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Bath + body products.  You don’t even want to know how many different lotions and oils and sugar scrubs I have crowding my bathroom shelves.  Well, maybe you do.  I always want to know what my girlfriends are wearing that makes them smell so good.  The brand of that fabulous new lotion my mom recently discovered at a random boutique in Ohio while visiting the grandkids.  So I thought you might want to know what I’ve been obsessing over the last few months, and offer a little Mother’s Day giveaway while we’re at it.

Who’s in?


olive oil sugar scrub

80 Acres Body Care.  That’s the name I whisper to anyone who tells me I smell good.  It’s my secret weapon.  I truly can’t get enough of 80 Acres and everything in their tasty, delicious body care line.  In fact, I’ve already burned through an entire tub of their Verde Olive Oil Salt Scrub and an entire bottle of Blood Orange body oil.  It only took me 4 months to completely deplete my stores of both, which is a little ridiculous.  That means every time I took a shower I used both the salt scrub and the body oil (a little redundant if you ask me) because I’m greedy like that.


Have we even talked about the packaging yet?  No.  But check it out.   I mean.  I just, I can’t even.  It’s amazing.

Alright, what’s in it for you?  I’ll tell you, because I’m a giver.  And I want to share my favorite secret weapon stash with you.  Check out the details:

I have 2 giveaway packages to give away, each of which contains the following:

  • 1 Hand + Body Wash
  • 1 Hand + Body Lotion
  • 1 Lip Balm

80 Acre body care giveaway packages rules:

  • Leave a comment with your contact information
  • Tell me if you’d give this to your mother for Mother’s Day or hog it all for yourself.  I won’t judge you (probably), I’m just curious how selfish you are.  (or aren’t)
  • Giveaway runs now through Monday May 6th, Midnight MST.

Good luck! I hope you win some bath + body goodies!

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  1. :

    I would totally hog it for myself, don’t mind admitting I am selfish! These products sound wonderful!

    • Aarika :

      I would hog it!

  2. Megan :

    I’d give it to my Momma!

  3. Katie :

    I would probably keep it for myself – and get my mom something else!

  4. Alison :

    My mom isn’t into this type of thing, so I would totally keep it for myself!

  5. Mari :

    Keep it for myself. My mom would understand. :)

  6. Emily :

    I’d give it to my mom. She deserves some pampering!

  7. Alison :

    I’d keep it for myself. I’m a new Mommy and I need some r&r with some yummy smelling bath products :)

  8. Tiffany :

    I would definitely give it to my mom, then probably sneak it back out of her house…. Is that bad? She’s having spinal surgery the 9th, so I’m sure smelling good while in recovery will make her feel better.

  9. Zhaleh :

    I’ve already got a gift for my mom, but this might make a nice new mom gift for my best friend.

  10. Yvonne :

    80 Acres makes first rate products! I would share with Mom – she loves trying new things!

  11. Crystal :

    I would give to my mom and try it for myself when I visit! She loves this sort of thing.

  12. C R Williams :

    Gonna me honest I would hog it all for myself maybe lol. My email is

  13. Susie Grant :

    I’m keeping it! (my mom wouldn’t appreciate such goodness)

  14. Jen :

    I would share it with my Mom!!

  15. lisa elizarraras :

    oh my~i would totally hog this;)

  16. CLAUDIA :

    I would give it to my mom.

  17. Tsh Oxenreider :

    I’d keep it because my mama isn’t into this sort of thing… but I totally am. Thanks, Allison! You’re a gem.

  18. Sayoko :

    I would keep this for myself to celebrate my first Mother’s Day!

  19. Gayatri :

    Would give it to my husbands sister who got into MIT and we all know how college can get really stressful so I’m sure she would enjoy this :)

  20. Reut :

    Would keep it for myself as a birthday present (turned 33 last Saturday). :))

  21. Katelyn :

    Probably give it to a friend who is soon to be a grandma! She’s had a few rough weeks and needs a pick me up :)

  22. Heather :

    Let’s face it, I would hog it all to myself! Happy Mother’s Day to me!

  23. Stephanie Porter (Queen Scarlett) :

    I’d share a lotion and the body wash with my sister. I’d keep the lip balm and a hand/body lotion for myself. Yo. That’s how I roll.

  24. Colleen :

    Oh, I’d definitely hog it. My mom’s more of a Bath & Body Works kind of a lady. colleenharker {at} gmail {dot} com

  25. Elizabeth N. :

    I would keep it but only because based on what I saw in my moms medicine cabinet last visit, she doesn’t use most of the bath products I give her (Wish it would have been kosher to take them back.). And my mother in law is more of a Bath and Body Works type person.

  26. JAMIE M. :

    I would love to keep this…although my mom would love to receive it. Guess she wins!

  27. Erica F. :

    No shame, I’d keep it!

  28. Sarah :

    I might have to give it to my daughter so she can wrap it for me. My mom doesn’t do smell good things! It’s a win-win for both ;)

  29. HelenaS :

    Me, me, me! I am a mom of tuo after all ;) Plus I have something else planned for my Mom already.

  30. StaceyL :

    I adore smelly stuff…and since I’m a Mom…I don’t mind admitting this would be ALL MINE!

  31. Angelica Evilsizor :

    I would definitely keep it to myself :)

  32. Ariel :

    My mother doesn’t really enjoy this kind of stuff (B&BW kind of lady), but I’d definitely have to split it with my grandmother.

  33. Jaye :

    Oh man….I’m not a mom. I should give it all to my mother, but…if the scent is olive or lavender I’m probably going to hoard it for myself.

  34. Suzanne :

    My mother passed away a few years ago or she would try to take it from me, she was a real pistol, so I am totally gonna hog. I have three daughters who are also mothers, but this one would be mine, mine, mine. (if the girls found out, they would try to take it!)

  35. Patty L :

    My mom doesn’t like this kind of thing (I’ve tried) so I would keep for myself…and probably end up sharing with my daughters. Thanks! and Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  36. Barbara McKInley :

    My Mom has passed, however her dearest friend since I was just a kid (now I’m 54) I’ve basically adopted as my 2nd Mother! She is more than deserving as she has always been giving of herself. I think she would be thrilled to receive these lotions! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity :)

  37. Sarah :

    I’d probably end up sharing it with my mom, but I would think about it for a day or two.

  38. TOMMYE L. :

    I would be sorely tempted to keep it, but would probably give it to my daughter, as my mom has passed. My daughter, the mother of my grandbabies, deserves all the pampering she can get. Then, I would probably go and order some for myself…it sounds wonderful.

  39. Rose :

    I’m a good girl! It would be a coin toss between my Mom and one for my wonderful mother in law! Win or lose I’m heading to their website to pick some up and take it for a test drive! Thanks for the tip!

  40. Kindy :

    I would hog it lol….. I am a mother of 5 so I could use it

  41. Jen M :

    I will keep it for myself and maybe share it with my daughter if I’m feeling particularly generous. My Mom isn’t with us on this earth anymore and my Mother in law doesn’t really use stuff like this.

  42. GEO :

    I am at peace with the fact that I would keep this for myself!

  43. Cassandra :

    I would ship it to my mom. I haven’t gotten her anything thing so this would be a win!

  44. Catherine :

    I would take my favourite(s), and share the rest with my Mom…… I think that’s totally fair since we are both Mom’s and deserve a little treat! :)

  45. Meagan :

    I would keep it for me! For years I always gave my mom lotion, soap, perfumes, etc for birthdays, Christmas, mother’s day, until one day she said stop! She’d run out of room to keep them and had a life supply haha!

  46. Dawn :

    I will share 2 with my mom and keep only one for myself

  47. Shannon RF :

    I would totally hog it for myself. But i am guarantee my daughters will steal it from me!!

  48. Nic :

    I would love to hog it all as it sounds wonderful but would share it with my mom. Maybe. LOL

  49. Lily :

    I just wanted to start out by saying I love your blog! I greatly enjoy seeing that I have an email from Petite Elephant on many mornings. I would probably hog most of the stuff to myself but would probably share some with my Mama.

    • Lily :

      Man, I spelled Elefant wrong. Darn spell check!

  50. Kathy :

    I would give it to my daughter-in-law who is expecting her first child, a girl ( our first grandchild). But we know that the baby will not survive. She deserves some pampering. Love your blog!

  51. Victoria S :

    I don’t have a mom to give it to and because my son will probably forget again about the day, I will keep it for myself, whiner tho I may be. Hehehehehehe

  52. Peggy :

    I see my name on this!

  53. Michelle :

    This looks amazing. I love products that smell good and do good for the body! I’d honestly probably split the package between myself, my mother, and my sister (as I did with the last bath products I purchased).

  54. Carol Jenkins :

    I would give to my Mom. She is such a giving person, always doing for others. She even visits a local nursing home, although she doesn’t personally know anyone there, just because she knows they don’t have anyone coming to visit. She buys whatever they may need, takes them magazines, bakes and cooks for them. On top of this, she takes care of my 97 year old Grandma who is actually her mother-in-law. She always finds the good in everything…no matter how small! She is just a wonderful person!
    I know she would really appreciate such a wonderful gift! and thank you so much Allison for a chance in the give away.

  55. gail :

    I would give this to my sister-in-law because my brother has been going thru Chemo for 2 mts and she could use a little TLC – Thanks for the giveaway

  56. Dana Leigh :

    I would totally keep this for myself! 80 Acres looks like a very responsible company in many ways and that’s what I’m looking for! danaleigh2121 at gmail dot com

  57. Kate :

    As my mom lives in another state, I’d hog it for myself, but also share with my daughter as she’s 11-almost-12 (in her words) and starting to get into “beauty stuff”, too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  58. Hope M. :

    Well, I’d like to say it is my mother’s day gift for my mother… but I will probably fall in love with the products… so they will probably be for me (although I may be willing to share)… through no fault of my own of course :)

  59. MaryAnn Dowell :

    This would definitely go to my mommy. But since her vanity, shower etc are full of her favorites it just may end up at my place. Which would be just terrible. ;-P But I would put this to good use!

  60. Kat :

    I would so keep it for myself – but only because I got my mom a pile of soap and a Dover book of ’20s fashion already.

  61. anita :

    i’m a first time mom so i’d split it with my mom. (maybe).

  62. Eleanor :

    I would keep it too! I’ve already got a mother’s day gift all lined up like a good daughter :

    moriarty _ eleanor at

  63. Tami :

    Since my mom is in Mexico on a mission for our church I’d totally keep it. Judge away!! HAHAHAHA.

  64. KarenK :

    My mom doesn’t like “fancy” lotions so I would totally keep this for myself!!!

  65. Rebecca Madigan :

    I would defiantly share with my Mum as she is currently living with us to get out of a tough relationship, so we all need some pampering here. I might even share some with my two daughters who also still live at home :) The lip balm would be all mine though, I always love a killer lip balm!

  66. Joe :

    Would give to wife – she is such a strong lady & i love her so

  67. Karen Hibl :

    I would keep this for myself. Yummy!

  68. Christy :

    I would definitely keep it for myself!

  69. Heather :

    I’d totally keep it!! Is this organic?

  70. Lee Ann K :

    would keep for sure, looks lovely



  72. Stacy :

    I would totally keep this just for me!

  73. Tesha Newman :

    Honestly- If I won I would hog this all for myself. My children are still in the ‘gluing macaroni to paper’ phase of gift giving. So I this kind of gift would be so appreciated ;)

  74. Sara :

    I’d keep the lotion and give the rest to my mom

  75. Heather N :

    I’d keep it…my mom stresses me out and this will help keep me on an even keel! :)’

  76. Ashley :

    I would compromise and share it with my Mom! :) lol

  77. Sarah :

    Why do we have to give it away or hog it? I would SHARE with my mother. :] Mayhaps have a mother/daughter spa day.

  78. april :

    My mommy would love this! I’d definately give it to her. :-)

  79. Heather Paulding :

    You caught me! Selfish:) I am a lavender lover and would enjoy this immensely :)

  80. :

    This year I will keep it. Mom isn’t here any more, but I know she would have enjoyed if she were, because I would have given it to her.

  81. Kacie :

    Oh please, this looks amazing! I would keep this for myself, that’s ok right…..I’m a momma too :)

  82. Lydia :

    I’d have to keep it for myself. However, since I’m living at home at the moment I’d probably share. :)

  83. Amanda :

    Not going to lie, I’d probably hog it for myself. I love my mama, but I’m a military wife with a lengthy to-do list on a daily basis, a 6-year-old to chase around, and I’m 20 weeks pregnant. My shower is the only time during the day I get to myself, so a little pampering is a must in order to keep my sanity! =)

  84. Jamie :

    Mine, all mine! Not sure my mom would appreciate this.

  85. Tina :

    I would probably go half-ies. Keep a little bit. Give a little bit. My mom is pretty awesome and definitely deserves it but winter was killer on my skin and I totally need a good lotion.

  86. Happy Poppy :

    I will keep one of each and the lip balm.. and give other 2 to my mom :)
    we just found out I am gonna be one soon.. i will tell her on mothers day :)

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