out of the cupcake shop, it also measures “sleep efficiency” and “nighttime awakenings”. Which honestly would be…
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starting the weight watchers program.

As much as it pains me to do it, I’m posting a photo of myself in a sports bra to keep myself accountable to the world. I’m working out a minimum of 3x weekly, an hour each time on top of doing Weight Watchers online but I need a community to keep me honest and out of the bag of licorice on top of the fridge. So here I am, in all my middle-area-problem glory. No judging. “Don’t you judge…
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thursday fit tip.

I had a major “aha!” moment this week. It shouldn’t be news to me, but unfortunately it was. My fit tip today is like the Boy Scout’s of America motto: Be Prepared I mean it. Be prepared. For that mid-morning snack, those afternoon cravings, dinner menus, midnight pillaging of the kitchen cupboards {come on, don’t tell me I’m the only one}. I absolutely need to have a plan or I’ll eat like a teenage boy every time. I need to…
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