carpet-gate 2009.

Well, the upside of the disaster that is my life right now is the fact that I’ve loathed our green carpet from the day we moved into this house. So you know, there’s that.

Also, I’m turning out to be quite handy at this disaster restoration business, even if it doesn’t bring out the best in me. So you know, in case blogging doesn’t pan out, maybe I can be a former-blogger-turned-disaster-restorer. I can see it now; quite clearly in fact.

Kind of cool that you can see the reflection of our cool IKEA ceiling lights in the toilet flood water on the floor huh? This is me looking on the bright side.

Also kind of funny, but not really, it’s just humor is the only thing keeping me from sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor sobbing right now? Viktor is still M.I.A. with Precocious. Camping in the wilderness totally outside any modern amenities including cell service. Fabulous.

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  1. Whimsical Creations :

    hugs! I love how you are looking on the bright side! ;)

  2. Petit Elefant :

    whimsical creations,

    oh, i'm trying. TRYING.

  3. Laura Ferry-Jimenez :

    geez, don't read your blog for a few days and I miss some major drama! sorry. I'm a katrina survivor so I, too, hate any type of flooding.

  4. Emily :

    I hear there's a lot of money in disaster restoration…and a lot less conference to attend. There's a bright side for you! LOL Hang in there!

  5. Tiffany :

    Oh dear. Here's to new carpet you love?

    Best wishes.

  6. Naomi :

    I am so sorry you're having to deal with this by yourself! What a nightmare.

  7. sania :

    Oh no. Good luck with everything!

  8. Susan :

    well on the upside, prol you are going to get a fab floor treatment right?

  9. Petit Elefant :


    I'm telling you it's A MESS. Removing wet carpet and padding is now on my top 10 list of most hated activities.


    I know, right? Thank you!


    I've been thinking of calling Troy all weekend. I think you're right though, no conference fees and money, hand over fist.


    Here's to the tile I've wanted for a while. The process is going to be painful though, I can feel it in my bones.


    I know, woe is me and all that.


    Yes, fabulous tile. Travertine even.

  10. Azúcar :

    People pay good money for concrete floors these days.

  11. Petit Elefant :


    Isn't that the sad sad truth?