Hi.  I’m Allison Czarnecki the founder and editor of Petit Elefant which has been around since 2007.  I live in Utah with my amazing husband and two kids, a daughter age 12 and a son age 7.  They’re adorable and always messy, which is why I’ve posted their photos, so I have photographic evidence of them sans mud.  My Polish {totally relevant to the story} husband and I met in college and have been married for 13 years.  We love to travel, camp, swim in the ocean, and eat at great restaurants when we’re not slinging a sledgehammer in one home improvement project or another.  In my not-so-spare time I’m a stylist, which is way less glamorous than it sounds, but a lot of fun.


Petit Elefant is a family lifestyle blog which means I can write about whatever I want and it’s totally relevant.  Actually, this blog can really be narrowed down to four categories: family, home, style, and travel.  I adore everything there is to be adored about fashion and style and am a pro at a good smoky eye, but I can go granola and camp with the best of them, so I write about it all on Petit Elefant.

We  travel a lot as a family and I’m always sharing the ins and outs of travel with children {pack wet wipes} as well as which hotels have a high tolerance for children and amenities I enjoy {hot tubs + ocean views}.  When we aren’t gallivanting around I write about home and family which can range from the best features in a refrigerator to planting a successful vegetable garden.

Think of Petit Elefant as your favorite magazine, in daily blog form.

photo of my children by the legendary Justin Hackworth, photograph of me by Ashley Thalman.

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