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make flower headbands.

Part of our back-to-school wardrobe for P always involves hair accessories. It’s just part of the deal with girls. We’re in a tricky spot though because P is too old for the pink girly stuff, and I don’t want to spend a small fortune on boutique hair gear that’s cool enough for school. Enter: dollar store headbands. I literally got everything in these photos from the dollar store. I figure by the time I do a bunch of headbands and…
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how to: make homemade finger paint.

My toddler and I tapped into our creativity to make some sweet Father’s Day cards this morning, each one original, finger-painted with love.  We both had fun and enjoyed the leftovers. A great little project for pre-schoolers. you will need: 1 small package instant pudding, prepared & chilled (for our bears, we used chocolate pudding. you could use vanilla tinted with food coloring) heavy duty paper/cardstock a template to trace onto your card OR a free-hand outline (truck, fish, bear, anything…
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shark hat for kids.

I found this hat out there totally by accident. I swear that I did not use “shark+attack+children|kids” as a search query in Google. Either way, here it is from For those crafty types out there, this would be one awesome way to accessorize your children. UPDATE: Upon further research, I have found a Cthulhu knitted mask as well. Either way, both are winners.

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t-shirt reconstruction

My husband has a [huge] collection of concert t-shirts, from Garth Brooks to Page & Plant to U2. They currently reside in a plastic storage bin, in a closet, and have been there our entire marriage. He doesn’t wear them, but won’t part with them. Finally, thanks to the clearly talented mama behind  This Mama Makes Stuff, I’ve found a very cool solution:  Infant nightgowns. Very cool for the following reasons: 1. infant gowns are among my favorite baby things,…
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homemade colored pasta.

Spring Break kind of snuck up on me. That’s what happens when you go on vacation the week before Spring Break; you end up all sorts of confused when it’s really time for vacation. C is home with me, dying of boredom and looking to do some crafts, so I looked to my favorite craft resource for some ideas to keep us occupied for a little while: Make & Takes. Marie is the cleverest person I know. Really. We’re in…
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leprachaun footprints from make and takes.

Marie from Make and Takes has done it again! Her ideas are adorable. I mean look at these leprechaun footprints, for example. See full project here. {via Make and Takes & Alpha Mom Holiday}.

Reuse-It Crafts!

Winter is surely dragging on, and cabin fever is setting in. And by this time, you’ve probably rounded up more one than mate-less  mitten or glove.  I noticed a couple of great ideas in a recent issue of Parents Magazine (courtesy of  my OB’s office) that solve the boredome issue and the lonely glove issue, while using other things you probably already have at home. Very cute, seemingly simple, and adaptable to many ages.  Glove Puppet Pals (click link for instructions)…
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homemade felt fortune cookies.

Are these fortune cookies not adorable? I’d love to make them with my kids so they can hand them out at their school Valentine parties next week. I think they might be a lot of fun to make for that *special someone* as well. Instructions here. {via Martha Stewart Living}.

knitting supplies.

A big fat THANK YOU to Lori for her amazing posts last week. Didn’t she do a terrific job? I can’t wait until I have some time to sit down and use her step-by-step instructions to make a hat, sweater, and baby leg warmers. So cute. If you want to keep up with Lori in all her multi-talentedness you can do so here, she’s always making something great. And now for the giveaway. Lori, in conjunction with Unwind {the knitting…
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