back yard renovations part three

I talked yesterday a little bit about our strategy with the back yard renovation, but I’m going to flesh it out a little bit today.  Here you can see the first part of the back yard renovations, and back yard renovations part two.

Our first objective was to make the back yard look presentable, which is a pretty easy fix with flowers, plants, and some strategically placed bushes.  After that, we wanted a play space.  Now that the back yard is enclosed with a new fence {thank you Viktor!} we wanted a place to hang out as a family.  A place to have summer barbecues with friends, somewhere for the kids to have sleepovers, a place to entertain in privacy.  We knew we wanted a handful of big ticket items, and I’m really glad we went that route.


First items in the shopping cart:Kenmore Grill, 12′ Trampoline with enclosure, Patio Furniture, Hammock

Next it was time to make everything look pretty.  I already addressed the flower issue, we needed pops of color all over the sad winter ravished yard, and they did just the trick.  We bought a handful of hanging planters with pretty pansies in every color, and planted an entire bed of varying shades of purple flowers.

plantersHanging plant, Flowers

Next we spruced it up a bit with potted plants along the basketball court and walkway to the grill, and strategically placed pops of color planters along the seating on the deck.  It’s just enough to keep the eye interested in the yard without going overboard.  Perfect.


The bushes along the fence covered up the patches of dirt left over from the fence installation, and big globe lights strung along the fence will make it feel like a party atmosphere at night.

I can’t wait to host our first barbecue.  The kids will all jump on the trampoline while the adults hang out uninterrupted {don’t bother me, I’m fantasizing} sitting on the comfy new patio chairs, and there won’t be a mosquito in sight.


Here’s how the breakdown went, price wise.  We had $1,500 to spend and we chose to spend the majority of it on big ticket items instead of accessories.  The yard still looks amazing, but the nuts and bolts of a great back yard are there, and more accessories can come as time goes on.

  • 12′ Trampoline @ $250.00
  • BBQ Tool set @ $10.00
  • Hammock @ $79.00
  • Gas grill @ $280.00
  • 6 chairs @ $210.00
  • Glass top table for 6 @ $89.00
  • Grill cover @ $30.00
  • Steel plant stand @ $12.00
  • Planter 3 @ $23.00
  • Welcome mat @ $11.69
  • String lights 6 @ $8.79
  • Lobelia flowers 10 @ $1.49
  • Top soil 1 bag @ $2.99
  • Flowers 10 @ $2.29
  • Planters 2 @ $8.99
  • Bushes 6 @ 14.99

Total $1,500

What do you think? Would you rather go the route of a bunch more flowers, or are you on the big ticket train?  I was really impressed with how far $1,500 went at Kmart for an entire back yard renovation.

— This is a sponsored post.  My feelings about my back yard are my own, obviously. —

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  1. Donna :

    Looks great! And flowers are cheap, you can add more here and there. You were smart to do the big ticket items cuz they’ll last for years and provide lots of entertainment/relaxation.

    • Allison :

      Exactly my thoughts!

  2. Katie :

    Looks incredible! I LOVE Kmart. I’ve never lived close to one before but now there is one just down the street and it is full of great stuff at great prices!

    • Allison :

      We had a really great time shopping, I think you’ll love it.

  3. elz :

    I’d go big ticket too. I can’t believe that hammock is only $79. I know a certain ranch property that needs a hammock!

    • Allison :

      I’ve already spent a fair amount of time in it, I’d go for it!

  4. Naomi :

    I think you made really smart choices and got the most bang for your buck. Getting something to occupy the kids while you lounge on the deck was ingenious…

    • Allison :

      I’ve always gotta think big picture. Kids are only happy if mama’s happy.

  5. Sheena :

    Wow, that hammock was only $79!? I almost got a hammock swing, but the hammock and frame were sold separately. My son just got a mini trampoline for his birthday. They are a hot commodity. I love the Exotic Angel Plants. They’d make cool lil monsters around Halloween if you added some DIY eyes.

    • Allison :

      Insane right? And it can hold a fair amount of weight and no one’s fallen out yet. Totally worth it.

  6. Marie :

    I can’t believe how much stuff you got for only $1500. I want that trampoline. I didn’t know Kmart sold trampolines. Off to check their site!

  7. Katrina :

    Trampoline is sooo worth it! :) everything else is okay too {haha j/k}