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Summer vacation might be coming to a close but it’s never too late to squeeze in some little weekend vacations. Those are my favorite kinds! Not too much work to prepare and just enough time to get away and enjoy yourself without being gone too long. On those types of vacations, whether you’re flying or driving, it’s nice to keep things simple, am I right? I’m all about minimal makeup, dry shampoo (hello, life saver!) and cute hairstyles. So today I thought I’d share some of my beauty travel essentials.

vacation essentials - what you'll need

These are some of my very favorite drug store beauty products. With these items you should be good to go for your next vacation! I don’t usually wear very little to no makeup at all when I’m camping, but these lightweight products would be perfect for that or even a beach vacation, and ideal for long flights as well. Here’s what I included:

  • Face sunscreen (I got it in my BirchBox and really like it)
  • Aveeno CC Cream – it’s lotion with coverage and SPF. Wins all around!
  • Revlon Nearly Naked Powder – just as the name says, it’s barely there! Enough to give some nice coverage but it doesn’t feel heavy at all.
  • Brush for applying powder.
  • Tinted lip blam – Burt’s Bees is my favorite! It gives your lips a little color so you don’t look washes out but it’s still basically just chapstick!
  • Waterproof mascara – in case you’re by the beach or camping, or somewhere hot and humid. No need to have black running down your face!
  • Sunscreen – I like Honest brand for me and my kids.
  • Dry Shampoo – because, well dry shampoo, duh! I like this Amika, or Big Sexy Hair
  • Hair ties and bobby pins because you never know what you’re hair is gonna throw atcha!

And just like that, you’ve got your beauty travel routine for a quick little weekend away!

Now, if you’re flying, you might want to adjust things a little more. When you fly, your skin gets more dry and makeup can move around. I’ve included a few other products that you might think are helpful for those quick plane trips!

beauty essentials for flying

I’ve got the dry shampoo and tinted lip balm on here again because they are equally as practical for a flight. Here are some others that are helpful on a flight:

  • Blotting paper – I love this stuff. Being in California I don’t use them as much, but they are perfect for extra hot and humid days.
  • Hair oil – everything is dryer when you fly! Add some hair oil to the ends of your hair before you head out.
  • Makeup primer – I love my Younique primer, it feels so great on and helps my makeup stay all day!
  • Regular foundation – I fly a lot. There’s nothing like walking into the bathroom and catching a glance of yourself and you look like death. It just stinks. I wear regular foundation over my primer to feel like a human when I fly.
  • Lotion – because, well, it’s dry up there!
  • Avène thermal spray – this will help moisten the air around you in the plane. You can spray it anywhere on your body and it’s calming and refreshing.
  • I got a few items from Savvy traveler that are not necessarily beauty items, but travel essentials all the same. They have a ton of options, but I took the screen wipes, antiperspirant wipes, and face wipes. I also absolutely love their little “Liquid Kourage” bag! It fits the products I mentioned above and makes them travel ready!

So there you have it! I would love to hear what you take traveling with you! Are these on your beauty travel essentials list or do you use different products entirely? Share in the comments!

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