bad fashion week series part 1

Bad Fashion Week Series Part 1.

I’ve wanted to do a What Not to Wear series for a while, but bad fashion is so all encompassing it would take an entire blog to get it all out.  Instead I’m going to do a series once a week {for at least a month} on my absolute most hated fashion faux pas.

I’m starting off with one of my least favorite, still in heavy use, fashion no-no’s:

white nylons and dress shoes

white nylons

If you are over the age of one, you shouldn’t be wearing white nylons at all.  Period.

But the worst offense ever?  White nylons and dress shoesChurch shoes, we call them around these parts.

I may have participated heavily in this practice in the mid-80’s.  Maybe even with a special extra layer of white ruffly socks on top.

Flickr, white nylons

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  1. Audrey :

    I hate all nylons- period.

  2. cathy :

    Is it just me or those shoes are bad, with nylons or not???

  3. Donna :

    I didn’t even know people under the age of 50 still wore nylons. Isn’t that what boots or tanning beds are for?

  4. Marianne :

    Nylons of any colour worn with opentoed shoes is diplorable, at best. It’s a seem/webbed toe thing for me. Just AWFUL!

    I will say that white nylons on an ‘old school’ nurse (you know the ones who wear their class nursing cap) is fine by me. But they are more of the opaque/compression type aren’t they?

  5. Julie :

    This series is going to be fun to follow!

    My memory was jogged back to the 80s as well when I wore white nylons with white heels and a turquoise dress. At the time my dad frowned at my choice saying I “looked like a nurse.” (You are right, Marianne!) What a wise man he was. Luckily, I never make that same fashion faux pas today. :)

  6. Ashlee :

    I agree with Marianne! I hate nylons as a kid and I hate them now.

  7. Dani :

    White nylons are always a no and I can’t stand ANY nylons with open-toed shoes. I know it gets done a lot but it skeeeeves me out.

    Good call! This is going to be a fun series.

  8. Trysha :

    Nylons are evil and should be stopped.
    Nylons with open-toed shoes just aren’t right. It looks so unnatural with the uni-toe.

  9. Andy :

    Oh no. no.. no! No hose. EVER. “period”!

  10. Liz Johnson :

    Hahaha I agree with this wholeheartedly! White nylons and church shoes are definitely OUT! Especially with open-toed shoes…and white ruffly socks, which, I admit, I used to sport around as a child…

  11. Gene :

    Hate to admit this but white nylons is still part of the uniform in some nursing schools in our country. I feel bad for them.

  12. r8chel :

    People still wear white nylons? Yikes.

    But I’m baffled by the anti-nylons comments above. How else am I supposed to wear skirts and dresses when it’s cold outside?

  13. Jill (mrschaos) :

    AMEN. Just say no to white nylons. And nylons and sandals.

  14. Meghan :

    I do believe I saw some offenders just yesterday at church. :/
    I’m a no nylon gal… if I wear anything it’s tights (black, brown herringbone, etc.) but most of the time, I’m bare legged. When it’s cold out, I wear boots!

  15. Kacy Faulconer :

    I’ve replaced white nylons with nude fishnets for me but it’s hard to find an appropriate replacement for my little girls. Sometimes bare legs are too cold, leggings are too casual, and black tights don’t match. Any suggestions?

  16. Liz :

    ACK! ANY stockings with open-toed shoes are a major crime of fashion, in my book. Something about it gives me the heebie jeebies!

  17. Alecia :

    “if you are over the age of one…….” …that made me laugh.

  18. Jessica :

    Hah! Love it!

    Gave up white nylons many, many years ago—and nylons with open toes have always been a no-no. But—I have to admit I have had serious confusion over how to cover my legs when black nylons just don’t match. I have a similar aversion to tan nylons, so most of the time I opt for boots. Safe, right?

    BTW, I’ve been seeing tons of bright tights paired and/or socks with peep toed shoes, but I’m not sure I’m ready to go there!

  19. Katrina :

    I don’t know about you, but some of those shoes look more like “hooker shoes” than “church shoes” hehe

  20. schmutzie :

    I did that in the mid-80s, too, and it made my mother cringe. This is one time when I will admit that I should have listened to her.

  21. Zina :

    I’m going to be bold and give the dissenting opinion. Seeing as how colored tights are back in, and so are lots of other mid-80s looks, I think white nylons and tights ought to have their day again, too. I like them fine on slim young things–although never ever with open-toed shoes (that goes for all tights and stockings).

  22. Melissa :

    I think the biggest offense are those shoes! YIKES! YIKES! Any kind of sock with any kind of open-toed shoe should be avoided (except in a few cases).

  23. Lucy :

    People still wear white hose? ICK!

    On a sad fashion note, in the 80’s I wore white hose but I didn’t really need to. I’m a very fair-skinned redhead and often times people would think I was wearing white hose when I wasn’t. I’m that pale. Sad.

  24. Kari :

    hahaha… this was what I had to wear for a wedding a few years back… I giggled to myself as I wore them… giggle still at the pictures. :)

  25. dgm :

    You are off to an excellent start. Ixnay on the Ylons-nay.

  26. Lindsay N. :

    I saw a grown woman wearing white tights with sandals today in Baltimore…she was on her way into work. It took a lot of self-control not to laugh out loud at her. Come on folks, it’s 2011!