Beaded Candy Cane Ornaments

beaded ornaments title

The holidays are the perfect time to round up the kids for some fun arts and crafts. Some darling beaded candy cane ornaments are just the thing. My mother had one on our tree for ages, and it was one of my very favorites. She passed it along to me when I married, and now it hangs on my tree. I like this shiny little ornament so much that I made more of them with my boys when they were small.  Now, we have over…
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Finding Just the Right Car For My Family

the right car for my family

My family has been in need of a new car for awhile now, but I’ve been in denial. We have lived in and loved our car so well I’m genuinely having a hard time letting it go.  I talked about this a few weeks ago, this feeling of losing a family member who is a central character in our family history. Do you feel this way about your car, or have you ever?  I don’t want to say goodbye, I…
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Netflix Gilmore Girls Premiere – Behind The Scenes!

Gilmore Girls Premiere

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life premiers on Netflix on November 25th, 2016, but my daughter Sofie and I saw the first episode, ‘Winter’ at the red carpet premiere in Los Angeles last week. I’m here to tell you what to be excited about in the first episode, (don’t worry, no spoilers!) and plenty of insider details for all you diehard Gilmore Girls lovers. And also to report I’ve never fan-girled so hard in my life. By the way,…
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Africa’s Not Sad, Y’all

Africa is a big continent. People talk about it like it’s one country, one place. It’s actually made up of 54 countries that are unique in their own ways. Today, though, I’m talking about it as one place, and I’m here to say, “Africa’s not sad, y’all.” I live in Southern Africa, and I’ve traveled to Northern and Eastern Africa. I still need to step foot in the Western and Central regions, but I don’t need to go there to…
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A Personal Story From Me to You About The Reality Of Communism


Communism is real, and it’s very, very dangerous. Today I’m going to share something personal.  I share personal stuff all the time, but this is different.  And it’s only partly my story.  Mostly it’s the story of my husband and his family and they don’t talk about it. Not ever, not with anyone. If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know my husband is Polish. I talk about his nationality for a number of reasons,…
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Round-Up Of Over 20 DIY Holiday Gifts

roundup of DIY holiday gifts

DIY holiday gifts for are the best! I would rather get a homemade gift than any other kind.  I never thought I’d say that, maybe it’s a true marker for my age that I’d rather have something someone put time and thought into than a random gift bought at the last second. I still have homemade gifts friends and family made for me decades ago.  There’s something just so thoughtful and warm about using gifts people made with you specifically…
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Pinners Conference DIY Beauty Recipes

charcoal pore strips

Hello Pinners Conference class! I’m so happy I got to spend time with you today. Here are all the DIY beauty recipes we talked about in class.  I hope you have fun playing spa at home.  Let me know if you try any of these.  Have fun, and thank  you! DIY facial 2 ingredients   how to pumpkin mask Here’s what’s in your DIY beauty kits from class.  Each numbered packet is below, and the pore strips will come from…
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Our Favorite Family Car: Saying Goodbye

our family car

Our Favorite Family Car: Saying Goodbye I’m getting ready to sell my beloved family car because my children have outgrown it, and the process has been a little more difficult than I expected.  I’m really curious how all of you buy and sell cars, because I’ve never bought a new car before.  Can you believe it? My husband and I have always bought used cars and repaired them ourselves as they break.  Which actually means my husband and the kids…
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Halloween Movies to Watch on Netflix

movies to watch on netflix on halloween

Movies to watch for Halloween. It’s Halloween!  Which is one of the best times of year, if you ask me.  Any excuse to dress up as your favorite _________ (fill in the blank), party with friends + family, and eat candy is a-okay with me. As an adult the very best kind of Halloween for me is one where I get to stay home, wear a wig or comfortable  stretchy-pants costume of some kind, and watch a good Halloween movie. …
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