awesome toys for kids.

bead toys for kids

We took a trip to California a couple weeks ago, and aside from a TV in the car {best invention yet.  period.} our main source of entertainment for 12 hours {each way} was some toys from B. These toys are smart, well designed, pretty, durable, and totally created with kids in mind.

awesome toys

My kids went nuts for the beads.  They’re all shapes, sizes, and colors and you can make rings, bracelets, necklaces, whatever your heart desires.  We literally played with these beads all the way across the Mojave Desert and back again.

awesome toys to buy

I’m partial to the beads that look like sea urchins, they’re beautiful.

writing board for kids

Also super cool?  The water drawing board.  You fill the pens with water and draw to your hearts’ content.  The writing evaporates, the pens don’t make a mess, and the best part?

water writing board for kids

The four pens store easily on the top and bottom side of the board.  No getting lost in the car seats with this baby.

Check out B. toysI’m really impressed.

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  1. jill :

    hey stranger!

    how funny! i was about to post about these EXACT two toys! we LOVE them! can’t get enough of those pop beads…hours of fun! found mine at target.

    hope you’re well…i’ve missed you! somehow i missed the the boat when you switched hosts and my google reader stopped updating your site. but you’re back now and all is right in the world :)

    • Petit Elefant :

      Phew. I’ve been wondering about you, stranger. :)

      Aren’t they fabulous toys? We completely adore them!

      Just another way our two brains are completely in sync.