B. Toys Summer Contest Winners.

summer contest

The summer quote contest I told you about at the beginning of August is now over.  There were two winners!  Booyah.

The first place winner of the B. Quote of the Summer is…

Amy Cook from West Virginia who submitted a quote about her former kindergarten student Troy.

While in her classroom, someone asked Troy, “Why are you coloring your face blue? Your face isn’t blue!”. Troy responded as he was looking down at his crayon box, “I couldn’t find my Caucasian crayon…”

According to Cook, “Troy was not being disrespectful or funny. He responded in a very honest, polite way as he seemed discouraged not to have the right color available. I believed then, as I do now that children should be encouraged to problem solve, make choices, and engage in creativity while making art. Troy’s quote is the perfect proof of this”!

Cook selected the West Virginia University Children’s hospital as the charity to receive $300 of beautiful B. toys. Cook was a volunteer there three years ago and was amazed by their ability to maintain smiles on children’s faces. “They do this by their warm, uplifting atmosphere that includes a creatively painted facility, fun activities, and a play center. I thought one way the hospital might use the toys is by placing them in their play-center for children to play with while taking a break from their hospital rooms”, states Cook.

The second place winner of the B. Quote of the Summer Contest is Joy Oleas from Brighton, Massachusetts who submitted a quote about her son Maxwell.  Because Joy’s quote received almost as many votes as Amy’s B. decided to create a second place winner. Oleas has chosen her own organization, Catching Joy, as the charity to receive $100 worth of B. toys. Catching Joy organizes hands-on community service projects for young children and their families to let them feel the joy of giving and inspires them to make a difference.

–The quote about the Caucasian crayon sounds like something one of my children would say.  This was part of a campaign I did with B.Toys, but I love their toys, they’re awesome smart toys for kids.

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