bad fashion week part 7

It was all fun and games in the 90’s when we were being ironically sad and hopeless, wearing baggy flannel and worrying about our collegiate and suburban futures, but the gig is up.  Thick soled shoes are for people who legitimately need to wear them for health reasons {maybe you have one leg that’s shorter than the other?}.

Here’s the situation.  Unlike platforms and other high heeled shoes that actually make your bum look smaller, your legs look longer, and make you all around foxier, platform shoes make you look fat.

No seriously, they do.  The thickness on the bottom of  your shoes makes your whole being look, well, pudgy.

thick soles

It’s just not a good look.  For anyone.

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  1. The Mommy Therapy :

    I just had a serious flashback to my sophmore year of high school. Lots of Doc Martens, lots of birkenstock-ish platformed shoes. So sad. So very, very sad. There were a lot of young body years wasted until a pile of flowing plaid and saggy jeans.

    So glad this trend is over. I pray this is one that never quite returns in the cycle of fashion.

  2. Pennie :

    Those boots would be good for camping or hiking. If one camped or hiked. I don’t. Beach > forest

    And the buckles on those black ones…yipes. You know what I saw a lot of with those shoes (and saw again this weekend)? Ashy heels. PUMICE STONE YO.

  3. Redneck Mommy :

    I swear, I wear thick soled shoes to cushion my spine. I have rods! Pins! Nerve damage!

    Well that, and I’m like 80 years old in spirit.

    Get off my lawn, dammit.

  4. Kristen :

    Those Demonia shoes would have been in my closet in 1993. I probably would have worn them with a baby-doll dress and a purse slung across my chest.

  5. Jenny :

    Doc Martens were so heavy! I was relieved when they went out of style and I had less weight to lug around. Speaking of bad fashion, I saw people in body suits at Disneyland last week and it was not cool at all.

  6. Lori :

    So basically you are telling me that not only did I graduate from high school 15 years ago, but my wardrobe did, too? Oh man… I guess I better quit wearing my docs with my sunflower babydoll dress. :P

    Actually, my husband and I play a game. We determine what year people graduated from HS based on their outfits. It is a bit shallow of us (especially since we are not very fashion forward ourselves) but it provides hours of entertainment.

  7. roué :

    Come on! these are not bad!!

  8. Andy :

    Oh. Oh dear. Doc Martin, Birkenstock, and my “favorite”… a platform rubber flip flop = Sandal sadness!

  9. Joanne :

    Yikes, who opened the 1990s crypt? Totally 100% out of style and out of sight! Agreed!