Few things make mehappier in the worldthan a day spent shopping atIKEA. I used to make an IKEA trek to California,returning home with a car stuffed with wonderful findsin every nook and cranny.Now that there is one close by,things are bound to get worse. Not only has this lovely Swedish companystylishly helped me decorate my home,their products for children are mythe best.Their dinnerware for children isnearly indestructible, brightly colored,and my favorite: inexpensive. $1.99 each set of 6, IKEA var gaJsHost…
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mister darcy come on down.

I just finished reading this. For those of you who’ve been caughtdrooling over Mr. Darcy plunging into the lake in the A&E Pride & Prejudice series} Austenland is for you.Extremely light reading for the post-holiday let down.  Curl up with a hot drink and a snuggly blanket. Enjoy.

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I’ve chosen a winner for the darling Nina bag from Aster+Sage. And the winner is….. Laura. This is why she needs the bag: “i am in desperate need of this bag because i am constitutionally incapable of leaving the house without one or two paperbacks –what if i can stuck in an elevator with nothing to read?!– and this bag was designed for paranoid book-hoarding. also, it’s so darn cute.” As a fellow compulsive book reader/hoarder/carrier, I completely sympathize with…
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organized swap.

If you’re interested, another fabulous blogis doing what looks to be avery fun organization swap. See the blog for details,I’m absolutely going to do it!

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no knit.

Although I actually am a knitter,I think this scarf is fabulous so I’m going to“no-knit” it anyway.Martha Stewarthas me all excited with several fundo it yourself projects in hermagazine. It looks simple enough.Here are the instructions. No Knit Scarf. {via Martha Stewart Living} Get your knit on.

boudreaux’s butt paste.

This post will be simple, as I’ve justreturned from the hospital.My 3-year-old thought hisantibiotics “tasted like skittles”,so he drank the whole bottle and washospitalized for a couple days.We’re back, he’s fine{but in big trouble!}and here’s my next fabulous review. I can’t get along without this stuff.I know, I know, the name.But, as a mother of allergic kids,this has worked quite well for us.{And I actually enjoy the way it smells too!} Get over the name, and get some for your…
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monogrammed cork.

This is going to be one of my first craft projectsin the new year.One for each of my children for their rooms.It looks fairly easy to do{it always does though right??}and has a simple, sleek design.Perfect.Craft away. {via Martha Stewart Living}.


I’m so excited about our first giveawayfromAster and Sage. “Linda Yesline is the girl behind Aster+Sage. Linda became interested in handbag production while studying industrial design at Rhode Island School of Design. Aster+Sage handbags combine quality materials and construction with crisp, clean forms and simple graphic patterns.” Leave your comments{25 words or less please}about why you need the greatBlue Nina bagand I will randomly choose a winner.And check back soon,we will have LOTS of giveawaysin the new year! P.S. I’m…
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paper or plastic? neither please.

One thing I’m going to work onin the new yearis living more green.That includes not usingplastic grocery bagswhen I do my weekly shopping.These stylish bags fromUrban Outfittersoffer a great alternative whilehelping the environment.Shop away. $38./5Urban Outfitters.