BOOYAH! by Olivia

Hello, everyone! This is Alma here. I feel like I’ve been away so long!

I’m so excited to announce a great product I’ve helped to develop that is being sent to press! Around the beginning of September, I was contacted by a businessman who came across my portfolio about doing the illustrations for a children’s card game that his daughter Olivia invented. We talked through the game, through potential categories, and a couple months later, the game is ready for preorder!

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts this year and want to buy something unique and fresh, this game is the perfect choice. The game is totally based on chance (no strategy) which actually makes it perfect to play in a group with all ages. To test it out, we played this with my parents and friends one night and even as a group of just adults, we enjoyed ourselves.

Check out to preorder this game. They are expected to be available by about Thanksgiving!

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  1. Emily :

    I think it's so fun you helped create this game. Love your illustrations!

  2. Petit Elefant :

    Alma, you are truly a wicked talented and amazingly gifted artist. Booyah.

  3. KJ :

    you are fabulous