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Treat bags for Halloween.

ghost treat bags

I’m in love with these cute ghost treat bags for Halloween.  I know we’re down to the wire with time, but I had to share these with you before next year.  Little ghostie sacks filled with treats. Supplies for Halloween Treat Bags: white paper sacks googly eyes glue hole punch scissors ribbon Halloween candy or other treats Step 1: Cut the paper bag to the shape of a ghost.  Trim off the top of the bag in the shape of…
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Pumpkin Craft for Halloween

pumpkin craft

It’s Halloween-a-palooza at our house this week.  Are you a big celebrator of holidays like this one?  My kiddos are going nuts for any distracting crafts keeping them at bay until Halloween and the massive drop of candy this weekend. I’m doing my best to oblige. This is the easiest craft known to man.  Easy pumpkin craft for Halloween?  Check. Oranges with Jell-O brains?  Check, check. Supplies for Orange pumpkins: 2 packages of Jell-O 3 or 4 big Oranges paring…
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How to: make a homemade gift bag.

brown paper gift bag

Who wants to make a homemade gift bag today?  I do, I do!  Seriously, the economy is terrible & you can save a few dollars making this darling gift bag yourself; you probably have what it takes to make this in your house right this second. Supplies for a homemade gift bag: Scrapbook paper Brown lunch sack Scrapbook brads Step 1: Rip several pieces of scrapbook paper into little jagged edge circles.  You’re making flowers out of paper and the…
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homemade sidewalk paint.

We made homemade sidewalk chalk paint at our house last week, and it was a big, fat hit.  It’s basically liquid sidewalk chalk you paint onto the sidewalk with a brush.  So much fun.  It only takes 3 ingredients, one of which is water.  Hallelujah. Ingredients for Homemade Sidewalk Paint: -1/4 cup cornstarch -1/4 cup cold water -food coloring -paintbrush Seriously, can it get any easier? Measure your cornstarch into a bowl. I chose to start off without doubling the…
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homemade bubble recipe for kids.

My mom used to make a great homemade bubble recipe growing up, one that made for enormous life sized bubbles.  I figured it was about time I replicated the recipe and made a day of bubble fun for my kids.  It’s so easy it hurts. Here are the ingredients for your Homemade Bubble Recipe: 1 cup of grease cutting dish-washing liquid 10 cups of water 3 tablespoons of glycerin {available at drug stores} Three ingredients.  You can so do this. …
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how to: make a pringles can carrying case.

I’m sure it’s occurred to you at some point or another that Pringles cans are useful beyond their ability to live up to the line, *Once you pop the top, you can’t stop*.  I figured out a way to make these cans do a little multitasking for me by making them into carrying cases for my children. Round up the goodies your kids will want to put in their traveling carrying cases, and measure to see if they’ll all fit. …
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handmade valentine cards.

I decided the other night, when I saw the dismal array of Valentines at the store, we were going to make our own this year. Both Charming and Precocious were totally on board and let me boss them around with the details. I decided the best route would be to use my fabulous Cricut machine to do the dirty work for me, leaving me only to assemble and glue the pieces together. I kind of love the result. I cut…
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make a homemade memory game.

memory game

Before we headed off to BlogHer, Alma wanted to come up with a different take on the business card. And because she’s so clever she created a memory game with a handful of her patterns to hand out to people. Seriously. My brain doesn’t work that way but it worships people who do. I snagged a memory game for myself {because I’m selfish like that} even though I have no trouble at all remembering Alma and her awesomeness, but hadn’t…
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make a homemade craft birthday box for kids.

craft birthday box

I love the creative birthday presents my kids get once in a while from their friends. Last year P got all the ingredients necessary to make cookies including: Ziploc baggie with sugar cookie mix, an apron, chef hat, wooden spoons, frosting, and cookie cutters. It was her favorite present. We started thinking of fun things that were *outside the box* just a bit, to give as gifts for all the parties throughout the school year. The craft box is my…
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