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A little while ago a company called William Riera sent me some dresses to check out, along with the most beautiful turquoise necklace you’ve ever seen.  I try on a lot of clothes, it’s part of my genetic makeup.  Sometimes I change outfits more than twice a day.  I’d apologize, but it’s just who I am.  I own a lot of dresses too.  I’m not sure where I think I’ll wear all these dresses, aside from church every Sunday, but I have them in my closet just in case.

womens dresses

Anyway, my point of this whole story is the dresses from William Riera not only look hot on the page, they look hot on.  I haven’t had so many compliments on a dress since I don’t know when.  They’re well constructed, they fit someone with my chest size and stature {which is no small feat, I tell you} and I have no doubt in my mind they’ll last me for years to come.  Really.

The Athena, the grey dress on the right in this photo is stunning.  It cuts across the body right at the slimmest part, making it the most flattering dress in my closet right now.  And isn’t the charcoal the best?  Seriously these dresses are so. well. made.

Are you ready for the necklace?

turquoise necklace

The Big and Bold Turquoise necklace is even more big and bold in person.  I’ve had a minimum of five people ask me where they can find one.  I’d wonder too if I saw someone wearing it.

William Riera is offering a 15% discount to Petit Elefant readers using the code petitelefant.  Get shopping!

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  1. kim @ mommyknows :

    Gorgeous! I love the charcoal style on the left, and the necklace is to die for.

    • Allison :

      The charcoal is my favorite and I swear, the necklace is to die for!

  2. Alicia W. :

    Love the charcoal dress…and the price!

    • Allison :

      I know, and the price for the kind of quality you’re getting is outstanding!

  3. Sarah Beck :

    Hey, I love these dresses! Thanks for sharing! Btw, where do they hit you on your leg? Are we talking good coverage? Know what I mean?
    Thanks, Sarah

    • Petit Elefant :

      Aren’t they great? They hit me right at or below my knee, and I’m 5’9″. I love the length actually, it’s perfect!


  4. Sarah Beck :

    I just ordered both of the dresses that you featured in the picture, I feel so indulgent! But if they are as great as they look they will be worth it, ohh maybe now I need some new shoes :)

    • Petit Elefant :

      I hope you like them! You do need new shoes. Try


  5. Shelby :

    Wow these dresses are stunning! I think any girl would look amazing in this style, even though it is a very basic style it just looks clean and classy!

    • Allison :


      They really are so basic and flattering, I love them! Clean and classy is right.


  6. Hannah C :

    I love them! What shoes do you wear with your dresses?

    Have so much fun at BlogHer!