how to: make homemade finger paint.

My toddler and I tapped into our creativity to make some sweet Father’s Day cards this morning, each one original, finger-painted with love.  We both had fun and enjoyed the leftovers. A great little project for pre-schoolers.
you will need:
1 small package instant pudding, prepared & chilled
(for our bears, we used chocolate pudding. you could use vanilla tinted with food coloring)
heavy duty paper/cardstock
a template to trace onto your card OR a free-hand outline
(truck, fish, bear, anything with lots of space to paint)
a smock or towel to drape over your artist
a spoon for eating the leftovers
  • Cut paper to fit envelopes, if you are mailing. If not, use any size paper you like. Using a template, or by drawing free-hand, outline a shape of your choice onto each piece of paper you are using (one for each recipient). We used white paper cut to note-card size for mailing and traced a teddy bear onto each card.
  • Drape your artist with a smock, old shirt, or towel. Or, just let him paint in his skivvies.
  • Place a bit of pudding “paint” on each card, and let your little ones go crazy.  No need to stay inside the lines–the charm is in the imperfection.
  • Heat your oven to it’s lowest setting and place painted cards on a cookie sheet in the oven. The heat will dry the “paint” quickly. Keep an eye on the oven, you don’t want the paper to brown or wrinkle, you just want the pudding to set.
  • When the “paint” is dry, add any embellishments (we gave our bear a bow) and written sentiments you like. Ta da! A tender memento for Daddy or Grandpa. It even smells like chocolate.
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  1. Donna :

    Those are cute!

  2. Jaime :

    omg, i cant wait to make these with my daughter!!

  3. Petit Elefant :

    Now THAT is a Father's Day craft I can get behind.