3 Crazy Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Halloween CostumesIf you are looking for awesome DIY Halloween costumes for kids, stick around. Because Halloween is coming, friends. And you’re going to need some costumes. And you’re going to need them easy and you’re going to want them cheap. Maybe these 3 quick and painless ideas will inspire you.  All of these costumes were pulled together using things we found already laying around in our closets & craft bin, with the exception of a few minor accessories to add a little zing here and there. No sewing required on any of them, and they are suitable for boys and girls both.  Aiming for perfection here isn’t the key, aiming for fun and easy is. Best part of these DIY Halloween costumes is that my dashing little subjects were over-the-moon happy with each of these costumes.

DIY Costume Rodeo Clown

Rodeo Clown

Why it’s cool: The rodeo clowns are the real heroes of the rodeo. They dress funny, but they are just as brave as the cowboys riding the bulls. Maybe even a little tougher. And I love bandanas.

What we already had: denim cutoffs a few sizes too big, plaid shirt, long johns (optional–if you live in a warm climate, you can skip these) soccer cleats (real rodeo clowns wear them!), cowboy hat, bright bandanas, an old necktie, makeup

What we bought: suspenders for holding up those too-big shorts.

DIY Super Hero Costume

Original Super Hero

Why it’s cool: Kids can invent their own super title and super powers, and stand out from all the licensed ready-made heroes that will be roaming the streets on October 31st.

What we already had: long johns, shiny basketball shorts, super hero capes & masks from the toy box, scrap felt. I cut lightning bolts out of the felt and used double sided tape to adhere them to the t shirts. Use a star, shield, bulls-eye, initial or some other insignia, if you wish. Add some wrist bands, too, if you like.

Notes: If you don’t already have a dress-up cape laying around, it’s easy to make one out of a large t-shirt, say one of mom’s or dads, with just a few cuts with fabric scissors. There are plenty of tutorials out there, so go with one that suits you best.

DIY Mummy Costume


Why it’s cool: Because mummies are cool. And creepy without being gory.

What we already had: White long johns/thermals, muslin fabric sitting useless in my craft bin, a bit of Halloween makeup.

What we bought: $2 white winter caps and gloves (again, it’s often cold where we live and sometimes snows on Halloween, skip if your climate allows).

Notes: I simply ripped the muslin (I had both white and off-white) into 3-inch and 4-inch wide strips. Then, using double sided tape and a few strategic safety pins, wound them around the legs and then waist, and torso and arms, going over shoulders for stability. I attached the strips here and there with the tape and safety pins as I went. We did their noggins 2 different ways, using a cozy white cap, or mummy-wrapping head and jaw. You choose which you like.  Remember a semi-undone look works well here.  If you want, add a little grey and white face makeup for a truly dead look. For girly girls, add some strips of off white or grey lace or eyelet to the look. If your “mummies” are patient enough for really precise wrapping–go for it.

DIY Halloween CostumesThe mummy costume was the most complicated of all three of these, but only because of all the wrapping of fabric which wasn’t difficult. Just took some time. I can’t decide which of these DIY Halloween costumes has been my favorite, but these little boys have been thrilled to bits with each of them.   They could even inspire some fun adult costumes, too.

So, what will your kids be this Halloween? Do you DIY or buy?


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