Black Friday purse giveaway

This giveaway is now closed.  Thanks to Epiphanie bags for giving away such an amazing bag.  Thanks so much for everyone who entered, commented, and tweeted!

The winner is Erica Mueller.  Congratulations Erica!

Remember yesterday I told you to tune in for your very own Black Friday on Petit Elefant?

It’s time.

black friday purse giveaways

Time for a camera purse giveaway.

I feel a little like Oprah.


camera bag giveaway

I’ve told you how I feel about Epiphanie camera bags.  I like to call them camera purses.

cute camera purse

What is a camera purse, you say?  A camera purse: Noun. Camera purse, used in a sentence: “I cannot live without my Epiphanie camera purse.  I can stock it full of lenses, my makeup, a flash, my iPad {iWish}, oh yes, and the camera itself and still have room for an outfit or two.

My brilliant and very dear friend Maile Wilson saw a need in the market for a cute camera bag and decided to fill it with gorgeous, beautiful, buttery bags.

The word practical also comes to mind.

I toted my Lola from Salt Lake City to Paris, to Warsaw, to Prague, to….. well.  You get the idea.  I take my camera bag everywhere.  And today, one of you lucky people has the chance to win your very own Lola, Ginger, or my new personal favorite, Lyric.  See below for the skinny.

Black Friday Purse Giveaway Details:

  1. Leave a comment telling me which Epiphanie bag is your favorite.  I want them all!
  2. Giveaway ends next Friday December 2nd, 2011 at Midnight MST.
  3. If you want to Like Petit Elefant on Facebook and share this giveaway on your own page, you’ll get two extra entries.
  4. Tweet about the giveaway and you have one more.  Be sure to tell me in the comments.
  5. I’ll choose a random winner + announce on this page by Monday December 5th.

Good luck!

Happy crazy Black Friday shopping.

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  1. heidi e :

    Yay for the camera bag giveaway!! How exciting! I think I would choose the navy blue one. Oh, I get giddy when I imagine seeing my prized Canon that I got for my birthday last year in it!! Wish me luck. Thanks Petite Elefant!

    • Mitra@ My Midwest :

      I love the Lola in red. So cute!

  2. Kelly M :

    I stumbled across your site while doing a search for dry shampoo (love it, by the way) and I have been hooked! So happy to have found you and, super happy to have a chance to win one of these lovely bags! Many thanks!

    • Kelly M :

      oops – so excited that I forgot to tell you which one as my favorite – I loved the Lyric!

  3. simply heidi :

    These are lovely! My favorite is the Ginger.

  4. simply heidi :

    Liked you on FB.

  5. simply heidi :

    Tweeted. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Karina :

    I Absolutely Love The Belle Bag & Ginger Bag. I love The Color’s,Very Bold! And i never thought of a Camera bag, If i win,I would be able to take my Cannon everywhere with me since i wont have to worry about it getting messed up,And i am having a baby in a couple of weeks,would be perfect So i can take my purse and put my camera in there so i can always take it out to take a pic of My baby no matter where we are at! I will Post this giveaway on My facebook since i dont have Twitter, Be Blessed!
    Thank You,

  7. Clisty :

    Ginger in slate blue is calling my name.

  8. Alisha Anunson :

    I love the belle, but the ginger is lovely too! I have to pick one???

  9. Leigh :

    I love the Lyric in plum

  10. Kelsey :

    I love the blue lyric bag. Sooo pretty and practical.

  11. Jennifer (mom of 4) :

    I love the yellow Lyric bag. It looks so soft and would hold a ton of my stuff! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  12. Lori Baker :

    After seeing this post on my Facebook I just had to go and check out the purses on the Epiphanie site. Wow! These are amazing and so is your giveaway. I will be sharing this on Facebook as soon as I leave your page. The Lyric is my favorite of them all.
    A perfect purse to carry my camera to take pics of all of my grandkids. As of 3 weeks ago, when Gabriel arrived, I have a total of 6. From 10 1/2,because we know that halves count, down to 3 weeks old.
    Thanks for the giveaway! Lori

  13. Crystal Quinn :

    Love the Belle in Grey !
    Like and Shared on Facebook.
    Tweeted about you, as well !

    Love following your posts !

  14. Janell aslett :

    I want them all!!! I am not picky and will take whatever I can get cuz I just got a new camera and need a cool bag for it.

  15. Amanda George :

    Lyric in plum !

  16. Janell aslett :

    Posted on both Facebook and twitter for my extra entries!!!

  17. Judy Litzau :

    I think the Lola bag is so cute!

  18. Marisa :

    Hmm, classic lola or new lyric? so hard to decide!! Awesome giveaway Allison! Thanks!

  19. lauren :

    love. black. friday.

  20. Cassie :

    The Lola bag looks great. Would love to have that for my camera bag. Such a pain to lug around a camera bag and a purse.

  21. Morgan W. :

    I would love the Clover bag, in either pink or gray!

  22. Monika :

    Seriously..I want them all!!!! :) Ginger is calling me “mom” though!
    I like Petit Elefant on FB: Monika Plewa
    I tweeted this giveaway!/Peniamm/status/140057231847723009
    Thank you so much for this giveaway, it’s amazing! Mostly because I didn’t know Epiphanie bags and they are exactly what I need now ..

  23. Amanda W :

    I love Lyric and Stella and Clover! Awesome giveaway! Thanks.

  24. ElleCee :

    I heart Lyric. Thanks for the chance!

  25. Talina :

    Wow these are beautiful! I think my favorite is the GinGer or maybe the Belle…. mmm can’t decide!

    Thanks for the great Giveaway!

  26. Kiva :

    Who can deny the awesomeness of the Stella! It’s so chic!

  27. Dani :

    Love those camera bags :) Lyric in Mustard is SO me – love it!! (although Clover in Red is a close second *s*)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. Dani :

    Liked on FB, and shared on FB as well as Google + :) Again, thank you for the chance

  29. Trina :

    blue lyric bag sooooooooo pretty!

  30. Amanda H. :

    The Lyric bag is my favorite. I’d love to win!

  31. Ilona t :

    I can’t decide!! Love them all!!!

  32. Katrina :

    Lola, you got me on my knees, Lola (oh wait that’s Layla) :)
    Seriously tho, this is the one I want! <3
    Merry Christmas to me Allison? I hope so.

  33. Katrina :

    I have “lik’d ” you on FB a long time ago, does that count?
    LOLA <3

  34. Ilona t :

    I retweeted!! @ilonat

  35. Jeanette :

    Ginger is my first pick, but ooh the turquoise Lola….tough decision!!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  36. Silvia :

    I love the Clover in red!

  37. Fiona Mahomed :

    Love love love clover, but I too love them all! Would so love to put my new camera into one of these!

  38. suzanne :

    I love them all, but the red Lola speaks to me. Lovingly whispers my name, tenderly tickling my… um yes. Lola. Love it!

  39. Fiona Mahomed :

    Just retweeted about the giveaway! @readingbug

  40. Susie :

    Ginger, definitely ginger!!

  41. Suki :

    Love the Lola bag! I just got a camera, and it needs a bag!

  42. cabesh :

    Oooh, the Ginger. Yum!

  43. Susan :

    the Lyric is my favorite, its ideal for all my photography needs.

  44. Elizabeth :

    I have entered in every one of these giveaways I see! I hope I win this one with every piece of my heart. I love theginger in brown or slate blue. Or one of each, I wouldn’t cry about it.

  45. Marcie S. :

    Love the Belle bag! Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. Julie :

    The Lola in black is my favorite–so cute!

  47. Chelsey :

    I love the Clover! Lola and Lyric tie for second in my heart I think. I would live ANY epiphanie bag — they are all gorgeous!

  48. Dana N B :

    Lyric or Ginger in slate blue… I realllllly can’t decide. Maybe the Ginger… or maybe the Lyric… or maybe the Ginger….. Oh dear… this is not working!!!!
    Bug probably the Ginger…….. ;)

  49. Jenn :

    I love Lyric …. because it’s YELLOW! :)

    PS: Tweeted, liked and shared on FB as well. Thanks!!

  50. Julie :

    I “like” Petite Elefant on facebook AND I shared the giveaway on my own facebook page.

  51. Dana N B :


  52. Katelyn :

    I hope someday the Clover in red finds its way to my place!

  53. Katelyn :

    I follow you on Facebook

  54. Dana N B :

    Liked Petit Elefant on Facebook.

  55. Dana N B :

    Shared the giveaway on my Facebook wall.

  56. Chelsey :

    I like Petit Elefant on Facebook and I posted about the giveaway, tagging you in my status (Chelsey Roberts). Please, pretty please, pick me :)

  57. cathy :

    I love the ginger bag the most… (that means that they are all great but since I had to choose only one…)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. Julie :

    Oh my. I think it’s gotta be Lyric in mustard, though Clover in gray is a close second!

    (Also, I liked/shared on facebook and tweeted it [@ohxjulie]!)

  59. Andrea Gerlach :

    Loving the brown Ginger with turquoise interior!

  60. Jodi :

    The Lola in red is absolutely amazing! My new everyday bag! (I hope!)

  61. ellen patton :

    I like any of them in that mustard color!

  62. Karen D :

    I love Stella, Ginger, and Clover!

  63. Kelly N. :

    I stumbled upon your website on Pinterest. I am now fully obsessed with all your makeup tricks and tips. I have told all my girlfriends and family to start reading because you have such wonderful things on your website. The DIY beauty tips are my favorite.
    The Lyric bag looks so beautiful, hope I get the chance to call it mine.

    Facebook and tweeted @kvnoonyez

  64. Mandi :

    I love them all but my favorite is the black Lola!!!!

  65. shannon :

    Ohhh, I love Ginger, she’s so pretty!

  66. June :

    Love the Lola so much!

  67. Mandi :

    I “liked” you on fb!!!

  68. Sarah :

    The Lyric in plum, but it was a tough decision.
    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  69. Courtney :

    Liked on Facebook. Tweeted. Adding a comment here and hoping for the Lola to come live with me!

  70. Missy :

    Ooh, Lyric in that bluish color. They are all so lovely! I love the colors on the insides too :)

  71. mak :

    I’m with you- I love the lola and the lyric ones. I can’t decide!

  72. Katie :

    I’d go for Ginger, but I love them all!

  73. Jen :

    I seriously love them all, too! The new Lyric is fantastic but I would love ANY epiphanie bag!

  74. KarenK :

    Love the Lola bag in the light blue color. What a change up from my boring black bag!

  75. Michele :

    Lola is my favorite! …..already there with you on FB

  76. dgm :

    They’re all awesome, but Ginger has my heart.

  77. Tiffany Harris :

    I really, really like the silver Stella. These bags are soooo cute!!!!

  78. Kathy :

    Such lovely bags. I really want the Lola, Ginger, Clover in the black and Stella in grey just to start with. Oh my gosh, I love these bags! So stylish and protects my camera too. These are going on my Christmas wish list today.

  79. Tiffany Harris :

    Wanted to let you know I just liked your facebook page, shared it on my facebook page and then tweeted it. Thank you.

  80. Mary Grappe :

    I love these bags. I have been looking for a great camera bag and now I have found them!

  81. Mary Grappe :

    I forgot to tell you which one I like best. It’s the Lola, any color.

  82. Anj Ami :

    i loooove the Lyric bag! So cute! :)

  83. MaryBeth Lafferty :

    I love the yellow Lyric bag!!! What a great invention for women!

  84. tommye :

    Oh my…to have to choose. I love both the Lola and the Lyric. I think maybe I’m leaning towards the Lyric because of the ipad storage. What wonderful bags!

  85. ten9t9 :

    Guess it would have to by the Lyric. How cooool is that!

  86. Amber Caniglia :

    I am totally digging Clover in grey

  87. Rowan Manto :

    I love Ginger in the blueish colour! As a photography student this would be wonderful! actual camera bags are bulky and hurt your back. And incredibly ugly. They camera purses are great!


  88. Kate Craft :

    I need the Lyric in Mustard or the lola in red ..ahh heck I need em all LOL

  89. jana :

    I do like some red!

  90. Ashlynn M :

    I love these bags & would pick the Lyric in Plum

  91. Angela :

    Red Lola is my fave!!! I also tweeted this contest!!

  92. Peggy :

    I love the Ginger in slate blue. Beautiful!

  93. Dianna :

    I love the Ginger in black or blue. Can’t decide!

  94. Jen M :

    I can’t decide between the Lola and the Stella. They are all super cute!

  95. Jen M :

    I like Petite elephant on facebook

  96. Dania Laubach :

    I L <3 ve the Stella Bag in Raspberry! mmm it could match my new point n shoot and as a virgo I adore the pockets!

  97. Dania Laubach :

    “Liked” page and shared it on my personal and business page. Yay!

  98. Tracy :

    I like the Belle in grey and the Ginger in black. But I wish they both came in mustard.

  99. Angela R :

    Hard to decide which is my favorite but the Lola and Lyric is my most favorite but would love the Belle for my laptop!

  100. Angela R :

    I liked you on Facebook!

  101. Angela R :

    I also shared this giveaway on Facebook. I know a few who loves their cameras… and purses!

  102. Angela R :

    I followed you on twitter and tweeted this giveway.

  103. Katie :

    I love the yellow Lola bag! it’s soo great!!! :D

  104. Sheryl :

    O, a gray Stella, please oh please!

  105. Natalie Kemp :

    I love the lyric bag. Such a great combination of function and style.

  106. Erica Mueller :

    Lola in Red is my favorite. Black would be ok too.


  107. Zorah :

    Oh, the Lyric in the mustard is gorgeous!

  108. anna krcil :

    I LOVE the Lola!! So pretty.

  109. ali :

    Oooh, i love the Ginger!

  110. SS Sews :

    The Ginger in brown is my fave. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving

  111. anna krcil :

    Liked on Facebook and shared giveaway :)

  112. anna krcil :

    And shared the giveaway on twitter :)

  113. Maureen :

    I like the red Clover.

  114. Aimee V. :

    I’ve been a big Lola fan for ages, but I think I love Lyric just as much! Awesome giveaway – my fingers are crossed!

  115. dawn :

    I LOVE the lyrics bag!! :) And I’m SOOOOO excited to get ALL the entries!! I left this comment, liked you on FB and shared the link for the giveaway, AND I tweeted it!! YAY, me!! (Hope I win!)

  116. Montana G. :

    So hard to choose just one so I only narrowed it down to 2! Def the Lola in the smoking hot red, or the Stella in the gorgeous gray! Seriously takes photography to a whole new level with bags like that.

    (shared and like on FB)

  117. Brenna @ Almost All The Truth :

    It was so hard to decide! I would love the Lola or the Ginger. I would love it so much there are no words for how much. ;)

  118. Emily :

    Love the lyric or lola…oh I so need a cute camera bag! Love them!

  119. HeatherTX :

    Oooh, fun! I love bags. What a refreshing post on this most ugly of shopping days! I love the Lyric bag (in Mustard) best of all. It would be the happy color that gets me through the winter doldrums, and hold all my stuff. Thank you for letting us play! :)

  120. HeatherTX :

    Retweeted by HeatherTX because I love this so much!

  121. Jenny P :

    I LOVE the Lola! How adorable are these bags? :D If I am not a lucky winner, I’m definitely putting this on my Christmas list! :D

  122. Beverly :

    I love the Stella! (I actually love all of them so it’s hard to choose!)

  123. amy smart :

    I’m torn between the brown Ginger or the red Lola. I so need one of these. My camera bag is dork-city.

  124. amy smart :

    I like you on FB. ;)

  125. Beverly :

    I’m a fan of yours on Facebook!

  126. Maggie :

    I am stuck between the Clover and Lyric. I just got my DSLR about two days ago and now am in desperate need of a camera purse! :) I’m a FB fan, btw!

  127. beth :

    I love the ginger! I think that it’s so different than what I would normally stick to (boring).

  128. Ashley :

    O.M.G. Those are beautiful camera purses! I think I like the ginger…no wait the lyric, no… The ginger, ahhhh! It’s too hard, they are so amazing! Lyric, final answer!!!

  129. Allison Arsenault :

    I love the Lola….in turquoise. But I also love the Ginger…and the Lyric….and the Stella….

  130. Allison Arsenault :

    I also shared your link on Facebook!

  131. Amanda Cotcher :

    I love the Stella!

  132. Whitney :

    How great is the Lyric bag?! I love it!

  133. Sarah Fuller :

    The ginger or the clover, I don’t know how to choose!

  134. rachel :

    my favorite is the stella, with the lyric in a close second.

  135. rachel :

    I liked you on facebook and posted on my fanpage. (#1)

  136. rachel :

    I liked you on facebook and posted on my fanpage (#2)

  137. Beth :

    I love the turquoise Belle!

  138. Beth :

    I liked Petit Elefant on FB and shared it!

  139. Katie Capps :

    Yellow Lyric and Pink Stella are DEFINITELY my favorites. These are gorgeous!! I really hope I win one of these, because I use my camera every day and carry it around in a really annoying bag that falls off my shoulder (not to mention the fact that it is UG-LY!). If I had to choose, I would pick the Yellow Lyric bag!! It is so cute. Thanks! :) –PS: I posted the link on my Facebook page! ;)

  140. Cora :

    I really, really, really want one especially lyric in blue!

  141. Karen Waller :

    I love the Stella in grey but I’d take any one of them!

  142. hazel odea :

    the GinGer in brown looks like I bag I already own, not one that I actually own, but one that is me – I hope I’m making sense!
    thanks for the chance to take part in such a FAB giveaway!

  143. Robin :

    OOOHHHHH! I’ve wanted an Epiphanie forever! I have the lovely black bag from my Canon Rebel XS and would love something that looks more stylish. :) I love the blue Lola bag. I’ve liked you on FB, shared the link on FB, and tweeted (under @playdoughcarpet. THANKS SO MUCH!

  144. Sue J. :

    Lurve the Ginger in slate blue. Fabulous color. Would make my camera and me very, very happy. Will share on facebook!

  145. Christina Ridge :

    Lola is my favorite!

  146. AL :


  147. girlsmama :

    I am loving the ginger in the blue/purpley color!

  148. girlsmama :

    I liked PE on FB. :)

  149. David Thomson :

    My girlfriend would love just about any one of these purses!!! She told me so hersself :) I will click like for and share to get the extra entries!

  150. Natalia :

    I like Lyric and Stella!

  151. John D. :

    Lola is the best for my wife.

  152. Isabelle :

    Lyric or Lola.

  153. Stephanie McFarland :

    The Lola is my favorite!! I’ve been eyeing her a long time ;)

  154. David Thomson :

    I shared on Facebook!

  155. David Thomson :

    I liked on Facebook :)

  156. Stephanie McFarland :

    I liked petit elephant and shared on my wall :)

  157. elaine :

    i’m crushing on clover because it can carry a laptop AND camera. in grey or hot pink, pretty please!

  158. Angie :

    I love the Stella!

  159. Rebecca Tittle :

    I like the Belle bag the best. I also liked, shared, and Tweeted!!! I am a machine!!!

  160. Emily :

    I like them all but if I had to pick one, I’d probably pick the Paris. :)

  161. natasha :

    i like them all–in black.

  162. alicia :

    I love the lyric bag in that beautiful purply-burgundy color!

  163. Erin O. :

    I heart the Ginger in brown, or black. Oh, heck…I might have to get them both one day!

  164. Lizzy :

    It is a toss up between the Lola and the Lyric. They are both beautiful!

  165. SarahMarie :

    Amazing bags! I love them all! I think I would say the grey is my favorite, it would go with every outfit and you can officially live out of your purse!!! This is such a cute amazing collection!

  166. Hope M. :

    These bags are gorgeous! I like Lyric the best, maybe in the mulberry/purple color or the brown.
    Such a cute bag that holds your camera too, how much better can you get?

  167. ChickenWhisperer :

    The red Lola is perky! I already liked you, now I’m going to share!

  168. Lynette Huron :

    I love the lyric purse and the plum color is so beautiful!

  169. ASuburbanLife :

    Oh, it’s the Lola for me!

  170. Beth :

    LYRIC!!! Love it!

  171. Carrie :

    I really like the LYRIC bag in plum and the CLOVER bag in grey! So super cute!

  172. Leana :

    How can I really choose? I’ve narrowed it down to the Lyric or the Ginger in the grey — at least for now! These bags are beautiful.

  173. Leana :

    I am a “liker” of Petit Elefant on Facebook. For this comment I have to say that I love the Lola in turquoise. It’s so hip! It’s so tough to choose.

  174. Nancie :

    I love the Lyric bag! Although like you I wouldn’t say no to any of the bags :)

  175. Kristen H :

    I LOVE the purple PARIS bag. And I’d love to use it on a trip to Paris!

  176. Debra L :

    I’m lusting for Lola in Red!

  177. Debra L :

    I liked you on Facebook and shared your Giveaway! (Debra Rodkey Lee)

  178. Heather King :

    I love the Lola bag, but it would be so hard to pick a color!

  179. Heather King :

    Already like you on FB, and I have shared!

  180. Allison :

    I love the paris bag in black! Amazing!

  181. Erin Clark :

    The yellow one :)

  182. Lu :

    Definitely Stella. Love the look of that bag.

  183. Mimi Fowlkes :

    Love the mustard yellow bag! Nice size, not too heavy. Transisition color so hot for autumn into springtime.. Hope I win!!!

  184. Kathy Detweiler :

    Liked Petit Elefant on Facebook as Kathy Detweiler

  185. Malia :

    I’m with you, I definitely want them all too, but the Stella one is my favorite!

  186. Malia :

    I tweeted !

  187. Malia :

    Liked the fb page :)

  188. Stephanie Peterson :

    Got an early Christmas present from the hubby, yep a new camera! Now I need something cute to put it in! Would love anyone of them!

  189. KB :

    I love the Clover bag in Grey (love the pink inside!!).

  190. KB :

    I like “Petit Elefant” on Facebook (Kirstin Brooke).

  191. KB :

    I shared this giveaway on my FB page (Kirstin Brooke).

  192. Hazel :

    The yellow shoulder bag!

  193. Cindy Lynn :

    Love the Lyric .. brown .. mustard … violet .. hmmm t

  194. Cindy Lynn :

    Like on FB!

  195. stephanie boeshaar :

    I love the mustard color lyric bag. They’re so great!!

  196. stephanie boeshaar :

    Liked them on FB

  197. stephanie boeshaar :

    Posted the giveaway on my FB

  198. Cindy Lynn :

    Tweeted & Retweeted ;) ok .. I am tired …

  199. Alli Davies :

    I love them all, but I really love the grey one at the top of the page! So excited youre doing this giveaway!!!

  200. emily kate :

    It’s hard to narrow it down but I’d have to pick the Ginger. It’s so pretty!

  201. Lauren :

    So in love with the Lyric in plum!!

  202. Rachelle :

    I love Ginger; looks like they have a periwinkle shaded one which is gorgeous!

  203. Ella :

    Ginger it is…in grey. What a great idea!

  204. Monica :

    I love the Ginger bag!

  205. Chat :

    I like the turquoise Lola bag the best.

  206. Cricket54 :

    They are ALL just beautiful! I think my favorite, though, is Lyric. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the give-away!

  207. Cricket54 :

    I’ve now followed you on Twitter and tweeted about this terrific giveaway. Thanks again! :-)

  208. Ashley :

    I LOVE the Belle bag in grey!

  209. Kathryn Costa :

    I like the Clover bag. katbirdfl (at) gmail (dot) com

  210. Aarika :

    I have had the Lola in red on my wishlist for forever.

  211. Melissa :

    They are all adorable, but I particularly like the clover bag! I desperately need a new purse and I’m pretty sure this would fit the bill!

  212. Qui Pardue :

    wow, beautiful camera bags! I like paris.

  213. Wehaf :

    I love the Ginger, but can’t pick a color – they’re all amazing!

  214. Lydia :

    I love the lyric and ginger bags.

  215. Kim :

    I love the lyric in mustard!

  216. Kim :

    Liked you on FB!

  217. Kate craft :

    Love them all I want a Lola in red and a lyric in mustard

  218. Carey Davis :

    I wouldn’t kick any of the lovely Epiphanie bags out of my bed, but I have been drooling over the Lola for a while now. Red and sassy or cool and collected turquoise, they are just beautiful creations.

  219. Katie S :

    I really like the Lola in red and the pink Clover :)

  220. Stacey :

    The Lola in red is so cute! Definitely my favorite.

  221. Celeste :

    loving Ginger!

  222. Veronica :

    Love the clover the best. That and the lyric. So hard to choose!

  223. Amber :

    Oh my! I adore all of them, my favorites are Lyric, Stella, and Belle. Soooo gorgeous!! Thank you very much :)

  224. Amber :

    I also like you on Facebook and shared the giveaway on my FB page! (Amber H)

  225. elz :

    I have the Lola in red and LOVE it. My new favorite would be the Ginger… then the Lyric…then…

  226. Alexis :

    GINGER- slate blue

  227. joyce :

    Definitely Lyric in Steel Blue!

  228. Madalaine :

    Lola and stella!!!!!

  229. Crystal :

    I like the Clover!

  230. Jen Knapp :

    I love your blog–I can easily say that I’m somewhat addicted… Anyway, I love the Lyric in mustard yellow. Yum and cute!

    • Jen Knapp :

      And I tweeted…

  231. Michelle :

    oh how fun! I love these bags and would have a hard time choosing between the clover, the belle and the lyric!

  232. Dana :

    The “Clover” bag is my dream purse!!!! I would have to buy a new camera just to justify it!

  233. Emily Anne :

    Love the belle bag

  234. Vicki :

    I love the Lyric Bag! Just what I’ve been looking for. :)

  235. Stephanie :

    The navy one is sooooo fabulous! (But so is the red, and so is the mustard….)


  236. {sue} :

    Oh I love Lola!

  237. {sue} :

    And I like you on Facebook.

  238. Marion :

    Oh, I covet these bags. I love the BELLE so so much. I currently drag around a Lowepro camera bag/purse, and it is so uninspiring.

    Love your site, thanks!

  239. Candy :

    ohhhh! I think it must be the Stella that I love the most! :) In pink! :)

    Thank you for the chance to win!!!

  240. Laura H :

    oh man i really like them all!!! my favorites would have to be Lola, Lyric and Clover i like clover for two reasons 1. because it is super cute and i love the color options and 2. my dogs name is clover and i love her to death!! but if i had to chose just one it would be either Lola in red or turquoise (because i just bought myself cowgirl boots in both of those colors for Christmas and i think it would be cute to have a matching bag) or Lyric in the mustard yellow color (boy this is tougher than i thought). I think my final answer is C. lyric in mustard yellow.

  241. Laura H :

    I liked Petit Elefant on facebook. Laura Jensen Hardy

  242. Maegan :

    Yes, ALL, I love them all! But my fave is the Lyric bag, that mustard yellow and the shape, style, it’s awesome! What a great giveaway!

    mkht22 @ gmail . com

  243. ccoleman50 :

    I would love to have the Lyric in plum! It would make me SO happy to be able to carry my camera with me ALL the time!

  244. Rik :

    I love the ginger in that grayish blueish color!

  245. Tricia :

    Definitely the Ginger in that lovely slate blue!

  246. Megan Cuy Castellb :

    I love the black Lola! Give me one of those, please! :)

  247. Christine :

    Stella, come to mama!

  248. Tami :

    I think my favorites are Stella and Belle. F.U.N!!!!!

  249. Tami :

    I shared the giveaway on Facebook! Yay, 2 more entries! :-)


  250. aimee @ smilingmama :

    Beautiful! Hard to choose but I love the Belle!!

  251. Lauren D :

    I love the Lyric bag! I would give it to my sister-in-law for Christmas as she just started a photography business!

  252. Cira :

    I love Stella!!!

  253. Cira :

    I liked you on Facebook and shared the contest. :)

  254. Cira :

    Tweeted the contest! (I’m @ciracira )

  255. Catie :

    I LOVE the Lyric in either the yellow or purple!!! Beautiful!

  256. jeanine :

    GINGER – I’m in love.

  257. Katie :

    Wow! I love the Clover in grey. I also love love love the contrasting lining. This would make me smile every single day!

  258. Miranda :

    The Lyric in Mustard! I love it!

  259. Gudrun Valdimarsdottir :

    I want them all, but I think I would choose Ginger in brown.

  260. Jana Long :

    oooh I have the Ginger in brown, but I have Lyric in wine on my wish list! would be soooo cool to win it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  261. Sarah :

    I really have to pick a favorite? I guess if I had to narrow it down I love the Lola in black or blue…but I also love the Belle in Gray. They’re all so wonderful…If I won the lottery I’d buy them all :D

  262. Michelle :

    I can never decide my favorite. It’s either the Lola or the Paris… but I’d really like one of each, please, Sugar Daddy who I only wish existed!

  263. Nikki :

    I love the Stella in Grey! Gorgeous!

  264. Nicole :

    Oh my goodness, what I would do for my very own Ginger!

  265. Lindsay :

    I have been wanting one of these bags for months! I would love the Lyric. It’s gorgeous.

  266. manizor :

    the lyric and the stella are awesome! hard to decide….but then again the Lola in red is FAB! what a great giveaway! i hope i win – pick me! pick me! :)

  267. Meg :

    AHH! I love the Clover in taupe or the Lyric in brown! Even ginger in black would be nice! These bags are just amazing!! Durable, pretty, and fun! Loooove them :)

  268. Shaina Felger :

    I love the Lola in Black :)

  269. Desirée :

    I love the Paris and/or Ginger in black or red!

  270. Heather Messerli :

    liked and shared on facebook…
    thanks sooooooooooooooooo much for the chance.. I have been wanting and Epiphanie bag for so long.. I would love to have lola in black!!

  271. Jana Long :

    I shared your link on my fb page!

  272. Lindsay Carter :

    I loooove the RED LOLA !!!!!

  273. Shaina Felger :

    I also liked your fb page and shared the link :)

  274. Jana Long :

    I ‘liked’ your page too!

  275. Lindsay Carter :

    I liked you on facebook :) !

  276. Desirée :

    Liked and shared on facebook

  277. Jessica Phillips :

    I get flutters thinking about how cutee this bags are..they are definitely on my wish list hehe! I have 2 favs..the Belle in teal and the Clover in pink..I love that the colors are fresh and bubbly yet still subtle enough to be professional!

  278. Jahna Lakeman :

    I love belle and Lola, well I actually love them all!

  279. Nicole Hammontree :

    I also liked you on FB and shared on my wall!

  280. Holley McWilliams :

    These are the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!

  281. Mindy :

    I’d love them all, but since we have to choose one, I’d go for the Clover one. Liked on facebook also.

  282. Sherri :

    Love the Ginger in Slate Blue :)

  283. Debbie Olson :

    My favorite is whichever one i would get because i have always wanted one so i would be happy with any of them.

  284. Kate L :

    I LOVE the new Lyric! Camel is my favorite color! I adore all the Epiphanie bags, though, but if I had to pick one…I would definitely say the Paris! I love the idea of having my laptop, my camera, my lenses, and all my “shtuff” with me, always! <3

    I "like" Petit Elefant on facebook AND I'm going to share this giveaway AND I'm tweeting about it! :D

  285. Lindsay Carter :

    I shared on my facebook page !!! Thanks for the giveaway !! I hope I win :)

  286. Renee P :

    I love love the stella bag in grey. beautiful!

  287. Deb :

    I LOVE the mustard Lyric.

  288. Debbie Olson :

    I tweeted! :)

  289. Jeanna Marie :

    I’m really loving the Stella in pink and the Lyric in plum. I’d be thrilled to have any of them, though!

  290. Ali Hammons :

    I LOVE the Turquoise Belle Bag! Seriously my favorite of them all!

  291. April Gober :

    I’d like to have the Lyric!

  292. Lindsay :

    I just liked it on FB and shared it on my wall! Really hoping to win one.

  293. Debbie Olson :

    i Liked Petit Elefant on FB.

  294. Gianna Caruso :

    I love the Lyric!! Thank you for the chance to win!

  295. Christine Edwards :

    I’d love to have a red Clover. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  296. Trina :

    I just can’t make a choice!!! I really like the clover or the lyric. I would love to win any of them so I can stop using my ugly black camera bag!

  297. Jeanna Marie :

    I liked you on FB and shared on my page! :)

  298. Kara :

    I love both Lyric and Ginger–it’s too hard to decide!!

  299. Stacy :

    The Lola. I <3 it hard. :)

  300. Kelly W :

    I love the clover! But they are all amazing!

  301. Hannah Mayo :

    The Ginger is my favorite. I love them all too though!

  302. Jill :

    I adore the blue slate lyric!

  303. Jeanna Marie :

    I tweeted! *fingers crossed*

  304. Kara :

    Of course I “liked” Petit Elefant on Facebook, who wouldn’t?!

  305. Kristina :

    I love the Belle, it is perfect for all my camera items! Likeing and linking on FB! Thanks!

  306. Elizabeth :

    Love the PARIS bag!

  307. Kara :

    tweet tweet :)

  308. Lindsay L :

    I like the Stella in grey, thanks!

  309. Lori :

    I love the Clover in Red! A perfect Christmas gift??? I like you on FB too!!

  310. Gerri :

    I like the Clover in red!!

  311. Vicki Golden :

    tweeted (@vgolden_etc) Facebooked and now here I am I love Lola, I love Lyric! YEAH!!!

  312. carmen :

    I would love a black Lola. Thanks for the chance!

  313. Lindsay L :

    I liked you on FB and shared on my wall.

  314. Torey :

    Wow, those bags are AWESOME and I totally need one since I’m carrying a purse, diaper bag and my camera. . pairing down to 2 bags would be monumental. Can’t decide which I like better Lola or Stella. They are all beautiful!

  315. Jaymie :

    LOVE the giner

  316. Ashley Johnson :

    I love the red lola!

  317. MiniLaura :

    My favorite bag is Clover in RED!

  318. Lindsay L :

    I tweeted, thanks for the extra chances!

  319. Jaymie :

    I like you on Facebook

  320. Meredith :

    all of them are to. die. for!!! the lola, ginger, and lyric are all favorites. anxiously hoping to see my canon in a gorgeous camera purse!

  321. chris :

    Love the Lola bag!

  322. Lisa C :

    I love the Clover or the Lola in black.

  323. Lauren :

    the belle speaks to me! :)

  324. Tammy :

    I love these bags even though I do not own one yet as they are a bit pricey. I really like Belle and Clover the best.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win one.

    I did also like your link and share this post on Facebook.

    Thank you again.

  325. Lisa C :

    I shared on facebook!

  326. Sharisse :

    I love the Lola! These bags are the bomb!! Wish I had one… :]

  327. Ashley Johnson :

    I like Petite lefant & Epiphanie on Facebook!

  328. Pam Jeffress :

    I would looooove the red Lola bag!

  329. Kelsey :

    Oh man. I would want the Ginger in brown. I got the Lyric in mustard for my birthday, and it hasn’t left my side since.

  330. Lisa C :

    I tweeted! @lbcoleman03

    • Lisa C :

      That should be I tweeted @lbcoleman04

  331. Valerie :

    I love Lola!

  332. Kelsey :

    I also liked Petit Elefant on fb (1).

  333. Tommy :


  334. Ellie A. :

    Oh wouldn’t I dream of actually dumping my baby bag don’t get me wrong its been good to me but its 5 yrs old as my little girl is! So people always seem to give me a look when I pull out my camera instead of a diaper So upgrading to a Sassy Lola would make my Christmas dream come true. Crossing my fingers & wishing big!

  335. Sandy B :

    Aren’t these camera purses simply fabulous???!!!!! My favorite is the yellow Lyric, but I love the red clover too. Thanks so much for the giveaway fun!

  336. Katie :

    The red LOLA is my favorite!!

  337. Kelsey :

    Shared the giveaway on fb (1)!

  338. Jaime Warren :

    I LOVE the Lyric – it’s so gorgeous!!! Thanks for the chance to win one!!

  339. Kelsey :

    And tweeted about it (1). I want this bag!

  340. Trina :

    I liked on facebook and shared the link on my page!!

  341. Agnes P. :

    oh my God soooo many comment already!! who wouldn’t want to win one of these gooorgeous bags … I’d love to get lyric so so badly … maybe I’ll be luck at leat this time!

  342. Agnes P. :

    I like petit elefant on facebook!

  343. colette blair :

    I looooove the red lola. Thanks for this opportunity!

  344. Lori B :

    I would love the Clover or the Paris. Well, heck I would take any of them. I shared on Facebook and on Twitter.

  345. Valentina Glidden :

    They are all so cute! I love the Lola one the best though!

  346. Karen Townsend :

    I heart epiphanie. I heart clover! Now Random Picker pick me!!!! Thank you:)

  347. Amanda ? :

    I would love love love the Lyric in plum! Love the cross body and the color is to die for!

  348. Jen Casper :

    I want the Lola in black so badly! :)

  349. Kisha :

    I can’t just pick one favorite.

  350. Linda Arce :

    I LOVE the Lyric in yellow…, love, love camera bags!

  351. Sara Shay :

    Stella RED!
    Liked of FB
    Shared on FB Your Thriving Family
    Tweeted YrThrivinFamily

  352. Jill :

    I shared the post on facebook!

  353. Jill :

    after liking it you on facebook!

  354. Laura :

    Stella is my favorite!

  355. Nichole Glaze :

    Ive been dying for the Purple Paris week! Oh la la! :)

    • Nichole Glaze :

      bag* not week. I got excited hehe

  356. danielle Yarian :

    Aren’t these camera purses GREAT been wanting something like this forever!!!! My favorite is the yellow Lyric, but I love them all

  357. Jennifer Patrick :

    I love the Lyric. Love it!!!

  358. ZEN :

    those camera purses are the cutest things ahhhhhhhhhhhh i love them all! too bad I only have one dslr! need more excuses to get more bags!

  359. Lynett rock :

    The Stella in gray

  360. Tiffany h :

    I love them all! However, if I had to choose it would be between Lola and clover.

  361. Jill :

    Tweeted! I see a slate blue lyric in my future:)

    And I’ll scream and cry as if I’m on Oprah!!!!

  362. Kelly :

    Clover is my personal favorite! :-)

  363. Maggie @ A Bitchin' Kitchen :

    My favorite is the Lola! I’ve been wanting one of these bags for ages!!!

  364. Laura :

    Oooooohh… I love them all, but the Lola in Red is my FAVORITE!!!

  365. Holly :

    love the Lola!!! Am a new photographer and am crossing my fingers to win!

  366. Indie Danielle Harris :

    Ooh, that Lola bag is THE cutest! Love it in the turq with lime interior. Perfection!

  367. Kelly Callen :

    I LOVE THE RED LOLA!!!! Ah, I love them all! SO EXCITED!

  368. Kelly Callen :

    AND I liked you on facebook!!! :D

  369. Jessie :

    Oh how I adore the Stella in gray!!!

  370. Michelle Bergeron :

    I think the Ginger would be perfect for me as I begin my new photography business. It’s exactly the look I’m going for!

  371. Minh Nguyen :

    I LOVE Lola & Clover!!

  372. Andrea R. :

    I love the Lyric in slate blue! What a great giveaway!

  373. Oksana :

    I love the Ginger in slate blue. And the Belle in grey… so hard to choose!

  374. Annie T. :

    I am smitten with the Lyric bag in brown. Sigh.

  375. Karen :

    Belle all the way. It’s pure gorgeousness!

  376. Angela :

    I’d dearly love the Lyric …

  377. ilona t :

    i love the stella!

  378. KatieM. :

    I love the ginger in brown!

  379. Tine :

    I Love the Belle bag (the most!). Thanks for this awesome chance!

  380. colette blair :

    tweeted too! @blairmama

  381. Tine :

    I like you both on FB, and I shared the giveaway :)

  382. Gayle Shrader :

    Love these bags! Would love to win one! Right now my favorite is between the clover and paris…But love all of them!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  383. Rebecca :

    I like the Ginger bag in brown.

  384. Gayle Shrader :

    Liked Petit Elefant on facebook! Thanks for the chance to win!

  385. Heather Zebrowski :

    I have been dreaming of the Ginger bag for a few months! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  386. Cheyenne :

    I love the mustard yellow Lyric bag!

  387. Cheyenne :

    liked you on fb and posted a link to the giveaway on my page

  388. Toni :

    I’m eying the Lyric – gorgeous!

  389. Cheyenne :

    tweeted it!

  390. Toni :

    PS I “like” you on Facebook! And I shared!

  391. Jessica Leffelman :

    My absolute fave I think would be the Lyric, it’s beautiful! :)

  392. Shannon Jones :

    I would love any bag! Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  393. Toni :

    Oh, and I tweeted! @dailyvignette

  394. Jessica Leffelman :

    I’ve liked you on FB and shared the link!

  395. Rachel :

    It’s so hard to choose! I do LOVE the GinGer! Thanks for the chance to win.

  396. Sue :

    I am SO wanting Clover in Red! Thanks for the chance to win!

  397. Rachel :

    I liked you on FB

  398. Sue :

    I ‘liked’ you on Facebook!

  399. Elizabeth :

    oh my, the Lyric is yellow is pretty perfect, no? I would love one

  400. Rachel :

    Shared link to give away on FB

  401. Sue :

    And…I ‘shared’ you on my Facebook!

  402. Sue :

    Last but not least, I ‘tweeted’ about the give-away too. Gosh, I hope I win!

  403. Jessica G :

    Ahh, these are fabulous!!! The Belle in Turquoise is my favorite.

  404. Katie :

    I like you on Facebook!

  405. Katie :

    I tweeted your giveaway too!

  406. cella lile :

    I would LOVE a purple Paris

  407. Jessica Pena :

    I love love love the black Ginger and my Olympus would adore one for Christmas to travel in during my photography adventures.

  408. Jamie K :

    Clover in Red…GORGEOUS! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  409. Holly :

    I LOVE Lola in Red! She’s so beautiful! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  410. Maryann Proctor :

    I love these Camera Purses too. I too would like one of each but right now my eyes are the brown Lyric and Red Clover. I am hoping to get one of these great bags soon. Thanks for this great chance to win one.

  411. Stacey :

    I like the Lola.

  412. Mrs. H :

    I gotta go with Lola – in the (boring, yet stylish) black ;)

  413. megan :

    I’d love the Belle in turquoise.

  414. cella lile :

    I liked petit elefant on fb and shared the give-away on my page

  415. Jamie S :

    I want a LOLA so bad!

  416. Jamie S :

    I liked you on FB!

  417. Miranda Schindler :

    I facebooked and tweeted you!! <3 Thanks for the awesome chance to win this. I don't have an epiphanie bag yet, but I would really love to win the Lyric in any of the colors. That bag is gorgeous in any color and I would totally rock it!!

  418. Caroline Roach :

    The bags look amazing!!! How fun to show it off at Photography Club and the Smug meetup as well as have a very stylish bag to carry my camera gear everywhere. Choosing only one is difficult but I think that lovely purple Paris bag would fit my needs wonderfully!!! I will keep my fingers crossed, just maybe it will be my lucky day!!!!


  419. Jamie S :

    I reposted on FB.

  420. megan :

    I like PE on FB

  421. Linda Steider :

    I liked you, then had my business page like you! If I win, I want Stella please!!

  422. Linda Steider :

    Oh, and I shared on my personal & business pages plus tweeted!

  423. Kristi :

    I’m LOVING the new Lyric, Liking you on FB too!

  424. Kirsten :

    Gray Stella is such a beautiful bag! I hope to someday get one :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  425. Gabrielle Colen :

    Lyric in plum

  426. Cynthia Brook :

    I ?LOVE? the Stella Bag! Thanks for offering this giveaway! I hope I win!

  427. Holly F. :

    Mmmm, the Ginger is fun, in that great shade of purple (lavendar?).

  428. Cynthia Brook :

    I share on FB!

  429. Cynthia Brook :

    oops! *shared

    I also liked Petit Elefant and wish there was Love button for Epiphanie!

  430. Christina Dugan :

    Lola is my all time favorite! I love it in the teal or red <3

  431. Tracey G. :

    I love the red Clover!

  432. Michelle McM :

    Belle. No, Stella! No, Belle! Um, Stella! All of them!

  433. Rebekah :

    I would love love looooove the clover, in grey!

  434. Rebekah :

    I tweeted about the fabulous giveaway

  435. Lisa :

    I’ve been eyeing the Lola bag since I first discovered Epiphanie.

  436. Pat D :

    Love the Clover in red. Or the purple one…

  437. Kristen F :

    I absolutely love Stell in grey!

  438. Jenn F :

    I love the Lyric bag!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  439. Lisa :

    I ‘liked’ you on Facebook

  440. Renee Bonuccelli :

    I would love a new camera purse. Anyone. Clover, lyric and belle are my faves:)!

  441. Lisa :

    I shared your link on facebook.

  442. Renee Bonuccelli :

    Tweeted this:)

  443. Jennifer Medeiros :

    The Red Lola bag is DEFINITELY my favorite!!!

    Thanks so much for having this giveaway! I would love to be able to say “Mama’s gotta brand new bag!” ;)

  444. brookeh :

    awesome stuff! i love the lyric bag in plum!

  445. Mary :

    La-La-La-La-Lola!!! (Although, I love them all and want one of each!) Greatest bags ever!

  446. Belinda Carson :

    Placed on blogger, Facebook, and twitter too! My favorite is Ginger!!

  447. Mary :

    I shared the link on my FB page, too. Thanks for doing this!

  448. Yeou :

    Fingers crossed for a red lola! Thanks for the giveaway~

  449. Donna :

    I like the Lyric because it’s big enough to carry an ipad and a camera, but not too large, as I think the Paris or Clover would overwhelm me (I’m not even 5′ tall!).

  450. Corry heinricks :

    I love them all but the turquoise belle might be first on my list. It’s hard to choose but def the one strap models are my faves

  451. Iris :

    eeny meeny miney mo… oh noes….! must have the Stella Epiphanie bag or maybe paris… surprise me… ;)

  452. Iris :

    I liked Petit Elefant on Facebook

  453. Roxanne :

    I like the Ginger bag in brown!

  454. Iris :

    I shared this giveaway on my own FB page.

  455. Marissa :

    I love the Ginger in blue!

  456. Kirsten :

    Lola in red is adorable!
    I just stumbled across your blog today (hi!), and I love it. Always good to see another beauty fanatic who mixes luxe with homemade. c:

  457. Starr Cuevas :

    I love them all I don’t know what one I would choose yet, hard choice ;)

  458. Maureen :

    Lola in red is outstanding!

  459. Tina :

    I love the lola in RED!

  460. cathy :

    wow..i’m having a tough time deciding….i love them all! i think my favorite is the Belle

    thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  461. Michaela Mazahreh :

    YAY!!!!! I love them all, but loving the Lyric!!! Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway! Your bags/purses are FABULOUS!!!

  462. Shelly :

    I love the Ginger in Black!

  463. Marianne Sunderland :

    These bags would be great for my 18 year old daughter who does a lot of photography. I would choose the Lyric in dusty blue for her.

  464. Shelly :

    Tweeted @twoboystwodogs

  465. Marianne Sunderland :

    I shared this giveaway on my Facebook page.

  466. Makana :

    My favorite is Clover in pink. I would never put it down!

  467. Makana :

    I like you on Facebook and shared the link to the giveaway.

  468. Makana :

    And I tweeted too!!

  469. Di :

    Ginger has always been my favorite, in the brown. Would LOVE them all but Ginger is just a knock-out of a girl! Don’t you agree?

  470. MgMama :

    The Lyric is my favorite

  471. Teresa Jackson :

    Would LOVE the Ginger or Lyric in black!

  472. johanna :

    I love the Lola! Hope I win!

  473. Di :

    Just liked you on FB for a second chance to win! Crossing my fingers. :-)

  474. Teresa Jackson :

    I liked and shared on Facebook!!!

  475. Corinne Mueller :

    The plum lyric, the turquoise belle, or the grey ginger. Ah it is too hard to pick. I love them all!

  476. Margaret :

    I love the lyric!!!

  477. Melissa rhodes :

    I want one in Blue but I love them all!

  478. May :

    Lola in RED is my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway and hope I’m the lucky winner :)

  479. Cherish :

    Oh – c’mon – it’s SO hard to pick just one! OK, ok – I’ll choose Stella!

  480. Teresa Jackson :

    I also tweeted about it.. @rusticpixels

  481. Margaret :

    I liked on facebook and share the link! :-)

  482. Cherish :

    I tweeted and liked Petit elephant!

  483. Melody :

    Silver CLOVER for sure!

  484. Melody :

    Liked you on FB.

  485. BethHB :

    My favorite Epiphanie has been Ginger since I first encountered the site. Thanks for the opportunity!

  486. Strawberry :


  487. Samantha :

    I love the Ginger bag!

  488. Emily :

    Lola and Ginger!!

  489. Emily :

    Lola and Ginger!

  490. Kristin K :

    I so LOVE the Ginger in slate, but love them all :) Thanks for the giveaway!!

  491. SusanHnSC :

    My absolute favorite is Ginger!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!!!!!

  492. SusanHnSC :

    I tweeted about the giveaway!!

  493. SusanHnSC :

    And I now follow you on facebook!

  494. Nicole S. :

    I love them allllllll but the Clover in black is a fav :)

  495. Vicki :

    Gadzooks – I have to pick!! Ohhhh – I guess the Lola would be my first choice!

    Thanks for the chance! :)

  496. Rachel H. :

    I would LOVE to win a lyric bag in brown!!

    I liked your FB page.
    Shared on FB via “the photographer’s connection”
    And, I tweeted via cestjoliphoto.


  497. Nicole S. :

    Follow on FB!

  498. Heather S :

    Oh gosh! I’ve drooled over these bags :) Thanks for the chance…
    There’s so many options and I love them all…lol

    I would have to do an eenie meenie with the Lola, Clover and Stella!!

    Thanks again, this would help me knock off an item on my Wish List to Santa…aka, the hubs!!

  499. Sue :

    Lola in Red! Merry xmas and thanks for such an awesome contest!

  500. Lina :

    It was hard choosing a favorite, but I would probably have to go with the Lyric; the pocket accommodating the iPad is a great feature!

  501. Donna Mc :

    I do love them all! You really have to choose one??

  502. Amy T. :

    Let’s see which one….Belle!

  503. Lacy Parker :

    Ginger is my fav!!!!!!

  504. rebecca.k :

    I love the Clover in turquoise! So cute!!!

  505. Kristin Cooley :

    I liked Petit Elefant.

  506. Lee I. :

    I want them all but if I must choose just one it would be the Lyric camera bag. In mustard or plum? Now that’s another happy dilemma.

  507. Tammy Woo :

    These bags are cute, stylish, and protect my cherished camera! Love your bags!

  508. Lee I. :

    Liked you on Facebook!

  509. Tammy Woo :

    Love the Lola bag! I want it

  510. shawna :

    i love ginger!! (so much!)

  511. rebecca.k :

    I also liked you on Facebook!

  512. Susan Westervelt :

    Oh my, the Lyric in either brown or gray would put me over the moon. Thank you for this giveway! Susie

  513. Jody :

    Hard to choose from .. but Ginger is my fav…

  514. Donna Mc :

    Oh..and I tweeted!:)

  515. Tammy Woo :

    Liked and shared on facebook :)

  516. Marion :

    I love the teal Ginger!

  517. Sayoko Lynn :

    I feel you when you say “I want them all!” It would be a tough decision, but right now Im feeling the Lyric in blue :)

  518. Robin Ziuchkovski :

    Love Lyric in wine & yellow and also love the Paris in purple or black.
    Thank for the giveaway

  519. Larissa Villanueva :

    I love the lyric, just purchased it and also the Lola :) I would LOVE another one!!

  520. Delores :

    I am torn between the pink Clover and the yellow Lyric, would love them both

  521. Margaret :

    I would absolutely love to have a brown lyric!

  522. Lola :

    I love the Ginger!!

  523. Lola :

    I liked Petit Elefant on FB, too!

  524. Chelsea :

    I love the Lyric! The yellow is so cheerful, but I think I like the blue color best.
    I just came across your website and have added it to my favorites, so much good stuff!

  525. Lori Craighton :

    I LOVE the LOLA red and the yellow (mustard) LYRIC! I carry my camera with me everywhere because I have 3 kids.
    I shared the link on Facebook and tweeted it on my Twitter account also!

  526. Debbi :

    Such a tough choice, I love them all! If I had to pick one, though, I would choose the Ginger in black. Thanks for the giveaway!

  527. Katrina Roney :

    I LOVE the Belle bag!!! <3

  528. Katrina Roney :

    Liked Petit Elefant on Facebook and shared this giveaway!

  529. Karessa :

    Absolutely love, love, love the Lola in black or red!
    I’ve liked Petit Elefant on FB and am sharing it…

  530. Kathy :

    I would love to have the Ginger…my sister is an amazing amateur photographer and I know this one is her favorite! It would make a wonderful surprise for her! I’ve shared on my facebook page and liked Petit Elefant on facebook too!

  531. Jasmine Thomas :

    I need LOLA!!

  532. Michelle :

    I LOVE the Lola. I also love the Stella. It took me a really long time to decide which one I like better. These are going on my wish list. They look fantastic. I also liked the FB page AND shared it on my page. Pick me! I’ll tell ALL of my friends!

  533. Malia :

    Lyric in yellow. I <3 that one!

  534. Nikki :

    Stella in pink! I love these!(:

  535. Lindsay :

    Clover in grey all the way! Honestly, though, all of them are awesome!

  536. Maria :

    I love them all, but I think I’d choose the Paris.
    Liked on FB and shared.

  537. Jenna / liveformemories :

    I’ve been achin’ for a Lola bag! Would be a delightful early Christmas//Birthday present <3 :D

  538. Doris :

    It’s hard to choose just one, I love the Lyric in blue but the Clover in black would hold my MacBook. I liked on Facebook too

  539. Camille M. :

    I Love the Belle bag in grey! Its just soo beautiful!
    I have also posted your giveaway and liked you on facebook, and tweeted about the giveaway @camillerlite .
    Thanks for this contest you ROCK!

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    I love the clover bag! So cute

  541. Brittany Escamilla :

    I liked on fb! :)

  542. Romanina Cozzolino :

    aw, really love blue ginger bag <3
    i’ve following Petit Elefant on twitter and facebook (: just tweeted about as @scorpio_
    thank you so much for this giveaway!

  543. Deb :

    LOLA or clover…..seriously, I cannot decide between them….love them both….pls dont make me choose! :-)

  544. Deb :

    i liked on FB

  545. Deb :

    i shared on my FB page

  546. Jenny H :

    My favorite Epiphanie bag is Clover but I love t hem all!!
    I liked and shared on Facebook but I have no tweeter…
    Have a great day and thank you for this giveaway!

  547. Kristin :

    The Stella gray is my fav! Perfect for my new DSLR. :)

  548. alison :

    Love the Lola in turquoise!!

  549. alison :

    also liked you on facebook.

  550. Simona :

    I love all these bags…especially the Lola! I have liked you on facebook and shared the giveaway too. Thank you for such a great giveaway.

  551. Heather Glissen :

    The aqua Lola bag is beautiful!

  552. Heather Glissen :

    like you on facebook :)

  553. Keiran Shield :

    I have Ginger so she has to be #1 but my new fav is the Lyric!

  554. Jocelyn Skelly :

    Love, love, love these purses and soooo need one! I love them all but would have to pick the Ginger!

  555. Åsa Granlöf :

    A red Clover would make my day :)

  556. Åsa Granlöf :

    shared on my FB page

  557. Regina :

    I love Clover!

  558. Jeanie S :

    I do want them all.. but I think I want Belle!

  559. Erika Diehl :

    They are all SO gorgeous, but the Ginger in brown is my favorite!

  560. Erika Diehl :

    I’ve shared your giveaway on Facebook as well :)

  561. Erika Diehl :

    I tweeted your give-away! @ErsulaDee that’s me (and I love the Ginger in brown!)

  562. Chamisa :

    So hard to choose between Clover, Stella, and Lyric!

  563. anita :

    love these bags! particularly lola at the moment =)

  564. Susan Tolliver :

    Oh absolutely, I love the camera bag “purse” Definitely need to be able to carry my camera and stuff in style and not have to lug around more than one bag. Oh please let me be the winner!! It would make my day!

  565. Susan Tolliver :

    Oh, and I forgot to tell you I shared your link on my Facebook page. So, does this extra comment help me at all?? I live in Mexico, and I love to tote around my camera at all times ~~ so winning this Camera Purse would let me do it in style!

    ~~ susan

  566. Pilar :

    OHHHH…. want. Covet. Drool. Ok, so I’m a Lyric/Lola kind of gal.

    Shared your giveaway on FB ( + tweeted as well (@daspilar)

    Thanks for the opp :-)

  567. Karen L :

    I love them all but if I had to choose one it would be Lola, any color they are all beautiful. Thanks for the contest.

  568. Karen L :

    I liked you on Facebook and shared.

  569. Stay At Home Babe :

    The Ginger in Slate Blue is AMAZING!

  570. Meg T :

    I’m really loving how the lyric hangs! Great bags! Thanks!

  571. Karen L :

    I tweeted on twitter. Would love this, been telling DH we need a new bag, of course he would never use this, but then again he hardly ever remembers we have a camera with us.

  572. Boston Mamas :

    So, my sister and I recently bought each other the Stella but I would totally love to get another — specifically, one that’s big enough to also carry files. So I’d say the Lyric or Clover.

  573. Chrissi H :

    Holy cow, such beautiful bags! Lyric or Lola- I can’t decide!

  574. Angela England :

    Without a doubt LOLA in RED is my favorite. She’s my girl!! :-) Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  575. duongsheahan :

    I love the Bella Bag…these are perfect for my Nikon D3000 and my other gadgets!!


  576. Anna Hettick :

    The Lyric or Stella is my fav! Thanks!!

  577. Anna Hettick :

    I liked your fb page!

  578. Cathy :

    I like Lyric. She’s pretty.

  579. Cathy :

    I like you on fb.

  580. Crystal Loftus'LoManto :

    I LOVE the Lyric, so stylish!!!

  581. robert :

    the lyric in mustard would be a great gift for my wife!!

  582. robert :

    I liked Petite Elefant on FB!

  583. robert :

    I shared the giveaway on my FB page!

  584. Crystal Loftus'LoManto :

    I shared in my Facebook wall & like you on FB

  585. robert :

    Tweeted this @imrobertjohnson…

  586. Glennen :

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  587. Melissa C. :

    The gray Stella is gorgeous. To die for. I need it! =)

  588. Glennen :

    I love the Stella! Soooo pretty!

  589. Michelle B. :

    Thank you for a chance to win!! I have been wanting the Brown Ginger for a while, but now I would love to own the Ginger in Slate Blue. It is just to die for. Thank you once again.

  590. Cindy :

    I really like the new ones, lyric and Stella. The other day I was sitting on a tall bar stool and I leaned over to put my camera back in my bag (sack, no really, I’ve been carting everything in a cloth shopping bag…I suck) and I dropped my camera. I looked at my husband and said that if I had been trying to put it in an Epiphanie bag, that wouldn’t have happened. Camera is fine though.

  591. Samantha :

    I want them all too! But if I can to choose just one, it would be Paris.

  592. dee perrin :

    I’m absolutely in love with the Lyric and am in desperate need of a new camera bag!

  593. Dena :

    how awesome is this?!?! i shared the giveaway on my facebook page too. i would LOVE the clover in gray or red or the stella in gray. if i win, i guess i’ll have to decide then :) thanks again for this offering!

  594. Jennifer Tejada :

    I love the “stella” bag. So super cute!

  595. Jennifer Tejada :

    I also “like” you on Facebook and shared the giveaway. Thanks!!!!!!

  596. Pat Sokol :

    I love the size of the Lola, as we’ll be traveling to Europe next fall, and it would be the perfect size!!! Black is what I’ll need as everything I’m taking would go with that color. Great idea!

  597. Laurie :

    Love them all. The Clover is my first choice, love the handle and carmel color is classy. The Belle simple and compact. The Lyric looks young and fun. There all beautiful.

  598. Tatiana Fowler :

    1) Belle in Turquoise and Lyric in Brown are my favorites!! I would love love love one of them!!

    <3 Tatiana

  599. Leah :

    I really like the ginger because I am all about zippers and external pockets :-) The belle is also super cute!

  600. Tatiana Fowler :

    2) I liked Petit Elefant on FB & shared about the giveaway on my page (tagged you both in it too)

    <3 Tatiana

  601. Amanda Danziger :

    I love Epiphanie Bags! You can never have too many camera bags! My personal favorite is the Lyric in Gold. Perfect for a day outing.

    I hit like to your facebook page and I tweeted about the giveaway! @danzigervideo

  602. Din T :

    I love the Lyric.

  603. Kate L. :


    Also, FB and Twitter are a go.

  604. annie samuels :

    I love Epiphanie bags and if I had to choose I think I would choose the Lyric (but I love Belle and Stella too :-)
    Thanks for the contest!

  605. annie samuels :

    oops…forgot to add that I “shared” on Facebook and Twitter.

  606. Shelby Czarnecki :

    I also love them all, but I am hugely fond of the clover in gray. I am in need of a CUTE camera bag that will also carry my laptop. Also we have the same last name, that has to count for something! : ) I have waited sooooo long for a feminine looking camera bag, this is just another one of those “epiphanie’s ” to add to my list of why didn’t I think of that.
    I am liking you on facebook, and twitter.

  607. Melissa Murray :

    I LOVE the Clover (in pink or red) but the Lyric (in yellow) is a close second.

  608. Brittany Jalinsky :

    I fanned you on Facebook and shared the giveaway on my page:)

    Lola in red is my favorite:)

  609. Melissa Murray :

    “Liked” your page and just shared on my FB page!

  610. Sheena Brown :

    I am so excited about this giveaway! I also love them all!! I have to say that my favorite is a tie between the red Lola and the mustard Lyric!!! I can’t decide between the two, maybe someday I can just have them both!!!! :))

  611. Sheena Brown :

    I liked you on FB :)
    (my facebook name is Sheena LaRae Brown)

  612. Sheena Brown :

    I shared the link on facebook :)

  613. Tami Wilson :

    I love clover in grey!

  614. Jill :

    I love the Stella in blue–thanks for a chance to win!

  615. Kelly Trevino :

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Stella!! I’m still kinda getting started in photography and this would be a great bag to carry my camera in! Thank you for doing this! I’m crossing my fingers, toes and eyes!

  616. Kelly Trevino :

    I just “liked” Petit Elefant on Facebook.

  617. Kelly Trevino :

    I shared it the giveaway on my facebook too!

  618. Dawn Lajoie :

    Thank you for doing this giveaway!!!
    I love love love the Belle in turquoise. And I am going to go add you on facebook right this second :)

  619. Rhonda :

    love the brown, Ginger…thanks for a chance to win!

  620. Jen C :

    The Lyric in Mustard is on my Christmas wish list. I don’t think Santa is going to be that nice, though. Here’s hoping I get lucky with the giveaway!

  621. Rachel :

    I love the Lola in red! So gorgeous!

  622. Ashli M :

    Oh, I love the Lyric bag!!!

  623. Sofia Akesbi :

    Love the yellow Lyric bag! And I tweeted ’bout it!

  624. kari :

    I love the Lola in blue, it’s like a beautiful sea blue… not an obnoxious blue :)

  625. kari :

    Liked you on FB

  626. kari :

    Tweeted the giveaway also

  627. Ella :

    lolo in red is my favorite!

  628. Melissa S :

    Lyric in gray is my fav!

  629. Sheila :

    I love the Clover in red, pink or teal.

  630. Sheila :

    I “liked” the Petit Elefant Facebook page and posted about the giveaway on my page.

  631. Sheila :

    I tweeted about this giveaway.

  632. Laura :

    I love the brown Ginger.

  633. Brooke Rosenblum :

    The turquoise Lola, how divine!!

  634. tali :

    I want the Ginger bag!

  635. tali :

    I retweeted about the giveaway :) (I’m @taltalush)

  636. kate :

    Love the Belle bag! All so very nice..hard to choose a favorite!

  637. Carrie :

    love love LOVE the mustard and plum lyric bag!

  638. meg :

    Ohhh, I love the grey clover and the mustard lyric. Hard choice!

  639. Michelle B. :

    I liked you on Facebook, and am still keeping my dream alive to win the beautiful Slate Blue Ginger.

  640. Michelle B. :

    I also ‘shared’ this awesome chance to win on my Facebook page. Thank you!!

  641. amy j. :

    i LOVE the PINK STELLA!!!

  642. amy j. :

    i like you on fb & shared about the giveaway on my fb page !!!

  643. Deb McKay :

    The yellow Lyric is gorgeous and would sure simplify lugging a camera around at my son’s hockey games!
    (Like, Share)

  644. Rayleigh Leavitt :

    It’s hard to choose but I like Stella best, I think. In gray! Although I’d want it to be able to hold an ipad and that one might not have the space for it.

  645. Rayleigh Leavitt :

    I Liked Epiphanie’s page and included them in my status!

  646. Brittany :

    O O O O I want the blue one!!! PLEASE and THANK YOU!! :)

  647. madalaine :

    Liked on FB!
    Stella in grey

  648. Emily Walker :

    I love the ginger bag in slate blue. So pretty!

  649. Candy Navarrette :

    I love the Stella bag!

  650. Candy Navarrette :

    New fan on facebook.:)

  651. Nailah :

    My favorite is the Lyric in yellow…and I think that would be a perfect gift for me since 12/2 is my BIRTHDAY!

  652. Nailah :

    Tweeted and Liked on FB. Thanks!!

  653. Teja :

    The Clover bag in gray! Epiphanie bags are GORGEOUS!

  654. Denise P. :

    I love the Stella bag! All the bags and colors are great!

    Denise P.


  655. Doris Woodruff :

    You should call these SPACEBAGS! Purse bag is fun but doesn’t even begin to describe them and their beauty! Artist me is just warming up in photography and the STELLA bag is a MUST have! I am used to carrying tons of art stuff..the size and long strap allow me to not only carry camera gear but art gear and personal items in all the spaces! and Perfect for iPad as well! Thank you! I would love to win one but I think I may have to have more than one! Doris from Dallas

  656. Denise P. :

    I like Petit Elefant on Facebook!

    Denise P.

  657. Denise P. :

    I tweeted about this giveaway!

    Denise P.
    sandpaperxsilk -at-

  658. ilaybalilay :

    all 3 bags look gorgeous but if i were to choose only one, i think i’d go for lyric simply because it has more pockets. :)

  659. ilaybalilay :

    i follow your tweets and tweeted here:

  660. ilaybalilay :

    i like you on fb.
    fb name: anya mendoza

  661. Molly B :

    I love the Lola. . .now I need a fancy camera to put in it! : ) (if I win, that is)

  662. Mina Desjardins :

    I love the Lyric!!

    Here is my facebook share:

    and my twitter comment:
    alecojo Mina
    Give away on:… Epiphanie Bag give away!!!!

    • Mina Desjardins :

      In mustard!! Although torn between mustard and the grey colors!

      • Mina Desjardins :

        I also liked you on facebook! (i think we are all covered now!)

  663. Angela M. Martinez :

    I like you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter. I have shared and tweeted about your giveaway in hopes of winning a scrumptious plum Lyric!!

  664. Kirsten :

    I love this giveaway! The Lola in red is so ME!

  665. Kirsten :

    I followed you and mentioned you on Twitter and Facebook too. I really enjoy your blog.

  666. Erin McKeage :

    I LOVE the Lyric in plum or the Lola in Turquoise!

  667. Erin McKeage :

    Liked your FB page!

  668. Erin McKeage :

    Shared on my FB!!

  669. Jackie Craig :

    I love the Lyric, I think plum is my fave!!! Fabulous!

  670. Marie :

    Love all the bags. I think the Ginger Slate Blue would be awesome.

  671. Kristen Davis :

    I absolutely LOVE the LoLa in black!!! :D

  672. Michelle B. :

    I TwitThis and I ‘tweeted’ about your awesome giveaway. That makes all the entries I can get for this contest. THANK YOU FOR THE CHANCE!!!!/SummerNightSkye

  673. jessica Barton :

    I liked your page on FB and shared your link on my page!!! What an awesome giveaway! id be honored with any but that Lola in red is pretty enough to pet!

  674. Nesto :

    My wife would love Lola in red.

  675. Jenny E :

    Love, love love, the Lyric, great christmas gift for me. Thank you!

  676. April D. Thompson :

    The lyric is my fave! I would love it in mustard, plum or slate blue! Fingers crossed!

  677. sheila donders :

    I have to have the paris in plum

  678. sheila donders :

    i have liked petit elefant

  679. Chelle :

    I would love love love a mustard yellow lyric please, pretty please with sugar on top! <3

  680. Chelle :

    I also like you on FB :)

  681. Dionne :

    I love Clover in black.

  682. Kelly C :

    I love the belle in both colors!!

  683. Renee Pfeifer :

    I love LOVE the stella in grey! Beautiful!!

  684. Renee Pfeifer :

    I’m a fan of Petit Elefant on facebook! Wohooo!

  685. Heidi Jacobson :

    I would totally love the Lola purse!

  686. Mandi Wiebe :

    My favorite Epiphanie Bag? Hm….all of them, but I guess one favorite would have to be the Clover!!

  687. Mandi Wiebe :

    ‘Liked’ Petit Elfant on my fb!!

  688. Heidi Jacobson :

    Liked you on facebook and shared it on my wall. Would tweet about you on twitter but I don’t have it =)

  689. Jessica :

    It’s so hard to pick just one! I keep coming back to the Clover…in any color :o)

  690. Kelly Andrus :

    I liked the Lola and the Paris. What beautiful, bright colors! I liked their page and shared this on my FB. Fingers crossed I win. Christmas come early!!! :)

  691. Kris F :

    I love the Belle!

  692. Tiffany :

    I love the Ginger in Black!!!! I also “liked” your page and Epiphanie on FB!! Cant wait!!!

  693. Tiffany :

    I also shared on my page :)