Our Family Adventure Traveling To Hawaii

pipeline Hawaii

Traveling to Hawaii has been on my Bucket List for about, well, EVER.  And I did get to Hawaii, a little over 3 years ago, for a media trip that lasted about 72 hours; and while it was lovely, it wasn’t even remotely the same thing as taking a vacation with my family to some tropical isles for major downtime and big fun adventures. So this Summer when my son qualified for the Western U.S. championships of swimming, to be…
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After Photos Of Our Newly Designed Study

mid-century modern study redesign

Finally, photos of our newly redesigned study!  If you’ve been checking in lately, you’ll know that for several months we’ve been redesigning and redecorating our old, very brown, family study.  And today, the finished room, choc-a-bloc with pretty photos is here! I’m in love with the new room, and would love to hear what you think. The old study was, well, a study in brown. HA. But seriously, so. much. brown.  Which is my least favorite color, but just kind…
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Our Study Redesign Before With Photos

study redesign

Our study redesign is finally finished!  But before I show you the new study, I wanted to give you a peek at the before photos of the old study before I do a reveal of the after photos. Our study was perfectly lovely before the current redesign, but awfully brown, on brown, on brown, on BROWN and I was ready for some light. We put the study together on a major budget, as we did most of the house, when…
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Make Strawberry Lime Summer Slush

make your own strawberry slush

It’s slush time!  Summer is the very best, in every way, but one of my favorite things about the hot summer months is making delicious, fruity, slush drinks. I don’t drink alcohol, but any slush can turn boozy if you just swap out a couple ingredients, including this strawberry lime summer delight. This strawberry lime slush is SO EASY to make and only takes a few ingredients, 2 of which are forms of water.  Unless you’re making it an alcoholic…
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The Odysseo Cavalia Horse Show


Have you seen the show, Odysseo Cavalia? If you have, you’ll know the show is far more than just well trained horses parading around on stage.  It’s a spectacular mix of magical horsemanship, beautiful animals, circus acts, goose-bump-inducing dancing, and live music. Have you heard of Cavalia?  We went as a family to see it last weekend and were mesmerized, top to bottom, by the whole production.  Even my jaded teenager held her mouth agape throughout the entire show. I…
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My Favorite Figure Flattering One-Piece Swimsuits 2016

one-piece swimsuit

One-piece swimsuits are the figure flattering champions of the swimwear world, and I’m loving what I’m seeing right now for Summer 2016.  There are so many different color choices, cleavage options, (no, really) and styles – there’s something for everyone.   Even if you aren’t into camouflaging a tummy (who isn’t into covering up a tummy?), these 12 one-piece swimsuits will have you swooning for a sunny day at the pool.  Gorgeous bows, halter tops, and one-shoulder swimsuits are super…
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My Kindle eReader Has Changed My Reading Life


My Kindle eReader and I have become inseparable over the last couple of years.  Besties.  We go everywhere together.  I was using my Kindle before then, and used a Nook eReader before that, but somehow in the last couple of years I’ve incorporated my Kindle into my life completely, and now I just can’t live without it.  It goes with me everywhere, all day long, and because I’m listening to audio books instead of taking time to sit down to…
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5 Reasons You Need To Visit Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico holds a special place in my heart.  I’ve visited three times, and each visit is better than the last.  In fact, I love Puerto Vallarta so much I wanted to honeymoon there, but we were young and broke and ended up going somewhere closer to home (read: cheaper) instead.  But a year ago, my husband and I decided it was time for a romantic getaway to Mexico, 17+ years and two kids later.  It was magnificent, like…
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Making Biking A part Of Your Every Day

biking to work

Biking is quickly becoming a part of my daily routine since my new bike came into my life, and is my new favorite way to get around.  Most of us grow up riding bikes as kids, but not many of us keep riding as adults, especially as a primary mode of transportation. But we should all be out biking, all the time.  It’s so much fun I almost feel like a kid again, and it’s such great exercise.  I love…
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