Be honest now, I need your hair advice.

I’m sick of my hair.  It’s getting long-ish, and it’s sad.  I have thin hair to start with, and Lupus only makes it that much hotter.  In fact, if I’m photographed from above sometimes you can see bald spots.  Not kidding.  Here’s what it looks like now:

shoulder length

Not terrible, not really amazing either.

I won’t comment on Katie’s, ahem, I mean Kate’s life choices but I do love her hair.  I think I might want/need to cut my hair just like this:

a line haircut cute short hair

A darling A-Line bob, with bangs.

Please advise friends, what do you think?  Should I call my girl now and get it all lopped off?

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  1. Pam :


    Very much yes.

  2. karey m. :

    ok YES! remember how gorgeous that last haircut looked? your stunner of a face with those sick cheekbones is perfect for that angle thing.

    geez. i have a real way with words. you know what i’m saying, yes? DO IT!

    {in the words of erin loechner!} xoxox. and are you going to alt again? panel anyone?!

  3. Roxanna :

    Do it! As long as you don’t have cowlicks on your hairline (like I do) it should be an easy style for you to keep up.

  4. AutumH :

    I think that angled bob would look amazing on you. I say yes! Definitely do it!

  5. robyn :

    love this cut. if i could get my hair to do that (without industrial equipment), i’d have lopped long ago. i say do it.
    besides, i think you’ve got personality enough to carry off just about anything.

  6. Donna Hansen :

    I love her hair and think it would look darling on you! Now, who is she? Remember, I’m old.

  7. samantha :

    The Lupus badly monster has hit our house too — this weekend my mom and aunt (both with Lupus) just got wigs. I thought it was AWESOME. What I liked about it was that I could tell that she felt like she was having fun and that’s such a big part of keeping spirits up with Lupus. So, no matter what you do with your hair (I think the wedge bob is cool), I’d look into a wig too!

  8. Mrs. Organic :

    I love it! It would look even better on you than it does on Katie.

  9. Emily MG :

    As a hairdresser once told me, “Hair is a waste product.” So, change things up and if you don’t like it — do something else. No biggie. But, yes, that style would look good on you!

    Also, if your hair is thinning perhaps you should consider lightening the color of your hair? It would be less of a contrast between hair color/scalp and, hence, less noticeable.

  10. Trainer Momma :

    100% YES. Go for it. I am thoroughly IN LOVE with my bangs. We will have a long term relationship — until I leave them for something better :)

  11. Krista :

    Yes to the nth degree! Super cute!

  12. christy :

    Do it! That is the same cut I have worn for the last few years. I seriously took a picture of Katie to my stylist & said this is what I want. :) Go for it!

  13. Kami :

    Do it! you would look darling with that haircut!

  14. Julie {Angry Julie Monday} :

    I can’t scream “YES” loud enough…so just imagine me screaming at you to do it! Cut it!!! I think it would look FABULOUS on you!!!! Ok, going back to quiet Julie….

  15. Lindsey :

    My dear, you would look good with any haircut. Go for it!

  16. Susan (5 Minutes for Mom) :

    You are beautiful and yes, you’d look awesome with that cut.

    I have super fine hair as well so I know how frustrating that can be. I used to wear my hair in a short bob when I was young and it did make my hair seem to have more volume. But bangs for me don’t work b/c I don’t really have enough hair to make them work. So just be sure that the bangs will work for your hair.

  17. Stacy :

    You are so trendy, you can totally pull it off. My only apprehension, if your hair is thin, is if it will have as much volume as Katy’s (picture here). I have thin hair too and it always falls flat, sad face. You need to get bangs though. Totally hot!

  18. Robyn :

    You would look awesome with this do!

  19. vanessa :

    What about if you did a really different bob (like this one or even…oh I need to email you a picture of my friend, I have always thought or Allison could totally do her hair) but without the bangs? Then you could do the bangs LATER if you wanted. Bangs make me nervous!! Ok going to email you…

  20. Sarah Beck :

    Do it! Do it! You know, my mom always used to comment about your beautiful cheekbones, just sayin…

  21. jill :

    you NEED that hair…you would look smokin! i’d do it in a heartbeat, but me-n-bangs…not so much :(

  22. Chris :

    I always struggle when I give myself bangs after having them long and immediately start growing them out again. If you’re ready for full bangs , then my vote is to go for it.
    I think the style would look look wonderful on your face shape and it’s a cute haircut.
    I did the “Jenny McCarthy” bob a few years ago after having long hair for ages and loved it. Change is good!!

  23. Nadia :

    Yes, yes and YES! You would love amazing with that cut!

  24. Alicia W. :

    I think you’d look terrific! Go for it.

  25. Erin E. :

    DO IT! It is a gorgeous cut. AND You are so pretty it will be even cuter on you.

  26. katrina :

    I asked my hair dresser for this this past summer. I have had another two haircuts between and just told her last week I want to go back to this one! I loved it on me, mainly b/c how it tappers at the ends. Probably look cute on u…make ur hair look fuller! ;)

  27. Marie :

    Do it!! Now. This Saturday!!!

  28. Michelle :

    Go for it!!! It’s a great accessory haircut too – you have great jewelery pieces and it will just showcase them and add to your great look to start with (and as others have already mentioned – you completely have the bone structure to pull it off!).

    As far as the thinning – don’t laugh, but I was flipping stations a few weeks back and saw Joan Rivers selling a brush on hair powder for thinning hair or prominent part-lines. No idea if it would work, but you can’t see Katie’s part at all (kind of zig zaggy), or most celebrities for that matter. They probably all use some sort of hair powder for red carpet things. You’ll have to google it :)

  29. Lana :

    YES! Do it – wish i could pull it off – you would totally rock that cut!

  30. ashlee :

    LOVE it! Oh, and I love it dark too! Go for it. You’ll look terrific!