5th day of christmas giveaway #1!

How about some toys for the kids today? I promised to double up on the giveaways today so here we go!

I had never heard of Jishaku, and am totally intrigued by it, to say the least. It’s “a portable strategy game like chess or checkers that can be played anywhere – the kitchen or the beach. But unlike chess, there is an element of surprise when the magnets jump out of position, without warning. Surprise, then laughs, follow as two or more players try to beat force fields with strategic thinking plus careful and precise handling of the game’s magnetic stones.”

How cool does Jishaku sound? I’m thinking the possibilities on road trips alone would make this game totally worthwhile. Get commenting…

Giveaway Guidelines:

  1. To enter the Jishaku Giveaway leave a comment on this post telling me where you think you’d play this game.
  2. If you blog about this, you get an extra entry. Email me to let me know you’ve posted about it with a link to the post.
  3. If you put the Petit Elefant Button up on your blog you can get an additional entry, send me an email with a link to your blog so I can verify.
  4. If you twitter about it, you will receive an additional entry. Again, email me. This means you can get THREE {total} extra entries for this giveaway! What are you waiting for? Shoo!
  5. Leave only one comment please.
  6. Anonymous comments will be deleted.
  7. One winner will be chosen and announced Tuesday, December 23nd on Petit Elefant.
  8. If I don’t hear from you within 7 days to claim your giveaway another winner will be chosen.
  9. Good luck!

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  1. Donna :

    My boys would LOVE this. They love games and I never have enough for them!

  2. Robin :

    My boys are facinated by magnets, so this would be a great game. Sounds like fun just playing on family game night.

  3. MMW :

    I would play this game with my nieces. They are into such games. Wow. Thanks.

  4. andrea v :

    This would be a great game to play on the river when we are out on the boat.
    vickers at comcast.net

  5. Amy :

    Oh my kids would love to play this in the car, on a star, in a boat, with a goat, they would play it everywhere, maybe that would keep them out of my hair! :) Thanks!

  6. gahome2mom :

    We’d play this in the sunroom.

  7. John :

    We could play this in a hotel or cabin on vacation. dawg2260 (at) gmail.com

  8. The Jacobsen Family! :

    I”d take this to family’s house when we go to eat dinner… This way, we’d be able to keep the kids busy so we can visit!

  9. Anonymous :

    My kids and husband would really like a game like this. We’d play it at night after baths and take it on our camping trips with us.

    jrberends1 at peoplepc dot com

  10. Danielle :

    Totally intrigues by this game!! Would love to play!


  11. dreeg :

    We’d play it in the car.

  12. emerzim :

    This looks like fun! I’d play it with the family at my brother’s cabin.

  13. adrienne :

    I’d definitely play this with friends. It sounds like a lot of fun!

  14. Knitopia :

    I love games, especially those that two people can play!

  15. Knitopia :

    Oops, forgot to say my husband and I would play this at the dining table.

  16. cpullum :

    I would play with my book club as an extra activity!

  17. JamericanSpice :

    I’d play it while on the potty. It’s the only time I get me time…except at 1am and then I’m wanting to check emails :)

  18. WiJoyMom :

    We love games. We haven’t heard of this one before. I’d love to surprise my children with this. My oldest just got chess and we have checkers…so, it would be fun to try this out. At the kitchen table…on a TV tray in the living room…some place up out of the reach of the 11 mo. old.

  19. ashley marie :

    I’d play this with my husband on our bed once the kids were in asleep. I’m getting sick of playing cards all the time!

  20. butterflyny :

    Wow! sounds like a super cool game! hours of fun!!

  21. Jeanne :

    This would be great to play with my kids on a long plane ride.

  22. noreen :

    I would play with my whole family in front of the fireplace

  23. Ginny :

    I love how you have no control over what the magnets do, very fun!

  24. Jennifer :

    My kids would love to play this on long trips! It would shorten the “Are we there Yet?” questions coming from the back of the van!

    jls_wss2003 at yahoo dot com

  25. Beth :

    My kids and i would love to play this game! My 13 year old especially :)

  26. Anonymous :

    We would love to play this anytime and it would be great for road trips.


  27. Liza767 :

    sweet im a game guro lol i would play in living room i guess but anywhere would be fun :)

  28. windycindy :

    Happy Holidays! My husbands,two sons and I would play this in our family room with the fireplace ablaze. Please enter me in your drawing for this delightful Magnetic Game Giveaway. Thanks, Cindi

  29. louiseb130 :

    This looks like a great game

  30. Rebecca Baldwin :

    We play games as a family mostly at the dining room table!

  31. {littlefam} :

    we are the game people! this would be awesome!

  32. Stephanie :

    grammy’s house!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  33. Diane :

    My 5-year-old grandson drug out both the checkers and chess sets last night and we played. He already grasps the moves in chess! He would adore this game. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  34. Stephen :

    We’d play this game while standing on one foot in the living room and scrunching our toes up on the other foot… ;) Merry xmas!

  35. chromiumman :

    we’d play at home, on game night

  36. wanda f :

    at home with my kids and on game night with the gals

  37. Christina G. :

    I might play it on an airplane. Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. The Green Yak :

    I’d probably pass this on as a gift — and then we could play out by their pool when I visited!

    greenyak [at] yahoo [dot] com

  39. Sharon :

    I’d definitely play at home…but would also take on vacation with us this spring and play ‘on the road’

  40. Sharon :

    have your button on my sidebar…thanks again
    (sorry.,..I should have posted this info on first post)

  41. Renee G :

    We’d probably play this mostly at home, but I imagine next summer that we’d take it on the boat with us.


  42. peg42 :

    This would be a great game to play at home in our family room. Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  43. ky2here :

    In the parlor with Colonel Mustard.

  44. Shannon :

    This looks like fun. It would be great for car trips.

  45. idahomom :

    We would keep it in the trailer because we love to play games while camping.

  46. Belinda :

    I would play this at home.
    1bmore @ gmail . com

  47. toughturtles :

    a kitchen table game

  48. sweetsue :

    This would be fun to take on camping trips in case it rains!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  49. Jenn S. :

    At home during game night or at grandpa’s house.

  50. Susan :

    We would play this on a plane! How fun!

  51. silverbele :

    We like games to play in the car

  52. tatertot374 :

    We love to play games with our 3 children. Every sunday and friday is game night. We played monopoly last night. I would love to win this to play with them. THank you

  53. sphinx63 :

    I think we would play this as a family on a cold winter day with hot chocolate!

  54. mverno :

    my family loves to play games

  55. Linda :

    My grandkids could play this while traveling in the car 7 hours to grandma’s house!

  56. Anonymous :

    We’d play this game during our family game nights. We’d also take it camping with us so we can play it in the evenings.

  57. denyse :

    We’d play this in the dining room:)

  58. janetfaye :

    I would play this game at home with my family.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  59. Sonya :

    We play games all the time. We would love this. We would play this at home :)

  60. Greg R :

    We are snowed in today boy would be nice to have this game to play with my boys

  61. Mysharona :

    In the kitchen on family game night.

  62. shopannies :

    This would be so cool we have an Rv and take many trips. I also have your button up

  63. Lynn H :

    We could play it on a cra ride, plane trip or even in a restaurant!

  64. Jim Hansen :

    My fourth grade students could play this in my classroom if they could get it away from my own kids! It looks fun!

  65. Felicity :

    This would be cool to have when pon holiday or anytime.

  66. joni chadwell :

    I’d that this to Grandma’s house. This looks cool!

  67. one6ylady :

    Twittered as one6ylady

  68. imaclutz89 :

    I would play this at my boyfriend’s house with his family. they love family game night!

  69. one6ylady :

    It sounds fascinating, and my son LOVES games, so this is one I could play with him that will keep his interest.

  70. Ardy22 :



  71. samsakara :

    I would play it at the living room table with my family.


  72. jennem :

    We like to play games all together when we visit the grandparents.
    Jennifer, jennem22 at yahoo dot com

  73. Donna M. Clark :

    I would play this game while at home with my sister.

  74. yellowlabs :

    I would say at our dining room table with family and friends!

  75. jennifer57 :

    I never heard of this game. It sounds neat :) I’d play it with my daughters.

  76. Jinxy and Me :

    We would play this at my mom’s on sundays.

  77. vmkids :

    this looks like something that hubby and I woudl love to play

  78. Salleefur/Jesslyn/Jesster :

    This game would be a great joy to play with my 10 year old god-daughter (who is already smarter than I am!) anytime anywhere. This splendid game adding great fun and the element of the surprise to a game of concentration and strategy. Bravo!

  79. crystalf :

    I can see my dh, my girls and I playing this. It sounds like lots of fun! thank you!

  80. yadgirl :

    I’d play this game at Nate’s house because he and his family love games.

  81. dbacksfan001 :

    Love games. Would play this with my husband.

  82. ladyspy79 :

    I would play this on those inevitable family get-togethers that get too noisy, and you just want to go in the back room with the TV and the kids and hang.


  83. Amy :

    At my brother in law’s house with him, his wife, and their kids – my toddler toddling ’round in the background!

  84. Anonymous :

    This would be great to play on lazy weekends with my son.


  85. miriama :

    At home with my daughter!

  86. purango :

    This would be a good game for my family to play at home in the rec room. garrettsambo@aol.com

  87. klp1965 :

    this would be awesome while we are camping :)

  88. artmarcia :

    this game looks perfect for family game night–lots of laughs!

  89. Steph :

    I think this would be a great game to play at home with my kids.

  90. Kaylyn :

    I love strategy games!! I would take it along for road trips.
    Kaylyn.buckner at gmail.com

  91. susan :

    at home with friends

  92. cstironkat :

    We would play this during family game night at home.

  93. JOYVEN :

    at home with family

  94. Cherie J :

    We would play this at home. I have been thinking of starting up a family game night so this would help build up our game collection. Thanks for the contest!


  95. Ellie :

    I always play games at parties! I think I would play it with my adult friends!

  96. Samantha P :

    i’d play the game at parties, it sounds like a fun drinking game!

  97. lilyk :

    I think I would play this game at parties.

  98. holly K :

    My kids love magnets! This game would be fun on vacation or family fun night!!!!!!!!! cookiecutter72 at hotmail dot com