alt summit recap + great blogger fashion.

So it turns out I was lying about only taking 5 photos at Alt. I took about 10, and they’re all included in this post. There was some awesome fashion at Alt Summit, most notably worn by Erin from Design For Mankind. That girl has some style.

Design panel from Left to Right: me, Nicole from Making it Lovely, Jaime from Design Milk, and Karey from Mackin Ink. Lovely women all three.

Now onto the fashion!

This was the official Alt weekend photographer, and in addition to being really nice she had the best hair I’ve seen in a long time.

A really, really long time.

And I want it, I want it now.

She seemed to be under the illusion that I could make it happen with my hair, but I’m not so confident. I would love to rock a Mohawk, for real.

This is Destri from The Mother Huddle who wore a beautiful flower in her hair, go Destri!

Erin from Today’s Mama {incidentally one of my favorite people on the planet} rocked a scarf over her R.E.I. winter-wear, and I love her for it.

Jyl from Mom it Forward rocked color from top to bottom every day. It was quite a feat of strength to keep going during the panel when I looked down into the audience and saw Jyl with red hair! The red hair combined with the green shirt and purple coat was stunning against the grey backdrop of S.L.C. in January.

Melissa {IS*LY} wore a pair of black skinny jeans, red cowboy boots, a blazer, big red earrings, and a long white scarf. And she was hot to trot, no?

Erin from Design for Mankind {one of my new favorite people. ever} is the only person I’ve seen to successfully pull off boyfriend jeans. EVER. In fact, I was getting all geared up to do a post about how no one on the planet should wear boyfriend jeans, ever, except maybe the boyfriends themselves.

Turns out, Erin actually wears her husband’s jeans, and that’s the trick. She paired them with her grandmother’s old boots {very cute!} a funky graphic shirt and a great jacket. Love, love, LOVE.

It was too dark to get a full body photo of Kami from No Biggie and Marie of Make and Takes {
I tried} but their cute faces suffice. Wonderful, talented, kind girls.

{Kami posted a full profile photo of a few of us and captured Alma’s fantastic outfit. Also, she captured me looking like a chipmunk so, bonus}

Last, but not least, was Erin’s last outfit on Friday. It involved a lot of layering, brown slouch boots, knee high socks, wraps and sweaters, and leggings. And is one of the best outfits ever. I think I might be too curvy to properly pull it off but it looked adorable on Erin.

So there you have it, several fabulous outfits from which to draw great fashion inspiration. I love the way everyone wears things differently, each owning their own style.

Rock on girls, you’re all beautiful.

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  1. Marie {Make and Takes} :

    Such cute outfits! I gotta step it up. LOVE Jyl's hair! And Erin is so adorable, we need to force her to move here!

  2. Camille :

    Looks like a lot of fun! I'd love to see you rawk a mohawk! Of course it would look great!

  3. Emily :

    Looks like so much fun! Kami's pictures were great–all you SLC ladies looked hot! Who knew someone could actually pull off boyfriend jeans, yet there it is for all to see. Awesome!

  4. Emily :

    P.S. I adore the mohawk. I've been looking for a new style–perhaps I should try that?

  5. Destri :

    Okay, Melissa from….enough already! So cute.

    Yes, you can pull off that Mohawk, seriously you could, and you should, I might start sending daily emails till you do…

    And lastly, thanks for including me in the lineup…I take horrible pictures!
    So great to meet you, you were one of my favorites!

  6. TM_Erin :

    I do what I can to keep the REI contingent represented. Thank heavens to the fashionable friend that gave me that scarf – it saves my black fleece/jeans combo from becoming too outdoorsy. ;) Thanks for a great time!

  7. Naomi :

    Ack! I'm packing right now and trying to pare down and you're inciting me to accessorize… must remain strong…

  8. Marianne & Clayton :

    This is the kind of stuff that actually helps me put together an outfit. For the days I leave the house that is. Love it all.

  9. Dottie :

    I must must laugh over the boyfriend jeans comment, because I remember thinking that exact same thing and then hearing someone say it. What can I say–you know fashion!

    – leslie/dottie from

  10. Jyl Johnson Pattee :

    Mohawk. Now. Can I come with?

    Road trip this spring to visit Erin. Who's in? I'm not kidding! ;)

    So much fun hanging with everyone for such a creative, inspiring weekend! ALT 2011, here we come!

  11. Apt. #34 :

    Wow – such lovely ladies. It sounds like such a fabulous event. I hope there will be a second one!

  12. The Dragonfly :

    Such stylish and cute ladies! I'm feeling the frump while I read in my worn pjs with breastmilk on my shirt. Nice.

  13. Making it Lovely :

    I know, everyone was so cute! (Including you, by the way. Lovely to meet you.)

  14. a pina colada :

    Super stylin' ladies! It was great to meet you! Love your pics. Wish I had taken my camera….maybe next time. Luvs

  15. Melissa :

    Brooke, the girl with the fauxhawk, was telling me how she doesn't really even do her hair. Isn't that crazy? Needless to say, I was a tad jealous.

    You're so nice to put my outfit up here! Seriously, I felt a little haggard from the night before. I guess my mom-self isn't much of a partier any more.

  16. Melissa :

    P.S. Your party outfit was rockin. I loved your drapey top. It was pretty freaking fab.