4 New Favorite Cosmetics Products in 2015

Once in awhile a package lands on my doorstep full of random beauty products, or toys, or kitchen paraphernalia.  And to most of the time I give the contents away to someone who can make better use of whatever it is, than me.  Most of the time the packages are full of stuff I just can’t get excited about.  This is not one of those times.  This is one of the rare exceptions when something shows up that I can’t stop talking about and sharing with my friends, and now I’m going to share it with you.  So get excited.

body butter

First of all, in a marketplace jam-packed with beauty products, I get really excited by clever ad copy and funny, tongue-in-cheek branding.

You have my attention, please proceed.

bath and body products

Soap & Glory is a United Kingdom brand, (figures. all the good stuff comes from the U.K.) with a handful of bath + body products and some basic cosmetics.  I have yet to try anything beyond the four products I’m about to endorse wholeheartedly, but I’d imagine that’s about to change.

lip gloss

Let’s start with the Sexy Mother Pucker gloss stick + Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump lip gloss, shall we?  Lip products are my kryptonite, (as evidenced by this random check of what I carry around in my purse) so naturally they were the first things I pulled out of the package.



I like the gloss stick, and if you’re the kind of gal who likes a good lip crayon, this is your jam.  I’m more of a gloss girl, so the Pillow Plump is totally my thing.  But let’s pause for a second and have a little talk, because this stuff makes your lips tingle for real.  Have you ever tried this kind of gloss?  The ‘bee-sting’ stuff?  It was my first time trying this kind of lip business, but now I’m a bit of an addict.  In fact, my teenage daughter has now stolen TWO Soap & Glory plumping glosses out of my purse, so I’ve both created and enabled an addict.  In summary: it’s a nice long-lasting gloss with a bit of a kick, and I’m a big fan.


bath and body scrub

Next up: Flake Away body polish (scrub).  You know I’m a fan of a good body scrub, and I’m a little bit snooty about it because I’ve tried them all, and use one every day in the shower.  I know what I like, and I like this stuff a lot.  I wish I could do a scratch-n-sniff on my screen for you, because this scrub is heaven.  It’s a mixture of every lovely thing, whipped up in a combination of the best spa smell you’ve never experienced before.  Every time I use this scrub someone compliments me on my perfume.  It’s a good trick!

For realsies, guys.  Get it, ASAP like.

apricot body scrub

Last, but definitely top dog is the Righteous Body Butter lotion.  It’s not too thin, not too thick, with the right amount of moisturizer + delicious bath and body smell.  I’ve already gone through an entire container and both my children sneak coveted swipes whenever my back is turned.  So I guess what I’m saying is, we’re now a family of believers, and you can’t trust my children.  Both of those.



The good news for those of us in the U.S. (and all over the internet) is that Soap & Glory is now sold at Drugstore.com, Beauty.com, Ulta.com, Walgreens.com, and Skinstore.com. Hooray!

Go get some.  For your mother, sister, friend, boyfriend, children (no, don’t. they don’t appreciate it), teacher, neighbor.  These are my 4 New Favorite Cosmetics Products in 2015.

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