men’s ties.

Were any of you around when Victor wrote about Nankeen? Nankeen is this amazing company that uses ancient Chinese techniques to hand print their wares. They make the most exquisite bags and totes for women, pillows, drop bags for men, in addition to ties and scarves. Every last item in their line is unbelievable, hand dyed, and one of a kind. I love the colors as well; the indigo blue against the white makes quite an impact.

Hands down my favorite tie in Victors’ closet is his Nankeen tie. Victors’ as well. It’s head and shoulders above other ties; which is why one of you is going to win one! See the details below to enter the Nankeen Tie Giveaway.

  • 100% golden yellow cotton lining
  • 59” length, 3.75” w tapers to 1.25” w
  • 100% Nankeen hand-dyed cotton
  • $65

Giveaway Guidelines:

  1. To enter the Nankeen Necktie Giveaway leave a comment on this post telling why the man in your life needs this gorgeous tie.
  2. If you blog about this, you get an extra entry. Email me to let me know you’ve posted about it with a link to the post.
  3. If you put the Petit Elefant Button up on your blog you can get an additional entry, send me an email with a link to your blog so I can verify.
  4. If you twitter about it, you will receive an additional entry. Again, email me. This means you can get THREE {total} extra entries for this giveaway! What are you waiting for? Shoo!
  5. Leave only one comment please.
  6. Anonymous comments will be deleted.
  7. One winner will be chosen and announced Tuesday, December 23nd on Petit Elefant.
  8. If I don’t hear from you within 7 days to claim your giveaway another winner will be chosen.
  9. Good luck!
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  1. Sarah S :

    My husband is really lacking in the tie area… this would be fabulous!

  2. WiJoyMom :

    He could use a new tie. If I won, what a perfect reason to get dressed up & go out on a date to some place other than fast food. I'd love to spend some time with him & leave the 6 children at home with a sitter.

  3. the emily :

    I haven’t bought my husband a tie in years. Good, quality ties are just so expensive.

  4. Lizzie :

    Mu husband Joel really could use a new tie. This economy has been just rotten and he lost his job-just in time for Xmas:( it would not have been such a big deal, because I have a great job, but I am out on…wait for it…Maternity leave!!!:) We just has a new baby daughter, her name is Estella. She was born 6 weeks early and her daddy visited her every day in the NICU. It was harrowing, and I couldn’t have held it together and stayed strong if it weren’t for Joel. He deserves a pick me up. A new tie would make him positive as he goes on job interviews, and he feels awful as a new dad to be without work. He forgets that I will always be proud of him no matter what. A tie might make him smile and I would love to give him the gift of hope for xmas. Please pick him, it would be the best present ever!

  5. butterflyny :

    LOVE it! and hubby needs a blue and white tie!

  6. kat c. :

    He has just gotten an absolutely corporate job. He needs this!


  7. gahome2mom :

    My husband is expecting a promotion and a new tie would be great for his job. TY

  8. Holly :

    I was just telling my husband this morning that he needed a new tie! This looks just like something he would wear!

  9. Noelle :

    my husband starts his first REAL job in july. he’s been in school for 12 years so you know all of his ties come from D.I. this would be awesome

  10. noreen :

    because he has ties his dad gave hime besides the two I bought him.

  11. whit :

    My husband needs this because he thinks the ties he owns from 20 years ago in Japan are still looking good… He looks good, but the ties do not.

  12. hazel :

    My SO needs a new tie because he doesn’t own one! Not even one! Even I own a tie, a girly tie though


  13. Beth :

    My dad could use this tie because he doesn’t have too many ties and needs more so he can speak at his AA meetings. He’s been sober for 14 years!

  14. dk Buckmaster :

    D and I aren’t getting Christmas presents this year in preparation for new baby. This would be a great surprise for him!!

  15. Bekki :

    LOVE this tie!

  16. Melissa :

    All of my hubby’s ties are sooooo old. He really needs to update his tie rack :)

  17. windycindy :

    My husband wears a tie to work daily. He also travels overseas for his job.
    He would use this tie a lot. Thanks for the chance to win. Cindi

  18. The Giveaway Diva :

    my dad could realy use a nice new one!

  19. Kim :

    My husband is working his way up in the biz world, all to support me and his new baby boy. A new tie would be awesome!

    AND, I am now a subscriber.

  20. JamericanSpice :

    My guy is a jeans and t-shirt type. Sometimes he just needs to dress up.

  21. Laura B. :

    Wow…this would REALLY make the other ties in my husband’s collection look bad! It’d be the perfect gift!

  22. Gage :

    My husband deserves this tie because he is AMAZING!! We have 2 1/2 year old twin boys and an 8 week old. He gets up with the baby every night after I nurse to burp him and put him back to sleep…can I say amazing! He deserves a new tie and he has to look nice and professional for work so a new tie would be used often!

  23. louiseb130 :

    What a great gift this would make!

  24. {littlefam} :

    my hubby would rock this tie – i think he is super hot when he gets dressed up!

  25. Joseph :

    I have a handful of ties but none of them seem as nice as this Nakeen necktie. I have a upcoming job interview soon and a new tie would surely help.

  26. Stephen :

    My bro in law needs this… his style is even worse than mine. ;)

  27. chromiumman :

    i _am_ the man in my life, and i can always use a tie

  28. Christina G. :

    The (dream) man in my life needs that tie because it would make him even dreamier. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Amber :

    This necktie is so classy and perfect for my man – who just received a promotion at work!


  30. Renee G :

    My husband’s wardrobe could definitely use a little updating — and this would certainly help.


  31. angie :

    I LOVE man in a suit, or even just a dress shirt with a tie and my man is no exception! I love this tie – it reminds me of houndstooth which is my fave, classic pattern!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Pricousins at aol dot com

  32. ky2here :

    The man in my life is me and I would love to own this tie.

  33. Shannon :

    He doesn’t have many ties.

  34. vboackle :

    great for my husband.

  35. toughturtles :

    i could use a new tie


    my man has two ties- one is the pink one he wore when we were married and the other is a Christmas tie- oh please this would look great on him and he would stop borrowing ties or making excuses while he cannot wear a dress outfit

  37. Reva Skie :

    Most of his ties are very sedate and boring. He won’t buy a jazzy one, if I won it, he couldn’t argue.

  38. Mama Zen :

    He has to wear one every day, so he deserves the best!

  39. UMassFen :

    Just to look more professional. Nice tie.

  40. mverno :

    because he only has two other ties and this one is far better than what he has

  41. Linda :

    I would love this tie for my son-in-law.

  42. Mia J. :

    My husband has so few ties and this one would be a wonderful addition.

  43. Jessica G :

    My hubby has a bad habit of losing his ties! but I promise this one will not wander!

    thegeibs 2008 at yahoo dot come

  44. Jen :

    My man could use this tie because he has only one. It is very old and ugly!

    footejennifer at

  45. Shelley K. :

    What a really beautiful tie. Thanks for helping us get our husbands spiffy :)

    tskrush (at) cox (dot) net

  46. Anonymous :

    My husband deserves this beautiful tie because he hasn’t had a new tie in way too many years.

  47. Ashley :

    My man in my life needs a new tie, he needs a tie period!
    ashlomb at yahoo dot com

  48. Danielle :

    My husband wears a tie everyday, and I never can pick one out for him.

    This one? I KNOW he would love!


    {ps: Your button is on my blog, AND I’m twittering this – I mean business! :)}

  49. Greg R :

    My dad would love this tie, anything to get him out of late 70’s style

  50. Deborah :

    I usually get my hubby a tie for Christmas because he wears them six days a week, but this year I didn’t. Oops. I’d love to make it up to him with this tie.

  51. jcnemecek :

    My husband would love this tie. His new job requires him to dress up a bit more, so we’re still working on his wardrobe.

  52. Lynn H :

    My husband would love this tie! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  53. redron :

    my husband wears ties all the time

  54. Allison :

    my husband needs this tie because he is a young, hip teacher and this fits his personality

  55. Felicity :

    My man needs this tie because I like it and he only has 2 ties.

  56. Deb :

    My husband could use a new tie for his new position at work… all of his work buddies are teasing him about his “trendy” pinks. ;)

  57. joni chadwell :

    My poor husband, he can never put an outfit together. This would be a big help.

  58. thrilled by the thought :

    I bought my husband a new tie for Christmas, but ended up sending it to my missionary brother. My hubby was so sad. He wants a new tie!

    Love your blog, by the way!

  59. The Jacobsen Family! :

    My husband needs more ties for church!! I keep trying to get him to buy some, but he can always think of other things to buy instead! Help!

  60. Lisa :

    My husband can always use new clothes. Heaven knows he doesn’t care how old his are!

  61. Donna M. Clark :

    My Dad has 2 ties, and they are both lacking in the cool department. With this tie, he would definately look cool.

  62. Sara L :

    My husband looks so HOT in a ties – I’d love to have another for his collection! Thanks!

  63. yellowlabs :

    Because my husband doesn’t own too many ties, and this would really help him out!

  64. SeahorseLady :

    I would love to win this tie for my one and only son. He’s 22 and just started out in the business world and likes to dress sharp.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  65. Jinxy and Me :

    My husband hasn’t had a new tie in ages!

  66. jennifer57 :

    my husband owns only one tie and it’s over 20 years old !

  67. Salleefur/Jesslyn/Jesster :

    My husband just got laid off from a job he’d had for 10+ where no tie was required. Now he’s out on a job search and all of his old ties looks like ancient relics! We did go tie shopping but all the nice ones are so ex$pensive! This win would be a god-send and an inspiring sign!

  68. FayeFaye :

    i have plenty of ties, but my dad does not!

    he needs this badly

  69. Anonymous :


  70. Jayfr :

    The ties in our closet are a bit dated – in fact they should be coming back into style pretty soon. This would be a great addition/replacement.

  71. wendy wallach :

    because most of my boyfriends ties are just plain UGLY!

    madmerkf at aol dot com

  72. Aisling :

    DH doesn’t wear a tie too often anymore and all of his are just “blah”. This is a gorgeous tie and he would certainly make a fashion statement for the mature man wearing it.

  73. guettel78 :

    My boyfriend wears the same two cheap-looking ties that he bought at a thtift store years ago – regardless of whether the ties match the color of the shirt he’s picked out for the day. While I appreciate his quirky fashion sense, I’d love to jazz up his look with this sharp tie. Thanks!

  74. Lana :

    My husband could use one

  75. artmarcia :

    The man in my life who wears ties is my oldest son and this would look amazing on him. I’m happy to know about the Nankeen company–right up my alley.

  76. Anonymous :

    Because he’s a really good guy.

  77. Bingo :

    I need a tie

  78. Kaylyn :

    This would be awesome for my husband. He would love it for his bussiness meetings.
    Kaylyn.buckner at

  79. susan :

    my husband could sure use this for work.. snazzy!

  80. Marc :

    I think my dad would like this tie.

    finegal50 [at]

  81. Anonymous :

    Maybe, just maybe, he’ll look for a job.

  82. dvice :

    Because it would like great with a new suit

  83. dn6511 :

    You can always use a good looking new tie

  84. phyllisg :

    Our family never picks the right tie for him. This looks like a good one.

  85. Helen :

    My husband has the ugliest ties ever, he really could use this one!

  86. Samantha P :

    he’s a tie fanatic and he would really love this!

  87. elsmarlouamrman :

    This tie looks amazing. Thanks for this great giveaway. My husband could use a beautiful tie such as this.

  88. lilyk :

    The man in my life needs this gorgeous tie because he doesn’t have many ties.

  89. Beeb :

    Oh, this is fabulous! I’d like to win this for the man in my life, because it would be nice for him to have such a high quality tie, especially in such good, versatile colors. Thank you for the chance!

    supercoupongirl AT