Casting Call for 30 Strangers


I don’t know if you remember me blabbing on and on and on last year about this super cool photography project my friend Justin Hackworth was doing.  Do you remember?  Well, if you don’t, I’ll remind you.

My friend Justin Hackworth is a photographer, an amazing one at that, who does this really cool project every year called 30 Strangers.  I was a part of it with my cute daughter last year and it was an amazing experience.  It’s an annual project, and it’s time to throw your hat in the ring if you’re interested in participating.  The deadline to enter is March 8th, 2011 so you might want to get on that because spots go super fast.

Totally amazing, top to bottom.  Go comment on Justin’s post about it on his blog if you want in.  And if even if you don’t, you should totally go look at the pictures from the last few years, they’re amazing.

{the photo above is one of the photos from the 30 Strangers exhibit last year.  that’s me and my kiddo.}

All the donated proceeds go towards The Center for Women & Children in Crisis.

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  1. Tami Warner :

    Thank you for letting us know!! I left a comment on his blog. I love that picture of you two. If it’s meant to be we will be one of the ones chosen!!

  2. Shari :

    What an awesome project. I wish I could afford to fly out there and participate with one of my beautiful daughters.

  3. vanessa :

    I read he won’t do kids under 7 for the project, so I’ll just have to wait….ha over 7 more years! Hopefully he is still doing it then.