Back to school traditions old and new

I have a little back-to-school tradition for my husband, the teacher/administrator. Each first day of school I deliver a bundle of goodies and supplies to his classroom. Just for him. Bouquets of pencils, snacks, apples, and the like. I look forward to putting it together as much as he looks forward to the special delivery.

This year marks the advent of a new back-to-school tradition: I’m sending my first baby to Kindergarten! On a bus! Every day! He’s bursting with excitement. Me, well, most days I’m not. To make this whole official start of school thing special for my little guy and for me, I planned a super duper date for the two of us. School supplies tossed into the cart with glee, new clothes picked out by the kiddo, a visit to the photo booth at the mall, then lunch at the joint of his choice (he felt really grown up and important). The promise of frozen yogurt after lunch kept him cheerful while shopping and was probably his favorite part. We ended our hot date at home with a fashion show with all the new gear. My favorite part: he’s still willing to hold my hand in public. I sure am gonna miss this handsome little pistol every day. But I’m glad we had this one totally great day together before I send him off to the wolves school.


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