Year: 2012

Ooh wee part-eee NYC

I’ve got so much fun to share with you about what I’ve been up to, and big (amazing) changes around the corner for Petit Elefant. But in the meantime, a sneak peek into what I’ve been doing all summer for SocialLuxe Lounge in NYC. Please to enjoy. The 2012 Slow Churned SocialLuxe Lounge hosted by: Jane maynard Marie LeBaron and Allison Czarnecki (on Vimeo)

Olympics activities for kids

It’s been all Olympics, all the time at our house ever since the Opening Ceremonies. My little boys are completely enamored with the swimming, the gymnastics (“The women are better than the men, Mommy.”), the tennis, the volleyball, and the medals. Oh how they love those gold medals. If they aren’t watching, they are re-enacting, and vowing to become Olympians. Go for it, kiddos. Go for it. I’ve found some fantastic Olympic themed activities for family gatherings or to occupy…
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How do YOU wear white?

how do YOU wear white?

A few weeks ago I wore an all white outfit for an entire day and at least one piece of white clothing the following two days in an effort to see if I could keep myself clean for 72 hours.  What I realized when I accepted this challenge* is that #1 I don’t have much white in my closet, and #2 I stopped wearing white of any sort around the time my daughter was born almost 13 years ago. I…
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Make some tasty vegetable curry

make some tasty vegetable curry

I love to tell the story of how I went from hating on veggies to eating a mostly plant-based diet.  Part of that drastic progression involved eating plenty of curries–Indian and Thai especially.  I’ll save the rest of the story for another day, because today it’s all about how you need to make some tasty vegetable curry. I kind of go crazy when I go to the produce section or farm stands.  Everything looks so beautiful, I can’t wait to…
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Signs of Vintage giveaway this week

Vintage sign giveaway

UPDATE: Winner is Laura M., number 22.  Congrats and be sure to send us an email ASAP! I have a super rad giveaway for you guys this week.  You’ll love it, I know it.  Because you all have exquisite taste and love all of the cool things. Maybe because I’m redecorating my master bedroom right now (no, decorating for the *first* time since we moved in going on 9 years ago) but I’m obsessed with signs.  Letters, numbers, vintage boxes…
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What’s in your purse series dance bag

what's in your purse series

This week’s What’s in Your Purse Series purse is from Marta in Poland, who gave us a peek at what’s in her dance bag.  Thank you Marta! –If you love this series and want more of it, submit your purse. Take two photos of your purse {NICE, CLEAR, NOT-BLURRY ONES} one of the outside, one of the inside, along with a listing of the contents to: allison AT petitelefant DOT com This is a simple messenger bag from GAP and…
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Celebrating your own personal independence

Recently America celebrated Independence Day, the 4th of July when the whole country goes bananas with fireworks and parades and family picnics. The 4th of July happens to be my favorite day of the entire year, and not just because I love celebrating with my family and a watermelon salad at the city swimming pool, although I won’t lie, that doesn’t hurt. I really love the whole concept of independence, whether that of kids forging their own, or brave citizens…
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Amazing Greek chicken salad recipe

greek salad

If you like Greek salads, you’ll love this chicken salad.  It pairs all of the favorites of Green salads–tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives and feta, with the fun addition of minced capers, tossed together with a creamy, lemony yogurt dressing that will knock your socks off. We ate this on fresh, organic salad greens from a local farm as a gluten-free lunch.  But we also think this would be fantastic inside pita bread or on a soft roll for a light…
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My top 10 make up picks

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly inundated with make up “must-haves” everywhere I look and it’s hard to know what’s really great make up and what’s nonsense. I’ll tell you what, I’ve worn make-up for an embarrassingly long time and the same go to’s always end up in my make up bag.  So today I’m here to share my top 10 make up picks, the stuff that goes with me whither I goest.  Which is to say, I…
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