bad fashion week series part 3

Bad Fashion Week Series Part 3:

Patterned sweaters.

ugly sweater

I’m not just talking about all the ironic ugly sweater parties that have popped up all over the map.  I’m talking about your honest-to-goodness ugly patterned sweater wearing offenders {maybe your mom?}.

I think they’re all but gone from everywhere but an occasional bad SNL skit, and then boom! Someone is in line at the grocery store with reindeer all over her chest.

Bonus points if you got the Bridget Jones’ Diary reference.

Ugly Sweaters

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  1. Dina :

    And to think that at one point in my life (late ’80s/early ’90s) I actually attempted to obtain enough “adorably decortated sweaters” to be able to wear a different one for EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH OF DECEMBER! Thankfully, I failed miserably.

  2. Robyn P. :

    I wonder if the reindeer sweaters won’t come back in fashion thanks to the Glee episode where Rachel pays Brittany to dress like her so everyone else will….

  3. tracy :

    Aw, an ode to themed teacher sweaters. PLEASE PEOPLE, NEVER WEAR THESE.

  4. Carina :

    My mom would NEVER. Your mom.

  5. Jenny :

    I love Mark Darcy. And Colin Firth. If he wants to rock a wet shirt or an ugly sweater or be in Mama Mia, I totally support those choices.

    We threw out my mom’s ugly sweaters and vests but a few of her gross vests keep making it back into her closet somehow.

  6. Allison :

    I got two words into your post and I thought, “I’m commenting on this and I’m writing that Mark Darcy line.” Ha!

    “I realize that when I met you at the turkey curry buffet that I was unforgiveably rude and wearing a reindeer jumper.”

  7. Alyssa :

    The only good thing to come of ugly sweaters are ugly Christmas sweater parties and awesome recycled remade mittens called babazuzu made from ugly sweaters!

  8. Trysha :

    Where does one obtain such ugly sweaters? And who ever cornered the market on teacher appliqué, kudos. Make your millions, $24.99 a time.